Keto Diet Results – 1 Month Keto Update – How Much Did I Lose?!?

October 1, 2019 0 By William Morgan

hey friends always gonna freedom in a
budget I’m Kelly and it is time for my
30 days on keto update I have been doing
keto for one month now which is crazy
this month honestly has flown by
mostly because we’ve been in the process
of buying a house and moving and all of
that fun stuff but you’re not moving yet
but packing and we are actually closing
today on Monday as you’re watching this
so super exciting and honestly guys I am
loving keto loving keto there has been
some ups and downs with keto but
absolutely loving it so far I am so glad
that I actually made the plunge to do
keto and it has been amazing so I’m
going to go over my measurements my
weight loss my pros my cons all of that
on keto so before we get to all of that
welcome if you’re new I’m Kelly and my
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okay with that as well so well that’s it
jump in and we’re gonna do the
measurements first because I know y’all
want the measurements and are curious
and honestly they weren’t as drastic as
I had thought they were gonna be but I’m
still very happy with them and I can
still feel the changes and I feel so
much more confident in my body right now
which is so exciting and I love it and
like today I went to the grocery store
in shorts and it was totally okay and I
was confident and I was kinda like hmm I
got some tone going on in my legs right
now so super exciting so I had them on
this screen as well but starting
measurements my weight was 153 bust was
38 inches waist was 34 interests belly
button it was 38 and
half inches hips was 43 inches thigh
right thigh was 21 inches in right Armas
was 12.5 you can see as the week’s went
on I have all of them here so total
weight loss for the four weeks was 4.0
pounds one and a half inches in my bust
two inches in my waist one and a half
inches in my belly buttons why don’t
have inches in my hips one into my thigh
and a half an inch on my arm which is so
exciting I am really really happy with
these results I feel great I have so
much more energy guys I heard that you
know it can help with that like 2:00
o’clock sluggish feeling but I honestly
didn’t really believe it but it is so
true I feel amazing
I have been doing bulletproof coffee
fasting so I know that bulletproof
coffee breaks your fast I am aware of
that guys don’t worry but when I do have
my bulletproof coffee it does make it so
it’s I’m not eating until like 1 or 2
o’clock in the afternoon versus before I
needed to eat by 10:00 where I was
getting really really hungry like right
now I think it’s almost 2 o’clock and I
still haven’t eaten anything and I’m
totally fine so it’s not in quite
intermittent fasting because the
bulletproof coffee does you know make it
so I’m not in fasting anymore and even
fasting but it does prolong my eating
window so therefore I’m only eating two
meals a day versus three or two with a
big snack type of thing so I’m super
happy about that I’m loving it and I
honestly I have so much energy right now
I don’t even need I’m feeling a little
bit hungry but I feel totally fine so
I’m loving that I no longer have plantar
fasciitis anymore I’ve had plantar
fasciitis for years especially in my
heel and I think I’ve had like one or
two little bits of pain when I’m walking
it’s used to be worse when I would get
up like if I was resting or sleeping
like first in the morning was really
painful I think I’ve had like one or two
times where it’s been like oh that’s a
little sore but nothing like it used to
be it is
completely her 90% gone which is amazing
I love that my my plantar fasciitis gun
that was so painful and if you have had
plantar fasciitis in your life you know
how painful it is so super excited about
that so I wanted to talk to you guys
about a non scale victory motivation
goal I guess you would say so I have
needed a new belt for quite some time
and please don’t judge me when I say
this Jamie has gotten on me about my
belt for so long but no one sees it
because my shirt covers it
so this belt is really really bad it is
in rough shape you can like see through
it and I’ve needed a new belt for a long
time and I haven’t wanted to get one
because no one sees it right so I am now
down to the last hole so I told Jamie
that when the last hole is too big for
me and I need to get you know it’s I
would need to make a new belt loop not
make a new belt loop I’m going to buy a
new belt so that is my motivation to
really get down on keto when I started
keto I was on this belt loop and I’m now
on this one so I have done down a whole
belt loop this whole so I’m super
excited about that Piper is now putting
his button from the camera so I hope
that you can’t see it and yeah so I am
I’m really excited about using this as
motivation as you know a non scale
victory of motivation for me so you know
I’m I’m frugal right so yeah
waiting waiting to get a new belt
alright and lastly I just want to talk
about my weight loss and kind of ask you
guys as well so in the four weeks I lost
four pounds my first loss was three and
a half pounds and then I’ve gone up and
down you know a half a pound since then
and part of that was my period which you
know affected my weight loss and part of
