October 13, 2019 0 By William Morgan

hey guys welcome to my channel it’s
another Keto vlog today
it’s about 12 o’clock and I’m about to
throw together some leftovers for lunch
really quickly because it’s really
beautiful today and sunny outside and
we’ve decided we want to take our
blow-up kayak into a local park to test
out the local River we haven’t done that
for quite a while and we always have a
blast so today is the day I just threw
together some grilled pork and some
Greek salad we’ve made yesterday so
we’re gonna go and enjoy that for lunch
guys we are ready to hit the road and
take the boat I just want to show you
what I made for snacks to take with I
made this little ol lettuce wraps
sandwiches and I didn’t close this one
up just to show you I have some turkey
breasts in there with must one is with
mustard one is with Mayo some onions
some Tomatoes some Gouda cheese and you
just wrap them up you can stick them up
with little toothpick put them in the
container and you have an awesome
delicious ready to go snack to take with
you and I’m gonna take couple of these
pumpkin roasted seeds so guys we are in
Rogers Park
we took our block kayak for a little
spin sins like ever I don’t even
remember the last time we actually went
so we enjoying a little day off it’s
very beautiful outside sunny hot the
current is little strong on this river
so we just like hanging here and this
little Laguna so I’m counting this is my
exercise because paddling against the
current is pretty rough I’m gonna see
you guys back at home I’m gonna be
making some mashed cauliflower today
with some chicken cutlet so I’m gonna
show you my favorite recipe we’re back
home we had so much fun the water was so
absolutely beautiful refreshing we’re
definitely gonna go again now it’s time
start to dinner we are hungry it’s
pretty late so I better get to it I’m
gonna make the mashed cauliflower and
some chicken cutlets using a pork rinds
I’ve got two chicken breasts I’m gonna
just season them from both sides with
salt and pepper then I finely chopped in
my blender these pork rinds it’s two
servings 28 grams so we each of us gonna
have a one serving and then I prepared
and chopped into small florets the
cauliflower and I’m gonna steam it until
it’s completely soft so I can take my
hand mixer and make a awesome mashed
I got also an egg wash ready and I
chapped half of a small onion I’m gonna
put it into a pan with two tablespoons
of Kerrygold butter and fry it up until
golden brown and that’s what I’m gonna
be adding into my mashed cauliflower
dinner was very satisfying it was really
good this time I tried to steam the
cauliflower because when I boil it in
the water it kind of gets too mushy too
watery but this way it just was too
clumpy so I’m probably gonna stick to
boiling it well we gotta find the best
way right well we pretty shot it was a
long day we did a lot of paddling but
we’re still probably gonna suck it in
and go for a little walk then we’re just
gonna heat up some tea and watch some
movie and just past that long day so
guys if you did like this video give it
a thumbs up as usual and don’t forget to
subscribe and I’m gonna see you again
tomorrow good night