I’m not your meal ticket!! [Hello Counselor / SUB : ENG,THA / 2017.10.16]

November 8, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Oh, my head.
It’s titled “I’m not your meal ticket.”
Hello. I’m a woman who just turned 30.
I have a headache because of this person
who is so immature.
Our house is a mess, and she does
whatever she wants and cries when I scold her.
A middle school student?
She’s my 51-year-old mother.
“People say golf is good for your health.
Ta-da. I bought golf clubs.
For $3,500.”
Those clubs must be good ones.
“I need to buy new clothes. Give me $500.”
“When will you grow up?
Stop causing me grief.”
“I’ve always been like this.
Oh! I hear that water skiing is fun.
I’ll start to take lessons tomorrow.”
I don’t know whether she’s raising me,
or I’m raising her.
“Mom! What happened to your face?
What’s wrong with your nose? Did you get hurt?”
“I think I fell down yesterday while I was drunk.
What’s wrong with me?”
She’s so gullible, too.
“Ma’am! You sing well enough to become a singer.”
No! No!
– No way. / – No!
The two may form a duet today.
“Girl! I’ve decided.
I’m going to become a trot singer.
Produce my album.”
“Mom, I’m really broke. Please stop.”
Everyone wants to release albums.
“You have your savings account. Give me that.”
I’m 30 years old. I need to get married soon,
but my mom is spending all my money.
When will she stop?
(Please help my mom grow up)
Is it an album special today?
What do you think of today’s concerns?
I said earlier that he should release an album
once the kids are all grown up.
But that’s not the right solution.
Using the children’s money…
She’s struggling due to supporting her mother.
Let’s meet her.
Please come out.
(He disappeared!)
(He sacrificed himself and made people laugh)
(Yu Minhui)
Taeoh, are you all right?
He fell down.
We’re more concerned about you.
I didn’t know it was that deep.
It looked like you just collapsed.
It looked like you didn’t see the balls.
Please introduce yourself.
I’m from Icheon, Gyeonggi-do.
I’m Yu Minhui.
How childish is your mother?
My parents got divorced when I was young.
A long time ago?
Yes. When I was in grade school.
So it’s always been my mom and me.
People around us say that I’m the one
who’s raising my mom.
Even in terms of housework.
I do everything at home.
Before my mom leaves the house,
she tries on many outfits.
– Then she leaves everything on the floor. / – Oh.
She doesn’t clean up at all.
When she eats at home,
she doesn’t clean up after herself.
In summer, the leftovers get moldy.
I don’t go home on some days.
The food has gone bad?
It’s moldy.
Food gets moldy?
She never has leftovers.
It sounds like she does whatever she wants.
Yes. If she doesn’t, she gets sick.
– For example? / – She gets depressed.
A few years ago, she wanted to learn water skiing.
During her lesson, she ruptured her knee ligament.
Why is everyone rupturing ligaments today?
Her leg was in a cast.
She could hardly even go to the restroom.
But the next morning, she went to water ski again.
She’s a cheerful woman.
How much did the equipment cost?
– Did she rent it? / – No.
She bought everything for $10,000.
She bought the equipment?
She has to spend an additional $2,000 a month.
You paid for everything?
Yes. I paid for most of it.
You’ve earned a lot of money.
Well, it’s all gone because of her.
You mentioned golf?
Even before she started taking lessons,
she bought the clubs for $3,500.
Some people buy equipment first.
– She got a year-long membership, too. / – What?
After two lessons, she decided golf wasn’t for her.
– What a waste. / – So she stopped going.
What is it about this album?
She goes to sing as a volunteer.
For free again?
It’s an event, but it’s called volunteering.
People tell her that she’s a great singer.
She got so many compliments,
so she closed her store five years ago,
and she’s been into trot music ever since.
So she’s currently a trot singer?
She’s just an unknown regional singer.
– An unknown regional singer. / – Yes.
What is that region?
Icheon in Gyeonggi-do.
– She doesn’t get paid? / – No.
At a melon festival, she gets melons.
At a pottery festival, she gets a piece.
At least she gets something out of it.
How many albums has she released?
Two albums so far.
She’s a regional singer.
It costs so much to produce an album.
We paid about $40,000 or 50,000 per album.
It doesn’t cost that much.
– For just one song? / – I don’t know.
Did she film music videos, too?
I think she was conned by some people.
Either she was conned, or you were.
$40,000 is ridiculous.
My mom also likes to buy new outfits.
She only wears an outfit once.
She buys a single outfit for $500 or $600.
They’re all famous brands.
She normally performs at different events,
so she could wear the same outfit.
Even famous singers wear the same clothes
for different events.
They wear the same outfit for that one season.
You must be really rich.
No, we’re not.
So far, you sound rich.
You sound very rich.
We’re in so much debt right now.
I see.
She also spent the proceeds from selling her store.
We went from a lease to a monthly rented house.
– You’re downgrading. / – Yes.
