October 2, 2019 0 By William Morgan

hey guys welcome back to my channel and
welcome to day 6 of 30 days summer keto
transformation challenge it’s about one
o’clock so I’m ready to break my fat ass
I am into it bad thing and I’m about to
make some quick easy lunch Ida first it
one of these kid of psyllium buns
I already made a recipe video how to
make those so I’m gonna link it in a
description down below so you can check
that out these are really good I’m gonna
spread a little bit of Kerrygold butter
on it and tap it with some brie and I
also like to have a vegetable with every
of my meals so I’m gonna slice couple
slices of cucumber and some tomato I’m
gonna use my weight scale so I can
measure everything and every single
calorie I’m eating so I’m gonna zero it
down with the bread on it I’m gonna
spread a little of a butter over it I’ll
do the same with the other half and I’m
gonna zero the scale once again so I can
measure how much brie I’m putting on
using a little pepper put over my cheese
and over my vegetable and some little
salt to put on my veggies and here it is
this is my lunch it’s about 500 calories
I wish I do have alfalfa sprouts to top
it with but I don’t unfortunately so
this has to do the lunch was very
filling and now I’m about to make myself
my second cup of coffee so I’m gonna go
ahead and do that and do some work and
I’ll check with you around next time hey
guys it’s Rob I’m at work I’m about to
take my lunch and I just want to show
you what I took for lunch today on the
go so you get some good ideas on what
you can bring with you to work I have
here some egg muffins that Eva made
and I have some sliced ham because I
just I love egg and ham it’s just a good
combo for me I also have some kielbasa
to have his little snack I’ll probably
save that for later I’m probably not
gonna eat all this at once and I just
wanted to bring some veggies I have some
sliced cucumber I have some grape
tomatoes and some carrots and a little
chipotle ranch to dip those in I got
some good fats with the with the ranch
sauce and there’s some cheese in the egg
muffins I just wanted to show you guys
what’s for lunch and we’ll see you it’s
time for a little snack so I’m taking
these bite-size hard salami so I’m gonna
add one serving of those and my favorite
blue cheese stuffed olives I’m gonna
have four or five of those for dinner I
think I’m gonna bake the whole chicken
so we have a couple of meals throughout
the week because that bird is really big
so I always sir plan ahead and make sure
I have two three or four recipes in mind
so I know exactly what I’m gonna do with
the leftover of the chicken nice I would
like to show you parts of my home
workout routine I’ve been trying to
incorporate more exercise especially now
on the 30-day Keogh transformation
challenge so I thought that you might be
interesting in what I am doing
so do side exercises I am doing at home
I’m using this elastic bands these are
amazing for home workouts they come in
different types of resistance so you can
adapt their resistance as you go in as
you build a muscle the black one is the
highest one so hopefully on the end of
this challenge I’ll be all the way up at
the black one let me know guys if you do
enjoy these types of videos about home
workouts I have a lots of home exercise
plans which I can share with you if you
interested so let me know if that’s
something you would like to see as well
when I workout at home I’m usually
trying to put in at least 30 minutes of
exercise and I am incorporating the
whole body but when we go to the gym we
usually focus on just upper body or
lower body or on certain muscle groups
now I’m gonna take the doggies outside
for parties and for a little walk and
then it’s almost a time to start
preparing the dinner
so here is the bird I preheated the oven
for 450 degrees Fahrenheit and I’m gonna
cook it probably for about 45 to 60
I just put salt and pepper inside and
outside of the bird and some oregano
leaves and you don’t really need any
other additional fat as the skin will
really released at all and then you’re
just gonna take the sauce from the pan
and keep pouring it over a couple times
while it’s baking I have the chicken in
the oven and about 15 minutes before
it’s done cooking I’m gonna start
preparing my cauliflower rice you can
buy a frozen cauliflower rice at the
grocery store but I personally do not do
that because for me it’s just overpriced
it’s like $3 something here in Florida
for a little package which is not even
enough for both of us so I do it at home
I’m gonna show you how it’s really easy
I just a big head of a cauliflower took
about half of it separate it into
smaller pieces and I’m gonna put it in
my kitchen blender and blend it until
it’s like rice like sized for the
cauliflower rice I’m melting 1
tablespoon of butter in the pan now I
will add the cauliflower rice into a fan
and I’m gonna spice it up with some
curry salt and pepper and some garlic
powder and it’s all done and I served it
like that I think it’s pretty cute I’m
using my measuring cup to put the
cauliflower rice in this shape just for
the presentation and I’m starving I’m
gonna dig in the chicken was really good
cauliflower rice is always a great
choice as a side or on its own we have a
lots of chicken leftover I have a couple
of recipes in mind so I know how I’m
gonna use up the rest yeah every time we
get that whole chicken it’s like good
like 6 portions full 5 bucks it’s
budget-friendly ketta
so we about to do the dishes and it’s
pretty late already so I already did my
workout so we’re gonna skip our daily
walk and we’re just gonna brew some tea
and chill and hang out and let’s not
forget to do the most important thing
day six of our thirty days ketta summer
transformation challenge is over guys
thank you so much for watching today’s
video always if you liked it please give
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this challenge and we want you to join
us so until tomorrow bye no no what you