August 7, 2019 0 By William Morgan

hey guys welcome back for another
episode of what I eat in a day on
ketogenic diet thank you for joining me
today and it’s almost 1 o’clock so I’m
ready to make some lunch and today I’ll
be making steak and eggs so I’m gonna be
making it for me and Rob so I have a 200
grams of steak I have 4x Oh avocado
about a cup and a half of broccoli and
Kerry gold butter so first what I’m
doing I’m gonna put some butter in the
pan and fry up the state with some
little salt and pepper so I’m taking a
big pan and I’m gonna fry up 4x in it
Shango you wish to give me kisses so I
enjoyed the lunch it was roughly 480
calories and pretty good amount of fat
so that should keep me full for pretty
long time
and I thought if today was the first day
when Rob over there hiding picking his I
actually ate a whole kilo meal within
those sites and no answer so did you
enjoy yeah well we’re just gonna hang
for a little bit and digest and then
we’re gonna take off and go to Starbucks
it’s like our little ritual on Saturdays
so we’re gonna do some work and I can’t
tell him but they think we’re gonna stop
at the game stop but I’m gonna pick up
myself some new video game yeah I
thought Keeley’s not jump on my face
so guys we just came home from Starbucks
and GameStop you also stop at Walmart to
pick up just couple things and we just
make some snack it’s six o’clock so I’m
having just one and a half egg little
cucumber and six slices of this mini so
I mean we bought at all these so I’m
gonna make some chicken salad for dinner
I still have some left over from the
whole big chicken I made the other day
so that’s gonna be the last of it and
guys I just want to say if you are on a
tight budget or you’re trying to save
some money food shopping like buying a
whole chicken and bake it it’s the best
investment you can make it’s like five
bucks and this today that will be like
the fourth meal we’re gonna have with
the chicken and so it’s eight portions
so it’s pretty awesome so
budget-friendly go for it so guys in
today’s get to know me I would like to
share with you how we two met so we met
in December 2012 and we met online yeah
what a cliche it was um plenty of fish
calm yes
so our first date was at Cabo we had
some margaritas and Cheers
I didn’t eat I was shy girls don’t eat
on the first day and I always was very
shy and I thought that my English really
sucks so I was really afraid to speak up
that I will be making lots of mistakes
but the change and now I just don’t shut
up I’m glad you feel more comfortable
now we actually get engaged about ten
months later and we had a beautiful
wedding on Long Island Beach in
September 2013 so this year it will be
our fifth anniversary so yeah five yeah
yeah International couple and then I got
KC Omega K Z so I think it’s Saturday so
I’m gonna get myself a glass of red wine
and try on the new video game and beer
for discard yes for me well guys KC
always thinks that this is a toy for her
so she’s gonna borrow me now isn’t it
that’s not for you what would you like
yeah guys I like all these kinds of
apocalyptic and weird and gothic kind of
games so we’ll see if I enjoy it well
have seven days to return it so did you
guys play this one if you did leave some
comments down below and I would love to
read it if you enjoyed it or not
so guys so we give it a try the
bloodborne it’s a without any offenses
nothing for me I am a little bored I
don’t like it so we’re about to take a
ride today or in the morning and
exchange it for the new Detroit or for
the Far Cry 5 I think that would be
something I would enjoy way more awesome
so guys I actually really hate my hobby
drive me back to gamestop to exchange
the game so he just went in because they
are about to close in like 3 minutes we
barely made it
ah here we go and this one take a ride
with us yeah somebody’s gonna have a fun
night yeah let’s go home we back home I
got my games I’m pretty happy and I just
throw together the salad from the baked
chicken I made the previous day so here
it is I just put the two cups of spinach
some chicken breast half of an avocado
and one tomato and some little bit of on
the end and I’m gonna use this ranch
I’m just gonna enjoy this dinner and I’m
gonna play some video games and I’ll go
check with you guys soon