Keto Corn Dogs! Restaurant Classics Corn Dog Maker Review

October 8, 2019 0 By William Morgan

hey there it’s Steve from Serious Keto
and in this video we are going to do an
unboxing and review of the restaurant
classics corndog maker but before we do
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new video I can actually recall my first
corndog I was probably about 5 years old
and it was at the A&W restaurant in
Sioux Falls South Dakota and I have
loved corndogs
ever since being on keto it’s one of
those things I kind of miss so today not
only are we gonna try out the corndog
we’re also gonna see if we can make
ourselves a keto corndog let’s see what
we got in the box we have some skewers
we have the instruction manual and the
corndog maker which will give a quick
clean before we try out one of the first
things that was apparent to me as I was
cleaning this is there’s sort of this
wofully Dimond texture in each one of
the receptacles here I don’t know if
that’s gonna present a challenge later
when I’m actually cleaning this to other
things that also kind of stick out to me
is these are a lot smaller than a
regular hotdog and the grooves for the
skewers are fairly small as well so
we’ll see if that’s problematic when
we’re making our corndogs
in addition to reviewing the corndog
we’re also going to try out this good
Dee’s corn free bread cornbread mix and
see if that’s worth the price for the
cornbread batter we’ll use 3 eggs
beaten one tablespoon of apple cider
vinegar the entire packet of mix and a
quarter cup of butter
as you can see your standard hot dog is
about twice as long as one of these
receptacles can accommodate so we’re
gonna have to slice some hotdogs in half
then we’ll run them through with some
skewers and preheat our corndog maker
the light is green so we’ll give this a
little spritz with some coconut oil add
our batter
at our hotdogs top with batter and
clothes all right it’s been about four
minutes I’m gonna get these guys out of
here all right I don’t like that this
tour like that I just need to pull them
all at once yeah that worked better so I
did overfill a little bit and probably
went 30 seconds to a minute too long on
the cooking at least from the appearance
here now let’s see how it tastes with a
little bit of yellow mustard and no
sugar added ketchup that’s not bad so it
seemed like the outside of the corndog
got more done than the inside of the
batter the hotdog itself was plenty hot
but the batter didn’t cook all that well
and it could be that this corn free
bread mixture just isn’t designed
especially for this I may have to play
around with the batter but I think I
think that this corndog maker is a solid
unit I think there’s gonna be some fun
things we can do with it in fact I think
I’m gonna do those fun things in this
video so for starters we’ll try corn
dogs again this time I’m gonna see if I
can’t make my own batter that’s better
for better we use 1 large egg 1/4 cup of
mozzarella 1 tablespoon of birch benders
kedo and about 20 drops of one-on-one
flavors cornbread extract well we using
a food processor because we really want
to get a batter like texture
you could also use a blender or a
nutribullet little spritz of coconut oil
pour in our batter
add the hotdogs top with batter and cook
it’s been about four minutes it’s no
longer steaming let’s see how they look
let’s look pretty good now let’s see how
they taste
that’s some good stuff right there I
think I could even go up to 30 drops on
the cornbread flavoring if you look at
the corn dog here you can see that the
batter is a lot better cooked than it
was with that corn free bread I like
this and I think with a little tweaking
I can probably get this to a really
legit corn dog but I got another idea
I’ve spritz the griddle with a little
bit more coconut oil then what we have
here is my McGriddle dough which I will
link to in the description below but
with an additional 1/4 cup of water to
make it a little bit more pliable and
then we have a pork sausage let’s see if
this works out is good in reality as it
does in my brain it’s been about four
minutes whoo all right it looks like I
got a little bit overzealous with the
mix also probably if I were to do this
again I would dial back on the baking
powder from the original recipe from one
teaspoon probably down to a half
teaspoon but we’ll tidy this up and give
them a taste
that’s solid I’ll need to tweak the
McGriddle recipe a little bit for this
but it’s it’s pretty darn close and it
makes me really optimistic about some of
the other things I might be able to do
with this corndog maker so I am really
kind of pleased with the Smart Planet
corndog maker at first I just thought it
was going to be sort of a gimmicky
little thing and make some corn dogs but
there are a lot of ideas I have already
with this I think you could make all
kinds of little mini handheld sort of
food items whether it’s you know Pizza
flavored something Mexican sort of like
making a you know chili relleno sort of
like longer empanadas I think this is
gonna be a lot of fun to play with and I
would be expecting to see some more
videos with me using this so stay tuned
for those and thanks for watching