October 11, 2019 0 By William Morgan

hey guys welcome back to my channel on
this channel we talk life, food family
and fun and today we are actually trying
out someone else’s bread recipe that is
a keto recipe that is made in a bread
machine and he actually suggested that
if you didn’t have a bread machine just
you know go on Craigslist or your
community marketplace and try and find
someone who’s selling one and that’s
exactly what I did I actually got my
bread machine for 10 bucks so score! so today
we’re gonna be making a low-carb bread
that’s supposed to taste like wheat
bread and we’re gonna see if it actually
works this recipe is from keto King and
he has a youtube channel and I will link
that in the description box below so you
can have exact measurements on how to
make this if this turns out good and if
you stay all the way to the end I’m
gonna have a bonus tip for you so hang
on to that it’ll be worth it for the
bread recipe so his bread machine is one
of the wide ones that are longer and
they have two actual little paddles in
this one is more tall and only has one
so I kinda don’t know if it’s gonna work
but we’re gonna try so the first thing
we’re gonna do is put in some water
this is room temperature water that goes
in first then you’ve got a couple of
beaten up eggs, so a couple of eggs
then on top of that we’re going to be
adding in some oat fiber just pour that
right in the center
okay then we’ve got some flax seed meal
ground flax seed meal I’m just gonna
pour that in to the top then you’ve got
your vital wheat gluten we’re gonna put
that in also very powdery and then we’ve
got a teaspoon of salt and that is
supposed to go just around the outside
so make sure that that
gets put right around the outside there
we go and then we’ve got powdered monk
fruit or powdered eryrithritol
whichever your favorite is for sweetener
I like monk fruit that’s also going to
go around the edge don’t worry about
these measurements I am going to have a
link in the description box where you can
go and watch his video and see it if
this works I mean sometimes people post
videos that are like this is so great
and it’s not great…..I don’t do that….I’m saying other people do that!
then we’ve got some xanthan gum and that
is supposed to be evenly distributed
everywhere it’s not that much so I’m
just gonna just kind of tap my finger
here okay here’s where we have the
controversial product this is a teaspoon
of honey
now the yeast is going to eat up that
honey and it’s not gonna have an impact
on your sugar levels but if you are you
know super super strict keto and you
have a problem with adding this honey
then this isn’t going to work because
the yeast actually needs some real sugar
to eat it up to activate it so but when
you’ve mixed one teaspoon of honey into
an entire loaf of bread the carb content
is minimal so it’s just a caveat fYI
this is probably considered more lazy
keto or dirty keto, but I’m really
hoping that dirt tastes good sure hope
this bread machine works just bought it
for ten bucks from someone I did plug it
in and it turned on so that’s a good
signe okay and then we’ve got a couple
of tablespoons of room-temperature
butter that’s been cut up into tiny
little pieces and just going to it’s
really hard when it’s room temperature
to keep it in little pieces but I’m
gonna do it anyway then the last thing
we’re gonna do is put in a tablespoon of
yeast this is going to be the regular
yeast not the instant yeast and it’s
just one tablespoon of what you’re gonna
do is make a well in the center of your
flour and you’re gonna pour it all in to
that your don’t make the well deep
enough to where you’re hitting the
liquid you want to just stay on the
surface a little bit but it does have a
little well so that it’s not touching
the sugars or salt on the outside all
right so there we’ve got this in the
center just gonna pour it right in there
it smells East that’s what it looks like
all right all right we’ve got it in
there ready to go close this lid and
we’re gonna select basic color normal
Dart I actually don’t have a manual for
this so I just did basic four cups start
see you back in three hours and 15
minutes okay
moment of truth. It just beeped. take it out
without burning myself hopefully
totally clean okay so it’s a tad smaller
than I was expecting it to be he says in
his that he makes like 18 or 16 slices
out of it I don’t know how I’m gonna get
16 slices out of this but I mean smells
like bread looks like bread hmm
so I’m gonna have to let this cool off
before I try it which is really gonna be
hard to do but a trick with cutting
bread is you’re gonna take a serrated
knife and if you’re cutting a baguette
or a loaf of bread like his which was
long what you’re gonna want to do is
flip it upside down and cut it from the
bottom to the top there’s less ridges on
the bottom than these like right here
and it’s more smooth so it’s gonna go
through a lot smoother and give you
better slices in his video he had he
kind of botched up the cutting and said
that he couldn’t cut bread before and
this may be really soft so that made me
an issue but normal bread if you slice
it from the bottom to the top you’re
gonna get clean even slices so I’m going
to let this cool off then we’ll come
back and taste it to give our final
verdict to see if this keto King recipe
is a winner or a flop man the Sun is
really shining in here okay we’re back
and it is just barely warm by the way if
you hear something sizzling in the
background I’m making Keto Chili that
actually uses bacon and beer if you’d
like to have a recipe on that and a
video made give this video a thumbs up…it’s awesome!
okay but we’re gonna cut this I don’t
really know how to cut this
shape.. how do you even do this I don’t
know we’re gonna try you know see how
well it cuts just put an end off here
let’s see what it looks like okay can you
see this with all the sunlight coming in
looks like bread feels like bread smells
like bread hey it turned off one of my
lights I’m hoping that you can see this
a little bit better so I’m gonna try
this a little bit of butter because
what’s bread without butter?
I’m excited and kind of nervous okay
my gosh you guys taste like wheat bread
no weird taste at all it’s not slimy
it’s not
this is awesome there’s gonna be a link
in the description to the video that he
put because he deserves credit for this
and you can watch that and it has all
the list of ingredients but if you don’t
have a bread maker you might want to do
what I did and find someone in your
neighborhood and selling one for ten
bucks because I don’t think I’m gonna be
putting this bread maker away… really? It’s awesome! hmmm gonna
be tough not eat all this okay that’s it
for today’s video
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