KETO Cauliflower Mac and Cheese  | Thrive Market

KETO Cauliflower Mac and Cheese | Thrive Market

October 26, 2019 2 By William Morgan

Why is this always here? I hate you. This
is so big, it’s like the size of my bowl.
You’re dead to me. I mean, this isn’t
right either.
Hey I’m Megan Mitchell, and I’m here in
the Thrive Market Test Kitchen and today
I’m gonna show you a keto cauliflower
mac and cheese.
I love cauliflower, I love mac and cheese;
I thought they could come together and
they did, and it was awesome, and I can’t
wait to show you this recipe. So before I
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let’s get started.
So um let me show you how I cut this guy
up. I’m gonna cut these into little tiny
bits, almost pasta shape; and I’m roasting
them so they’d get nice and super dry.
I’m gonna show you one and then I’m
gonna go crazy. So large floret like
this, cut it in half if you want. You can
quarter it, and then I just cut it into
small pieces like this do they just like
pasta. This looks just like macaroni now. Okay,
so that’s basically how I’m cutting it.
So it takes a little bit of time, but it
gets nice and roasted and crispy and
then the cheese sauce – it’s kind of how I
ate my vegetables growing up. I would not eat my broccoli or my cauliflower
without some cheese sauce on it. If
you’re a big cauliflower fan, I love
cauliflower. I actually made vegan
cauliflower bites; they’re gluten-free
and vegan – I feel like we should link
them somewhere around here boop boop
boop. Click on that video, they’re so good
and if you love mac and cheese – I’m just
gonna really promote Prep School right
here. if you like vegan mac and cheese, I
made vegan mac and cheese bites with
Daiya cheese so give that one a check out
because it’s good. It’s a good one. Clearly I like to make
mac and cheese, and I like cauliflower.
Alright I’m gonna break this guy down,
I’ll see you in two day.s Alright I’ve chopped up all of my
cauliflower, I’m gonna drizzle with some
extra virgin olive oil and I want a
sheet tray large enough that you don’t
want them all piled on each other,
because you don’t want them to steam. So you want them in an even flat layer. Salt
and pepper, and garlic powder. I’m using
garlic powder instead of fresh garlic,
because fresh garlic might burn. Toss it
up, and don’t worry my hands aren’t clean;
I just bathed the dog, I changed my car
tire, and then I tossed this cauliflower. So
don’t worry, it’s totally sanitary – they’re
clean, my hands are clean.
Remember even layer, I wanna roast at 400 for about 10 minutes. I’m gonna take it
out I’m gonna toss it, and then I’m gonna
roast it for 10 more minutes until it’s
golden brown and soft. While my cauliflower roasts, I’m gonna show
you how to make the cheese sauce and
since I’m keeping this keto I don’t want
to add any flour or cornstarch so I’m
adding cream cheese and it makes a
really nice and thick creamy sauce, so I
need three ounces of cream cheese; a half
a cup of milk, and I’m doing three
different cheeses. I’m using a shredded
cheddar cheese and if you don’t want
this to be yellow, you can use white
cheddar and monterey jack; it adds a nice
ooey gooey-ness to this. The cheddar adds
a bit of a sharp bite; the Monterey Jack
it’s just for that that cheesy – those
cheese pulls that we’re all looking for,
and then Parmesan cheese which adds a
little nutty flavor, salty bite and I
love Parmesan cheese. I’m also going to
add ground mustard, and a little cayenne
pepper. You don’t have to add this but I
like that it adds just a nice spice, and
then just whisk this together until it’s
smooth and creamy. You just want to cook it until the cream cheese has melted
through, all the other cheese’s have
melted it’s just a smooth thick creamy
cheese sauce. I wanna drink this so bad.
Our cheese sauce is done, I think my
cauliflower is ready, so let me show you
how this comes together. I’m gonna add
this directly into the pot. I tried
boiling this and it was just a mess, it
just leached so much liquid, and I was
like okay Megan- think, think. You
you got to dry it out, so roasting it not
only did it add a lot of flavor but it
helped dry out some of the cauliflower.
So it wasn’t a mushy mess.
Alright let’s stir this up, looks so good!
Oh man, oh man, alright
make sure it’s all stirred through. I wanna plate it up for you, this looks
insane you guys. Keto cauliflower mac and cheese. This
smells insane, it looks amazing! Totally optional to add the parsley, but
why not it came together in what –
half-hour? Less than a half-hour? You have
awesome keto mac and cheese mac, and cheese.
I hope you make this recipe, I hope you
like it! Let me know if you do. Please
comment, like, subscribe, you can find all
the ingredients I used at
Happy keto cooking!
Let’s start by breaking down the
cauliflower- just really talk down to it.
You know what I mean? :Like really demean it.
Oh break you down. Umm no I’m gonna be
nice to it. Be nice to your vegetables.