Keto diet information

October 16, 2019 0 By William Morgan

– So the keto diet, it’s a very high-fat,
moderate protein, low-carbohydrate diet
that forces your body
to, instead of running
on carbohydrates, which
it wants to, run on fats.
So in theory, it’s causing
your body to burn more fat
in the long run.
It does put a lot of stress on your body,
so you will notice a initial weight loss,
but sustained weight loss
usually does not happen.
Like most of these fad
diets that come around,
you will regain the weight
once you kind of go back
to a regular eating pattern.
I usually would not recommend it,
because you are eating about 70% fat,
so you need about a 2,000 calorie diet,
you need to eat about 150
grams of fat in a day.
That is a lot, okay?
So it’s very hard to maintain.
A lot of people that say
they’re doing a keto diet
really don’t actually meet those metrics.
When you don’t eat all
those fruits and vegetables,
you’re missing out on
the fiber and those good
phytonutrients and
antioxidants that really help
your body thrive and
really create that good gut
and microorganisms that
help with your health
and your immunity.
Definitely check, make
sure it’s okay with your
health care provider.
In the long run, it was made for,
it was originally originated to treat
children with epilepsy.
So it can treat certain conditions,
but it is a very limited population
that it’ll really work for.