Indulgent Keto Stuffing |  Keto Thanksgiving Recipe | Featuring my Mom!

Indulgent Keto Stuffing | Keto Thanksgiving Recipe | Featuring my Mom!

July 27, 2019 100 By William Morgan

Hey! I’m here with my lovely mother. Today we’re going to make a keto-friendly
stuffing for Thanksgiving, and we’re gonna start right after this. Hey guys! We’re
doing a recipe that was requested a few
times over the past week —
it’s a keto-friendly stuffing. We’re
going to be modifying the original
recipe, which was made with chorizo. Our meat is going to be sausage. We’re
also changing the stuffing base from
muffins to keto bread that we’re gonna…
KeTO! Harsh T! That we’re going to cut up into little cubes. Yep! And this is the
keto bread that you can find on Keto
Connect’s website. It’s in their cookbook, it’s on their food blog.
I’ll post a link to their video of it
right up there. Yeah but this is the
bread we’re using. That’s the bread. First we’re going to preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
We’re gonna start by melting two
tablespoons of butter in our pan and
then sauteing about a half a cup of
chopped onion and three stalks of celery
in the pan. And while this is sauteing,
we’re chopping up a couple of cloves of
garlic and some green onions. Those came from your garden, too, rght, mom? Right. Yep,
organic from my garden. We’re gonna cook that a little bit and then we’re gonna
add a pound of sweet Italian sausage.
We’ll brown all that together, and once
that’s done, we’ll set that aside. Okay,
while the sausage is browning, we are
going to add the rest of our ingredients
to a large mixing bowl: a cup of heavy
whipping cream, a cup of chicken or bone
broth — we have this bone broth that we
found at the store yesterday — you can
make your own bone broth, use chicken
broth — and two eggs. And we’re just going to whisk those ingredients together.
And you can see this is just about
browned enough, so we’re going to remove
it from the heat. We’re going to cut up
our loaf of bread now into cube-sized
pieces. You want me to cut up for you?
Sure! Looks good! Oh, look how nice that is!
That’s perfect. Now bite-size cubes. Okay,
so we’ve got these cut into cubes. We’re
going to set this aside. We’re going to
combine our herbs and spices now. So
we’re going to start with what? A
tablespoon of pink salt (three teaspoons
in a tablespoon) and we’re gonna do a
tablespoon of parsley, a tablespoon of
thyme, a tablespoon of rosemary, one
teaspoon of garlic powder, and a teaspoon
of pepper. And let’s just stir that up
real quick. So we’re just gonna add our
spices to the heavy whipping cream and
Now we’re going to add our bread. Yay!
That’s gonna soak up all the liquid. Yeah.
And lastly, we’re just gonna add in our
sausage celery onion mixture. In it goes!
Good. So we’re just gonna grease a
casserole dish here with some nice
butter. Yup it’s Kerrygold butter.
And so the last thing we need to do is
just transfer this mixture into a
greased casserole dish. You’ll see a
little extra liquid in there, but as it
bakes, it will soak that up.
And our casserole is all set. We’re going
to put it in the oven for about an hour
at 350. In it goes! Yay!
While our stuffing casserole is baking,
we’re going to chop up some macadamia
nuts for an added garnish on the top.
Some people like those, some people will
prefer pecans, walnuts — you can really
use any nut that you like. The fattiest
of garnish. This is about a serving of
macadamia nuts — about 1 ounce, or 28 grams. So not TOO finely chopped here, just kind
of enough to break them up a bit. That’s
pretty good.
There’s some bigger chunks in here, but
that’s just fine. Now that our stuffing
has been in for about 45 minutes, we’re
gonna open up the oven, sprinkle these
macadamias on top, and let them roast
for the last 15 minutes or so. Oh, look
how good that looks! Looking pretty good, you guys.
All right. And then we’re just gonna put
it back in for the last 15 minutes, and
we’ll be good to go! Three… two… one. All
right, Let’s take our stuffing out and see
what we’ve got. Oh! My glasses. You know what? The
macadamias didn’t brown up as much as I thought they would, but that’s fine.
Oh, look at that. My god, look at that!
All right, so this thing was in for an hour.
It looks and smells delicious. Amazing.
The macadamia nuts did not…sort of roast
up like I thought they might. It’s fine.
That’s kind of our optional… it’s kind of
our little weird twist on it. We thought,
“Let’s sprinkle some macadamia nuts on there.”
Here are the macros for this thing
without macadamia nuts. We’re gonna
divide this stuffing casserole into
eight servings, so per serving… and that’s
a pretty good sized serving. It is, yeah!
Per eighth of the casserole, you’re gonna
get… I’ll put them right over my mother’s
face. 417 calories, 34 grams of fat, 21
grams of protein, and 6 grams of net
carbs. If you add macadamias like we did —
this is just a serving of macadamias —
you’re gonna get 492 calories, 37 grams
of fat, 22 grams of protein, and 6.5 net
carbs. So pretty decent macros for this
thing. It looks so good!
it was a little fall-y a part-y but that’s
okay. First piece is always like that. All right, Mom.
Give it give it a go. Oh, that is so good. Can I try some? Sure. It’s hot. [blows] Don’t want to burn myself.
Mmm. That’s good.
You know what I think would make this?
What? Gravy. Spoiler — we’ve got a gravy video coming up next week. This is a fantastic
option for Thanksgiving. If you’re
going somewhere, like if you’re going to
a house, if you’re going to your parents’
house, and they don’t do keto, if they’re
not doing low carb, you can prep this
ahead of time, bring it with you, throw it
in the oven once you get there for an
hour, and you’ll be good to go. Oh, it’s so
good. It’s really delicious. Let me know
if you guys make this, and what you think
about it. Let me know what else you make
for your Thanksgiving! That’s gonna wrap
it up for this video. Thank you as
always to my wonderful mother for
helping out with this recipe. Thanks for being here, mom! It was fun! And
we’ll see you next time. Bye-bye!
While our casserole is baking, we’re
going to… Casserole? What? Stuffing?
Yeah, a stuffing casserole. OK. Start over.
My mom is brandishing a knife!