Keto Diet Hacks –  Decrease Stress

Keto Diet Hacks – Decrease Stress

August 11, 2019 0 By William Morgan

hi I’m Rachael and I’m the Keto Llama!
today we’re talking about decreasing
stress. chronic stress will severely
hinder your body’s ability to enter
ketosis this is because the stress
hormone cortisol elevates your blood
sugar levels which prevent your body
from burning fats for energy because
there’s too much sugar in the blood. if
you are currently going through a
high-stress period in your life starting
the ketogenic diet may not be the best
idea. it’s best to begin this
nutrition plan when you can keep stress
to a minimum and you’re able to devote a
large portion of your waking hours toward
staying in ketosis. if you definitely
want to start keto, now it’s still doable
just be sure to take steps to reduce
stress in your life such as getting
enough sleep exercising regularly, taking
time to do something that you enjoy like
listening to your favorite podcast or
watching your favorite youtube videos on
the keto lifestyle, or adopting
relaxation techniques like deep
breathing, meditation, or yoga. so I
appreciate you stopping by! I hope that
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