Keto Diet vs. Intermittent Fasting vs. #PaGuMi to lose weight in 2019

Keto Diet vs. Intermittent Fasting vs. #PaGuMi to lose weight in 2019

July 31, 2019 0 By William Morgan

have you heard of Keto or intermittent fasting?
or the new one – PaGuMi?
if you go on a diet, which one is more effective
that’s what we will discuss in this episode of PaGuMi
maybe you’ve heard of Keto
Keto is a Low Carb High Fat diet
but they don’t usually mention
the specific fat that is
healthy and unhealthy
that’s why there is an
unhealthy keto, those that promote pork cracklings
bacon, deep fried pork knuckles, …
those are the ones we don’t recommend
intermittent fasting on the other hand
determines when you should eat
so keto tells you what to eat
so that’s WHAT to eat
intermittent fasting on the other hand is WHEN to eat
WHEN you eat also effects your metabolism
Pa-Gu-Mi is the combination of
healthy Keto and intermittent fasting
Pa-Gu-Mi stands for
Pa – Papak (eat viand only)
Gu – Gulay (vegetables)
Mi – Minsan (sometimes)
the main purpose of PaGuMi is for your to be healthy
it’s side effect is you lose weight
there are three kinds of food macros
carbs, proteins, and fats
we always eat a combination of those
they are used by our body to operate properly

if you have carbs as your main source of fuel
it causes inflammation
it is inflames your arteries
which breaks your arteries
which is patched by cholesterol
your cholesterol increases because
your inflamed arteries are increasing
it also raises insulin
it’s a hormone that converts
carbs into glucose

which is then used by our body as fuel
but we don’t consume all of it
specially when we have a sedentary lifestyle
we just sit down, go to meetings,
no time for the gym
those excess carbs
those excess glucose are converted by insulin
into stored fats
that’s why our bellies get bigger
it is caused by those stored fats
that are created by insulin
from all the excess carbs that we eat

it creates stored fats
and sometimes causes fatty liver
it elevates triglycerides
those excess carbs, which is the usual case
are converted to triglycerides which
increases the trigly in your blood everytime you eat carbs
you get tired all the time
you always want to snack
actually, if you feel hungry always
you wan’t to go on a diet but
don’t think you can handle the ‘hunger’
the reason why you feel hungry is carbs
if you remove carbs in your diet
you will be able to fast 12-24 hrs
without feeling hungry
look at this graph
this is the comparison bet carbs, protein, and fats
on how long you before you feel hungry
cabs only gives you 4 hours
before you feel hungry again
that’s why you have breakfast, lunch, dinner
sometimes add midnight snacks, that’s bec
every 4 hrs you feel hungry
if you look at fats, it is longer
you can feel full for 12 hrs or more with fats
our body is like
a hybrid engine
that can take electric or gasoline as fuel
Carbs is like gasoline fuel
Fats is like electric fuel
what’s amzing is
when your body adapts to
burning fats
and you don’t take dietary fats
(when you don’t eat fats)
your body will burn those
stored fats created by insulin in your body as fuel
when that happens, you will really lose weight
those fats in your body goes away
as it is being used as fuel by your body
our goal in PaGuMi is to convert your body
from using carbs as main source of fuel
into fat burning
that’s what we need to do
when you have Fats as your main source of fuel
they are converted to ketones
which is used as fuel in your body
and brain. ketones are actually

better fuel for your brain
vs glucose
you will have longer satiety
you will feel full longer
when that happens, you should not eat every 4 hrs
only bec it’s breakfast or lunch
you should only eat bec you are hungry
you also lose weight
how to do it?
avoid soda, juice
alcohol, smoking, drugs
by default, we should not be having those
the next one is
Ar – Arina (flour)
anything made out of flour
like bread, pasta,
cakes, breadings
for fried chicken, let’s avoid those
so that’s the first one we should avoid
Ar – Arina (flour)
next is As – Asukal (sugar)
anything that has sugar
look at the nutritional contents of the things you buy
because even catsup has sugar
juice and sodas
are mostly sugar
let’s avoid those
there are also hidden sugars
which you find in fruits
so it’s not also ideal that we eat fruits
next is Ka – Kanin (rice)
avoid rice
rice is currently our main source
of carbs as fuel
in our body
so those are what we need to avoid
Ar – Arina (flour) As – Asukal (sugar) Ka – Kanin (rice)
when you remove those
rice, bread, etc
what’s left? the viand
so you just eat the viand
Papak – means eat the viand only
on your first 3 days, eat the viand only
specially if you are not used to eat vegetables
just eat the viand only
you can just increase the portions
like instead of 1 pc chicken, have 2 pcs but don’t eat the rice
just eat the viand only
only for the first 3 days
now when you eat fats
make sure that omega 3 fats are higher
those are the healthy fats
omega 6 is inflammatory just like carbs
that inflame the arteries
which leads to cuts in your arteries
which leads to cholesterol
omega 3 is the opposite, it is
the balance between omega 3 vs 6 must be 1:1
omega 6 must not be higher
fast food mostly are omega 6
that’s where you get an imbalance – higher omega 6
balance your omega 6 and 3
omega 6 is from check fat, pork fat,
and beef fat
so what would be left?
where can we get omega 3?
there are actually a lot of omega 3 foods
like salmon, sardines, mackerel
nuts like walnuts
avocado, olive oil, eggs
like hard boiled eggs
if you want something to snack on
you can have hard boiled eggs and nuts
peanut butter is ok but look at the label
make sure there is few or no sugar
so what do we eat?
to neutralize a tasty viand
you usually have rice with it
but instead of rice, use vegetables instead

eat more seafood like salmon, sardines, mackerel

the size of your protein like chicken, pork, or beef
must be medium only
it’s not like atkins that you take lots of protein
here, you just have a medium size, like a 1pc chicken
or 1pc burger steak, that’s it
the second meaning of PaGuMi is
Gu – Gulay (vegetables)
when you get tired of eating viand only
start introducing vegetables as replacement
to your rice
when you look at your plate, these should be the portions
half of your plate must be vegetables
1/4 should be your fats
1/4 should be your protein
if you like to see photos of what I eat
everyday, you can follow me
on instagram @erickkalugdan
we also post instagram feeds there

now, what can you drink?
every gram of carb hold 4 grams of water
so when you remove carbs from your body
your excess water weight will drop
which results to a lot of weight loss
on your first week
so now you need to drink a lot more water
have at least 2 liters of water per day

you can also have lemonade if you want more flavor
but don’t let them put syrup
use stevia as your sweetener
so always bring sachets of stevia
and give it to them for sweetener instead of their syrup

you can also have coffee with cream
but again, your sweetener must not be sugar
use stevia instead
the 3rd and last part of PaGuMi is
Mi – Minsan (sometimes)
when should you eat
always remember that every time you eat
your insulin spikes
and we should always void spiking our insulin
even if you just eat a snack
like chips, your insulin will spike
so on your first 30 days of PaGuMi
you should only eat 3x a day
breakfast, lunch, and dinner
no snacking in between
no midnight snack, morning snack, afternoon snack
just breakfast, lunch, and dinner
after 30 days of PaGuMi
you can already shift
since majority of your fuel comes from fats
and you will feel full longer
you should only eat only when you are hungry
ideally, you should eat 2x a day only
breakfast + lunch or lunch + dinner
if you want to accelerate your weight loss

you can do O.M.A.D.
One Meal A Day
lunch only or dinner only
so that’s what we do
again, PaGuMi is the combination of healthy keto
and intermittent fasting
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