July 29, 2019 5 By William Morgan

hey guys today I’m gonna film for you
another day of eating keto diet it’s
about one o’clock so for me it’s time to
break my fast and I want to make
something simple for lunch I’ve been
craving a little bit potatoes I am a big
potato lover and you can’t have those on
keto diet so I read that actually some
substitute for potatoes on keto diet
would be a radishes and I happen to have
some in my fridge so I’m gonna try to
boil them and try these mock potatoes
today so I got one Brad for some
radishes I’m gonna have one hard ball
equity and some sauerkraut and mustard
I’m gonna start with boiling – you’re a
t-shirt I’m gonna peel my egg I always
keep some hard-boiled eggs in my fridge
just to snack on throughout the week and
I hate peeling them do you have some
tricks how to peel those leave me a
comment down below I would love to hear
that I tried putting salt in the water
vinegar in the water putting them in an
ice cold bath after cocaine but nothing
helps I’m still having and it’s a
nightmare to peel it look at that by the
time I’m done I’m gonna be eating just
egg yolk last time at Walmart we saw
this thing you would like crack the egg
inside of it and cook it like already
cracked in and when it’s done you just
like pop it out and the acts like
perfectly nice boiled and no shell I
don’t know did you guys tried it that’s
the thing work it was like 20 bucks so I
don’t want to spend money on that
without having some reviews so if you
did try it let me know because this is
literally my everyday nightmare I’m
gonna fry it the sausage today I would
grill it but I didn’t want to start a
girl just for myself so on the pan it
I did some butter and old radishes as I
would normally do if I had potatoes so
I’m gonna give it a try I’m pretty
curious so they say this tastes like a
potato Wow
it kind of does it differently take down
all the like the spiciness from it they
took the color for sugar and yeah I
think it is pretty good
I’m gonna enjoy it I do like yeah right
option guys you should try and boil two
radishes or you can also bake them but I
think boiled will more remind you of
potato this meal has 400 calories and
about 5.6 net carbs so it’s pretty good
I think today it’s pretty hard even
ginger doesn’t want to run around I’m
still down I’m gonna go home and come
out later I think I’m ready for
afternoon coffee and I’m gonna have
probably my keto chocolates I made the
other day I made a video how to make
those I’m just gonna link it over here
and down below if you wanna check that
out it’s really simple four ingredients
done in 10 minutes let’s go home I
decided to make an iced coffee so I’m
just gonna I pour an iced coffee and I’m
gonna put 1 servings of the whipping
cream soda chock with guys as I said
that believe you the recipe so I’m gonna
have two of these and that’s 120
calories to net carbs and almost 10
grams of fat are you also fascinated
with this thing how beautiful that is
when you pour your whipping cream into a
coffee it’s it’s an art guys I love it
guys for today snacks I’m just gonna
have half of an tomato 1 ounce actually
not even like 0.7 hands of mozzarella
cheese 5 slices of her salami and point
7 ounce of nuts
those are oven baked almonds for really
good I’m also having a big glass of
water with apple cider vinegar and lemon
and I’m taking a minute to sit down and
write down all ideas for a next week
meal plan so this home has about 230
calories so it leaves me in
calories for today’s dinner and today is
a taco night so I’m gonna start
preparing the taco shells I got ma
cheese here and there is a plenty of
ways how you can do it you can either
fry it on the pan you can pre-heat your
oven and do it in the oven or you can
also use a microwave today I’m gonna use
the pan because I don’t have a parchment
paper or silicon mat and I don’t wanna
burn it and I also want to do more than
one so I don’t want to use a microwave
so you wanna go ahead and spread your
and I got my setup here ready I know I
use two glasses and a night you’re gonna
want to take the cheese out when it’s
still hot and put it over it and that’s
how you formed a nice taco shell of
shape while I’m cooking this one’s
taking the spin here say hello say hello
ginger you think guys that this is about
what you want this is how you want to do
it you place it like that
and let it cool down for about a minute
it’s gonna form and cool down and it
will be nice and crispy and I’m gonna do
one more this is how it looks like when
it’s all cooled down very creep see
cripsy I’m very crispy beautiful taco
shell can’t wait for the dinner guys
it’s time to prepare the dinner I got my
taco shells ready and now I want to
prepare the fillings so I’ve got my taco
shells I already did
I have about 8 ounces of ground beef
this is the 80/20 fat to protein then I
have some sour cream I’ll be using some
obviously chili pepper I have some
tomato some onion and avocado to make my
own vaca more and unfortunately I’m a
Don lemons and limes so gonna eat it
fast that it doesn’t get brown then I
have a lettuce of course and I have some
cheddar here I’m not gonna use it it’s
for rap as my taco shells are already
made from cheese and that would just be
too much I’m gonna cook the meat with
some taco seasoning and frying up on the
pan and set up the table this is a lot
of chili pepper I just licked my fingers
after I cut it and well
ciao we cannot have a taco night now as
I told you I already preferred at all
you can check it out so raps having a
corn tortillas or corn taco shells and
I’m having the cheese one so I’m gonna
fill up myself a taco and give it a try
how does a game-changer hallelujah kiddo
I thought it’s gonna break cuz they’re
really crunchy so do you enjoy our taco
night mm-hmm well it’s not a Tuesday by
doesn’t matter right it’s so much better
my god I’m out of homemade taco and like
it’s been years I never had a homemade
taco actually I never had a hard taco in
my entire life it’s not a big thing in
check so it was my premium was it good
hmm well I did shovel down the other
taco come on move so I think and we’re
gonna check out for today
so if you did enjoy this video please
give it a thumbs up as usual and don’t
forget to subscribe and I’m gonna see
you tomorrow bye