July 26, 2019 2 By William Morgan

Hey guys, welcome to my channel and welcome today 17 of my 30 days keto diet summer
transformation challenge
Today, we’re gonna have a taco night. So I’m gonna show you my keto cheese shell taco recipe so you want to keep watching
It’s almost 1 o’clock. So it’s time to break our fast so I’m gonna make some quick lunch. I baked some keto bread yesterday
So if you didn’t see that
I have a recipe so I’m gonna link it in the description down below and let’s get the lunch started
And this is what’s for lunch today
Mmm, it was a great lunch this Akita brought if you didn’t try it yet. You should it’s really good
I like it
You can make sandwiches with it or just have it like I did with the egg and have it on the side now
I’m gonna make a second cup of coffee and we have some other stuff to do. I am later on
I think we’re gonna do some a grocery haul I’m making the iced coffee
I mentioned in my other vlog that we bought this of vanilla sugar free syrup to make my passion Tango
Keto pink drink, but this time I’m gonna use it in my coffee just a little bit
I’m gonna add about half of a tablespoon of whipping cream and
To make it a super treat I’m gonna top it with this spray one
So guys you can ask me again if Kira is a sustainable diet
Well, hell, yes
Who wouldn’t want to drink a sweet coffee with whipping cream almost every day and map gaining weight
It’s amazing guys. We ran into a grocery store to pick up a couple of stuff. We went to Walmart
Usually we go to all these to pick up our meats and cheeses as it’s generally a little cheaper
But we just didn’t have so much time. So just quick a run in to Walmart for most of our vegetables
So I’m gonna show you what I got. I get these three means we have always a problem to find a good one
Which would be fresh. These are really beautiful really greeny
So I’m probably gonna make some string beans
Casserole and just make it also inside with some bacon and and with some barbecue chicken
Let me get a couple of carrots our carrots are generally higher in carbs
So you’re gonna be a really careful videos, but I like to add them into my tuna or chicken salad
So I cut those and whatever leftovers our a little or rabbit will eat sheet. Love those
Then I got the broccoli slaw
We left this just on its own or adding it into stir Fry’s or you can also put some mayonnaise in it or Thousand Island
Dressing and has it as a side dish
We also picked up some sour cream as tonight is the taco night. And I also like adding this kind of
Packages with the ranch powder in it to mix it up with a little water and then dip your vegetables in it
It’s great as a snack. I also get some alfredo sauce. I didn’t have it for a long time
I would like to make with some a creamy chicken with mushrooms and maybe some cauliflower
This one has two carbs in a quarter cup, so it’s really not bad then
I got something like our lift sauce artists are a great source of good healthy fat
You can snack them just on its own or you can add them into a salad. I got this Thousand Island dressing
This is a little higher in carpets for carbs for two tablespoons
But if you go a little sparingly with it
I love this thing with my barbecue chicken and that the vegetables we got is an asparagus
We loved it just grilled with the butter and the lemon or just steamed
Some spring onion
I love spring onion in my egg drop soup and basically onto everything
Just to make the meal look prettier and greener. I got some extra cucumber
I want to I’ll slice it up with mandolin peeler and make a little sushi with some avocado. I’ve also picked up some
Shirataki those are the miracle noodles with zero carbs. I also made a recipe already with these
Doing a spaghetti carbonara
I’m gonna link it in the description so you can check it out and this time
I’m not sure really what I’m gonna use it with but probably some amazing pasta recipe
Then I get some a pure vanilla extracts just that I have at home for some good
Keto deserts and cheesecakes and stuff then we get some blueberries
these were a great price and they are a great source of antioxidants and
Then we got some strawberries as well. And because we got so much fruit
we like this a whipping cream just to have your fruit and tapenade whipping cream and shred a little a
Low-carb lillies chocolate on it and it’s an amazing quick dessert
This one is just one card for two tablespoons and that’s it for today’s kyoho
We didn’t buy any meat as I said
We’re gonna go to all these for that and I’m gonna show it to you when we do
What I wanted to mention and give you a little tip and advice is when you buy an asparagus how to store it properly
is if you take your a Tupperware or a glass where it doesn’t matter and just put a little water like inch or two and
Stick them in it cover it with a little plastic bag and you put it in your fridge and that way it’s gonna stay
fresher way or longer and another great tip when you buy a
strawberries how to keep them fresher for a longer period of time you would put
three parts of water and one part of white vinegar into some pot and dipped in in
For a couple of seconds and then let them dry and they gonna stay fresher longer. Give it a try today
I’m skipping my snack. It’s late. And I’m gonna already start the dinner
When I eat eggs and avocados, it just keeps me satisfied for so long. So I really wasn’t hungry
So I’m skipping my snack
so I’m gonna dip the berries in to the vinegar and
1/2 cup of water and half a cup of white distilled vinegar
Lemon that’s it
The vinegar will help kill any mold which might occur I’m gonna drain them and wash them up
You don’t want to let them sit in the vinegar for too long as the vinegar would actually suck out all the pretty
strawberry red color
Yeah, same I will do with the blueberries you want to use a little paper towel and put it back into the
Tupperware which it came from and once the blueberries and the strawberries are dry
I’m gonna move them here and the paper towel actually helps it to keep the moisture out and they will stay fresh or water
I’m not the only one who loves
Ginger does that too?
I’m gonna try it
What is it no more it’s high in cops, you can’t have that
Hmm so I’m gonna start preparing the taco shells using a chair cheese and I’m gonna fry them in the pan
So I got my cheddar cheese. I’m preheating the pan
I’m gonna be using about
Water cop less than a quarter cup for a taco. So I’m gonna make a smaller taco shells probably like four or five
If you want to see a detailed video how to make a tackle shells
I already made a video like that. So I’m gonna link it in the description down below so you can check it out
And here it is all set up I cooked the beef with some taco seasoning I made on my own
I have some shredded lettuce the taco shells
I made some sour cream some jalapeno peppers and some homemade guacamole
Let’s just al qaida tomato lemon juice and some red onion and we’re gonna fill it up and enjoy it
How was the tagesschau
Man those were good. No, I swear I would prefer those over the corn ones any day. Those are so good
And I hate to have the crunchy corn ones. You bite it and the whole thing falls apart these like actually really maintain their shape
These cheese taco shells are so filling very fatty really satisfying
Oh, wow, ask me again. If kiddo is a sustainable diet
I’m so full. That probably when I even skip tonight’s dessert. What is Rob doing?
Oh, we got some leftover. Just can’t leave it alone
Just pop it all in one ball
May heat all Frankie and just dig it in with the spoon my little salad
Taco nights are always a good night
We ate it all
There’s nothing left
Rob actually mixed up everything of us left in one bowl as Rousseau and just like lick it off the spoon
Yeah, it would be no waste no waste. I told you eat cheap
What do we got to do guys? It’s time to wrap up this video. So yes what we gotta do the most important thing
Let’s do it a little close halt if you wonder why did I change clothes three times today?
Well, I just got this little homey
Dress at Walmart for like $10. So I just have to put it on because I think it’s a packet
What is my pan?
Day 17 of our 30 days keto diets our transformation challenge is done
Thank you guys so much for watching this video
It does really mean a lot to us
Please if you did like it give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe because we will be back tomorrow for day 18
Until then good night