Intermittent Fasting and Keto

September 19, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Grant doesn’t care to intermittent fast.
He likes to eat always.
Goooood morning!
It’s 11:50.
We’re gonna have to put baby on for this one,
hold on.
There we go, that’s better huh?
I wanted to make a video today to accompany
the week three topic that I’m going over with
my clients.
Which is intermittent fasting.
It’s probably my favorite subject.
I have a blog post about it on my website.
Because I think it truly is key to weight
loss on a ketogenic diet.
Before I get into too much blabbering on about
it, I just wanted to talk about how I practice
intermittent fasting.
So, it is 11:50, as I said, I’ve just had
water so far today.
Just regular ole water.
I’m going to make now one of those Ultima
replenishers to get some electrolytes.
I worked calves really hard the other day
and I’m trying to avoid feeling really crampy
in them, so I’m gonna drink that and then
I’ll probably have my bulletproof coffee in
another hour maybe.
This has been a slow progression for me so
it’s not like I started eating my first meal
at 2:00 right away.
And I also recognize that I am in a unique
situation because I work from home and sometimes
if baby hasn’t slept well through the night
and he goes back down for a morning nap I
will go down for a morning nap.
And it’s a lot easier to not eat breakfast,
when you’re sleeping.
But I know mornings are a busy time for a
lot of people.
So if you’re not eating breakfast it’s kinda
one less thing to worry about, so if you slowly
work your way into intermittent fasting maybe
pushing your first meal back by an hour and
then by two hours until you’re not really
eating your first meal until the afternoon,
I think that can be a great strategy to get
So I’m gonna drink some electrolytes and then
we’ll have another little talk when it comes
time for my love of bulletproof coffee.
Ok now it is about 1:15, baby just went down
for his nap.
I am finished up almost with my electrolyte
water here.
I am going to make my first calorically significant
item of the day.
I’m going to make my bulletproof coffee.
So I started doing bulletproof coffee when
I first heard about it which was…
But it became huge for me when I started working
at a hotel job that had me getting up at 3:30
in the morning because I started my shift
at five and I was not ready to get up and
eat breakfast or spend any time more than
I absolutely had to to make breakfast in the
So bulletproof coffee really became my beverage
of choice and the thing that would kind of
keep me full through the beginning of my shift
at work.
On a personal preference side of things as
far as how I make it, I make it with salted
butter as opposed to unsalted butter, which
putting butter in coffee might kinda freak
people out, but if you’re using unsalted it’s
really just like solidified cream.
But I like to use salted because I think it
actually counteracts some of the bitterness
in coffee and I also just love the taste of
butter so it doesn’t bother me at all if my
coffee is a little buttery tasting.
Females in particular we kind of digest and
absorb everything slower than men that’s true
when it comes to alcohol or caffeine, any
other substance.
And I myself am very substance sensitive in
And I used to get the jitters from caffeine.
But not with bulletproof coffee.
Because adding the fat in slows the digestion
and the release of that caffeine.
So not only are you not getting jittery, but
it also helps to prevent that crash.
Because it’s releasing more incrementally
it’s going to make that energy more stable.
And fat is really brain food so that fat is
going to be helping you to feel even more
alert and it’s just a perfect combination.
Now when it comes to using bulletproof coffee
for fat loss, it’s great at helping to keep
you feeling full and satisfied because of
all that fat in there.
I used to do it with butter and coconut oil,
but I have recently switched from coconut
oil to MCT which are the medium chain triglycerides
that are in coconut oil anyway it’s just a
more concentrated version.
And I swear that keeps me full for like twice
as long.
I used to think MCT was one of those fancy
things that like you didn’t really need to
spend the money on and you can find them for
not too expensive online especially in stores
if you can find them on sale and I have decided
that MCT is definitely worth it.
And that’s what I make it with now, so I do
a tablespoon of MCT, a tablespoon of grass-fed
butter, my mushroom coffee that I’m so excited
about which I’ve talked about in previous
vlogs because it’s half caffeine and I’m breastfeeding
so I like that.
I also do one scoop of collagen peptides just
because it’s supposed to be good for your
skin and stuff.
Blend it up and top it off with some cinnamon
and it is delicious.
I’ll show you that whole process now.
So good.
Now I am going to take advantage of this precious
baby nap time with my new found cognitive
abilities from my bulletproof coffee and get
some work done.
Well that didn’t last super long but I am
done with my bulletproof coffee now and it’s
about 3:00 and I’m going to have my first
meal of the day.
To make a major note that I’m not going hungry
until 3:00.
You know, I’m starting, this is my first meal
at 3:00 I’ll probably finish eating around
9:00 so that’s like a six hour eating window.
Sometimes before 9.
But I usually have my dessert around 8:00ish
like while relaxing with Weston and watching
a show.
But the point of intermittent fasting is not
to go hungry and I definitely started slow
with this.
I used to have my bulletproof coffee first
thing in the morning when I would wake up.
Kinda used that to keep myself full until
I was ready to have my first meal.
Sorry my camera died, but basically I was
just saying that intermittent fasting doesn’t
mean forcing yourself to go hungry.
It’s something that I went into very slowly
and has worked out great for me especially
as I get further into ketosis and weightless
maybe isn’t so easy.
Because the reason why intermittent fasting
and keto go together so well is because keto
is training your body to burn fat.
So that can either come from dietary fat,
the fat that you’re eating, or the fat that’s
on your body.
So if you’re constantly feeding your body
dietary fat, your body’s never going to have
the chance to start burning off your body
fat and intermittent fasting is what gives
your body some time every day to turn to that
body fat for fuel rather than constantly relying
on dietary fat.
To me, that is the big secret to making keto
weight loss work for you.
Especially long term.
So I had my first meal at around 3:00 today
it is now 6:30ish and I am finishing up some
fajita chili lime steak that we’re gonna be
putting over a nice little bed of avocado
I also made some keto bacon fudge that we’re
gonna give a try probably tonight.
But I still feel satiated from my lunch which
is another tip when it comes to not necessarily
intermittent fasting but just in general with
You want to leave, a decent amount of time
between your meals.
I usually stick with like 3 or 4 hours, sometimes
a little bit more.
Because you’re eating really high fat so you
should be able to feel full for longer.
And if you’re doing keto for weight loss you
shouldn’t really be snacking because then
again you’re always giving your body that
dietary fat to burn instead of your body fat.
Just to drive this point home is that keto
does not equal weight loss.
You can be in ketosis because you’re eating
lots of fat and very low carb but if you’re
not in somewhat of a caloric deficit then
you’re not going to continue to see weight
Now if you’re used to tracking your macros
or anything like that then you know that both
carbs and protein are 4 calories per gram
where as fat is 9 calories per gram so you’re
getting more than double the amount of calories
when you’re eating fat.
But when you’re intermittent fasting and you’re
maybe eating only two meals throughout the
day it really helps to balance out those calories,
keep you in a caloric deficit, and make it
so that you don’t feel hungry because I do
not do feeling hungry.
It is my least favorite state to be in ever.
I hate Florida, I hate Florida.
So those are the big take aways that I would
give for intermittent fasting is that ketosis
and intermittent fasting is really a match
made in heaven.
This fudge is actually really really good.
I’ve just been like licking the knife.
So good.