Insights | Lehde Farm |  EW Nutrition as partner

Insights | Lehde Farm | EW Nutrition as partner

November 5, 2019 0 By William Morgan

The farm Lehde has been with us for six generations, my son is sitting beside me
We manage a farm of 100 ha,
we have 380 sows here
and a further farm with 100 places,
where the young sows are kept, where we can keep them isolated.
The performance of the farm is 30,5 piglets per sow per year.
We get the supplements for the sows from the company, Bergophor, with which we are cooperating
and which formulated the feeding program for the sows.
In piglet feeding we have three phases,
for the young sows we use two different feed compositions,
one for the integration, and a separate one during the time of service and the gestation
to guarantee an adequate supply, which has also been formulated by Bergophor.
From the tenth day of life our piglets receive prestarter during the rest of the suckling time,
which is 28 days in total.
We add milk powder from Bergophor to the prestarter in order to achieve a higher feed intake.
The piglets like the feed more if it is more tasty.
Doing so, the piglets already know the feed which they will receive in the rearing stable, the prestarter,
and therefore show no decrease in feed intake and energy supply.
What makes these products from Bergophor, prestarter and milk powder, so special
is the content of immunoglobulins.
We use these products especially in rearing to stabilize the gut,
to keep the danger of diarrhoea after weaning or change of feed as low as possible
and to support the piglets for the highest possible growth.
We want to keep the stress as low as possible,
to reduce the use of antibiotics to meet the newest standards.
As immediate care the piglets get the product Pig Life in addition to iron.
Pig Life also contains immunoglobulins.
We use this feed due to the problems we had last year with diarrhoea.
In order to stabilize the piglets prophylactically,
we began to supply them with this product during the first hours after birth.
Pig Life is very easy to offer and it can normally be used with the first care.
The cartridge is fixed on a syringe
and Pig Life is given into the mouth of the piglet as the last step of the immediate care.
In this way the piglets can swallow the product directly
and it is transported completely to the stomach with the next intake of colostrum.
As Pig Life has a sticky consistency, it is not easy for the piglet to spit out.
In the future we want to grow the farm to 500 sows
by maintaining or even better, increasing the performance level.
For this we have to keep the health of the piglets stable
and antibiotic use as low as possible.
This is quite possible with EW Nutrition and the products of Bergophor containing immunoglobulins and other valuable ingredients.