Keto 101 – The Ketogenic Diet

October 12, 2019 0 By William Morgan

I think it’s important to realize the body is designed to run on ketones and glucose it’s not that when we’re ketogenic we have only ketones we always have blood sugar you can consume a little bit of carbohydrates or the liver can’t convert protein into sugar so you’ve always got normal blood sugar around and then what happens is the organs such as the heart in the brain use both the sugar and the ketones to function and so think about it that the body is kind of like a hybrid car that can run on gas and electricity well if you only give a guess then you’re not using that aspect of it that enables a car to run on electricity body’s the same way the body is designed to use ketones and glucose and there a problem is if we’re eating lots of sugar and we’re not supplementing with ketones then the heart and the brain the other organs never see ketones and so they don’t run very efficiently when you have a high percentage of calories and fat mater from protein then almost no carbohydrates then the liver is forced to burn your own body fat and so when you burn your own body fat the liver converts the fat into ketones so either it’s the fat you’re consuming or the body fat gets converted to ketone so that sort of by definition the ketogenic diet has to be a high fat high percentage fat diet and we need to emphasize high fat diet is often seen as a bad diet when people talk about IFAD diet they’re typically talking about a diet that’s 50% faster and maybe 20% protein but then 30% carbs 30% sugar and that’s a bad diet that’s like an American bad diet so I think critical factor is keeping the carbs really low and when the carbs are low typically protein is about 20 to 30 percent of calories well if your cars are 10% protein is 30% you know that’s gonna leave you with 60% fat now it doesn’t mean you’re eating bacon all day long and you’re just eating a bowl of butter it just means that as a person your calories or fat would be higher [Music] you