it was I did I tried lazy keto for a
week just to see how it effects my body
I think I did lazy keto week 3 and so
with that I I lost half
pound with lazy Kido and that was just
not tracking but just kind of doing the
20 carbs under 20 net carbs in my head
and not tracking
I hate tracking I don’t know what it is
but I hated tracking Weight Watchers I
hate tracking Aikido I need to just just
do it I I don’t know what it is what my
problem is it takes a minute to track my
entire day but I still hate doing it so
I just am really struggling with that
and the four pounds I honestly thought I
would have a bigger loss so many of
these videos that I’ve seen out there
people lose like 10 pounds 15 pounds in
their first month on keto and I was
super excited for that and honestly I
haven’t seen it so I haven’t really
worked out on keto so I don’t know if
it’s I need to be working out to really
see that big loss so please let me know
down below in the comments what are your
thoughts is it my just not working out
is it that I need to get stricter and
lower my carbs my I put it into the app
you know my measurements or not my
measurements but my you know gender
height age all of that can wait and it
said that I need to have I think 17 net
carbs a day so that’s what I’ve been
trying to stay at but I don’t know do I
need to lower it is that too high what
do you guys think please please please
you guys are so much more experienced
than me and I’ve been doing this for so
much longer so I really would love your
opinion on would weigh how how can I
jump start these results how can I get
them better I you know with lives I have
thirty pounds total to lose so now I
have 26 pounds total to lose so I do
have you know somewhat good amount of
weight a lot of people only see the top
you know a little bit so they’re like
hell you don’t have anything to do lose
but trust me I do
and I need to start taking pictures so I
started right away with taking
measurements but I didn’t take progress
pictures so I’m going to take progress
pictures today so that hopefully my
month to update will be you know a
little bit you can have some progress
pictures but August is gonna be a hard
month we’re moving we have Alaska first
week of September I have fincon so it’s
gonna be crazy crazy month
also the
is me asking you guys for a lot of
advice I want to know what are your
thoughts on the cruise what should we do
for the cruise because I know that I
could do quito on the cruise but
honestly I’m not about I’m I know I I’ve
been looking I don’t want to say looking
forward to it and the fact of being able
to eat the yummy foods but you know
we’re paying a lot of money for this
cruise to go on an Alaskan cruise and
honestly I want to be able to enjoy it
full fully you know enjoy the meals
enjoy the free dinners enjoy you know
Seattle we’re spending two days in
Seattle and so I want to be able to
enjoy that and there will be carbs so
there will be pasta and so I don’t want
to feel sick on the cruise so should I
start eating carbs you know a couple
days before so that I do get that like
carb flue before we leave and then also
I’ve done some a lot of research and
like with Thomas allow her and saying
that you shouldn’t be mixing carbs and
fat together so I was gonna be doing
like keto in the morning like breakfast
and lunch keto and then dinner or
whatever I wanted but now that I’m
thinking about it I don’t think that’s
gonna be a good decision because then
I’m having heavy fat for breakfast lunch
and then carbs at dinner and so my
body’s not mean can tell ketosis so it’s
just gonna store everything it’s fat so
let me know guys what do you guys think
of how I should go about this and please
don’t tell me just eat keto on the
cruise because that’s not going to
happen and you know as soon as we get
back from the cruise I when we get right
back into keto so let me know please
please please give me some advice of
what to do as you guys know I’m new to
this and still learning so this was my
30-day update on keto absolutely loving
I feel amazing I haven’t had any of the
sleep issues because I’ve been taking
magnesium at night I I’ll have it linked
down below for you guys but that helps
with just restoring you know all of your
levels of everything it helps me sleep
which some people don’t have had trouble
sleeping Aikido so it helps me sleep and
it helps me go to the bathrooms which is
amazing so it’s been amazing the
magnesium has been a game-changer
electrolyte powder I have a video I
filmed it I just haven’t edited uploaded
it maybe I’ll try and get it up next
week of my keeo Amazon products that
I’ve been loving but I have all of them
listed down below in the description box
for you so go check those out but I’ve
been loving it so keto is amazing I love
it I can’t believe I haven’t had pasta
in like a month and a half which is
crazy for me crazy crazy so cats are
fighting that is my cue to leave if you
made it all the way into the end it
please leave the secret emoji here my
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please subscribe alright guys I will
talk to you later bye Piper wants to
apologize to you all for not being nice
maybe need to Skyler right you sorry
Piper I’m sorry yeah see bye guys