Japanese set meal experience at Yayoi Ken

November 8, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Hello, Good afternoon! It’s Kay with Feel Fukuoka Japan
Today, I’m here at Yayoi Ken
Yayoi Ken is Japanese Teishoku Restaurant
Teishoku is a set meal consisting a lot of different types of foods including a main dish, rice, soup and pickles
I, myself go all the time, so I’m really excited to show it to you guys
Come on let’s go have a look
There’re many Teishoku restaurants in Japan, but the chain restaurant; Yayoi Ken is among the most popular
There’re varieties of choices available at reasonable prices. Menu which cost less than 1000 yen
One of the great things about Yayoi Ken that you see in a lot of restaurants in Japan is
They have food samples outside of the restaurant to give you an idea what kind of food you are gonna eat before you go in
I go for this guy… this one… this one… It’s hard to choose!
Inside the restaurant, there is a ticket machine available in English and Chinese
Insert your money and press the menu item you want to order
Don’t forget to take your meal ticket and change
Alright, let’s go eat!
Hello! Welcome!
For one?
I’ll show you to your table
Here you are
I’ll take it
One simmered miso mackerel meal
Please wait a moment
You can help yourself to as many pickles as you like
One of the reasons why Yayoi Ken is so popular is their speedy service
Once you bought your meal ticket, your meal begin to be freshly cooked
Your meal will be ready in about 10 minutes
Excuse me. Thank you for waiting
Here is a simmered miso mackerel meal
Thank you
You can have free refills on rice
If you would like to refill, please help yourself over there
Enjoy your meal
Thank you
You can get free refills on your rice as many as you like. Just have to go get it
Let’s eat
I’m so hungry
First, start with the soup. Your hot food while it’s still hot
Nice and piping hot
I love the sauce
Yayoi Ken is committed to use in healthy ingredients and uses particular kind of rice called “Kinme mai”
I like rice. Probably my favorite food in whole world
I love these veggies in this kind of sweet miso sauce. This is a great combination
Let’s have some fried tofu
Take the soy sauce
And put little dab. I like to put little bit on. I don’t know what the correct amount
Fresh tofu
That’s good too
I don’t normally finish my rice. Because it’s pretty good portion to begin with
But today I finished so let’s go for a second helping
There’re free refills on rice, however try to only take as much as you can finish
Please note that once you have served yourself it’s rude to put the rice back into the rice cooker
There is no such thing as free refills on any kind of foods in the states
Maybe bread in some restaurants
It’s pretty rare to see lot of different kind of foods all in one meal
Having a variety is certainly something new. They have so much variety at reasonable price so that’s why I come here a lot
I’ve been alone a lot. I need friends
I’m really full and this was super delicious as always
There are plenty of different options to choose from so you never get sick of having the same one
Of course, as much as you want to eat. 630 yen, that’s super cheap. It’s same as going to a convenience store
Yayoi Ken is all over the place. There are all in central Fukuoka like in Tenjin and Hakata
Actually, by the way there is even outside of Japan such as the United States, Thailand and Singapore
If you find one, definitely pop in and give it to try
Alright, well that’s it for today and this was Kay with Feel Fukuoka Japan
See you next time!