Keto 101 – C-Med 100 and DNA Repair

October 12, 2019 0 By William Morgan

[Music] 100 is the the distillation of the bark of the cat’s paw plan and has long been known as a native medicine in the Amazon region we managed to extract out from it the carboxyl alcohol esters to try and come up with this product it’s all natural although by the same token ketones are all natural – we have over 40 articles a couple of which I’ve written more about how this works to enhance DNA repair which again I think goes to the point that this is unique so here we have two great things we have ketones and we have sea med 100 and they work synergistically the unique qualities of C med 100 are related to the ease of absorption we produce amino acids in the stomach to a conversion of our active ingredient carboxyl al collections in clinic alkyl s is conferred to the nicotinamide and the l-tryptophan that’s very important because they don’t go through the digestive tract they convert in the stomach and go right into the bloodstream first of all that first of all I had the best ketones on the market I had the most absorbable ketones on the market and I have C med at 100 do you want to hear more C med 100 is best studied in terms of enhancing DNA repair so for example if you got a sunburn you might take this and this would take away some of the damaged cells and repair them in a way that no substance on the market can see med 100 mystic with the ketogenic diet and that is unique both see med will hurt and the ketones encourage cell apoptosis is very important if the cell is not able to be repaired we encourage cell death see med 100 comes to lengthen the telomere which is the end of the DNA it is thought that longer telomeres enhance life enhance longevity and of other positive effects the bottom line is repaired DNA intact DNA is good DNA and your products will be giving that to you and to your customers [Music]