Let’s meet her mother. Hello.
Do you think you’re childish?
Yes, I do.
Did you know about your daughter’s concern?
I’ve only thought about myself,
so I didn’t know she was this concerned.
When did you start singing trot music?
I volunteered for 15 years
and sang at retirement homes.
People told me, “You sing well.
Why don’t you release an album?”
– Other people told you that? / – Yes.
So I ended up making albums.
She said you don’t make much money.
I normally donate talent.
– Donate talent? / – Yes.
I perform for organizations for those in need.
That’s a good thing.
I love singing.
Even if I have nothing to eat tomorrow,
I’m happy while I sing.
That’s great that you volunteer for others.
You didn’t have to produce your own albums.
You could’ve just sung other singers’ songs.
When I performed at events,
people called me a fake singer.
Because I performed other singers’ songs.
That’s what people kept calling me.
So you sing your own songs now?
Yes. Sometimes.
But people don’t know your songs.
“Who is she?”
So I don’t normally sing my songs.
Right. So you didn’t have to produce your albums.
They were useless.
Why do you ask your daughter to pay your way?
I’ve always relied on her.
When it’s her payday,
I wonder if she’ll give me some of her money.
I walk around mumbling about money,
and she quietly leaves some money for me.
You asked her to use her savings, too?
I wanted to produce another album,
so I asked her if she had some money.
Where did you produce your album,
that it cost you $50,000?
For my first album,
I spent about that much.
Were you swindled?
I was told to get a songwriter to write for me.
But that songwriter didn’t con me.
The people who introduced me to him did.
She gave that money to someone,
but she doesn’t know who actually swindled her.
– Right. / – She just made the payment.
How much did the second album cost?
Less than the first one.
$20,000? $25,000!
Something like that, right?
A little less than the first album.
If she invested $50,000 in the first one,
and someone told her they’d do it for $40,000,
she probably thought it was a great deal.
So she doesn’t think she was conned much.
Does she get swindled often?
About six months ago,
she brought home a contract.
I told her not to do it, because it was a fraud.
But she went behind my back
and paid $7,000 as a down payment.
She paid money
to sign a contract with a company?
(Doesn’t everyone do that?)
You should all note this.
Entertainment companies never ask for money.
That’s always a fraud.
When I perform at events, people give me their cards
and tell me that I need vocal training.
If I pay them for vocal training,
they will help me perform somewhere.
– It’s a typical fraud. / – They still do that.
But then their phone number doesn’t exist.
How much have you spent so far?
I would say about
(Oh, my!)
(This mom spent everything her daughter saved up)
Did she ever pay you back?
– Not once? / – Not once.
I will.
You will? How?
I don’t know how,
but I will. Somehow.
How can you pay her back?
How did you save up that money?
After I graduated from high school,
I got into clothing sales.
I didn’t eat whatever I wanted,
and I don’t buy expensive clothes.
I just buy clothes under $10 on the Internet.
So I was able to save $800.
– Every month? / – Yes.
You worked very hard for that.
Then you gave that money to your mom?
I have nothing left now.
– Nothing for your future wedding? / – Zero.
– Oh, no. / – Nothing is saved for my wedding.
Did you ever refuse to give her money?
– I did. / – What did your mom say?
She started crying.
She said, “Because of me,
you don’t get to do what you want to do.
I’m sorry. It’s all my fault.”
But then,
she changes completely after that.
You were tricked.
She can never say no to people.
What did she do for others?
When her friend asked her for a loan,
she had no money, so she used her credit card.
– Her card? / – To get cash.
The problem is that
she can never ask for the money back.
There’s so much money she was never repaid.
What can we do about her?
This is terrible.
You know how hard she worked for that money, right?
Sure I do.
How can you give that money away so easily?
I’m not a good mother to her,
but I’m very good to other people.
(What is she talking about?)
How can you be so confident?
I was shocked, seeing how confident she is.
Why do you say that?
When someone tells me how hard things are,
I just can’t refuse their pleas.
Your daughter is pleading with you now.
Why are you kind to others,
but not to your daughter?
When I was earning money,
my mom kept telling me to spend it on my brother.
So I decided to show her how hard I worked.
So that she could understand me.
I was quite busy then.
After two shoots in a day,
I’d go to eight different events at night.
“Did you see that?”
But I shouldn’t have done that.
“You earn quite a lot.”
You earn a lot.
It was the opposite effect.
She didn’t know I was earning that much.
Do you have debt your daughter is unaware of?
Yes, I do.
Why are you so confident?
What is it? Please tell us.
I got a loan using my credit card.
– What loan? / – A credit card loan.
I have about $20,000 in debt.
Why did you get that loan?
I needed money to perform at events.
– To use yourself? / – Yes.
– And on clothing? / – Yes.
Transportation costs, meals…
Her friend is here. Her friend must be next to her.
What upsets you?
I didn’t know the whole story until now.
Now it really frustrates me.
You didn’t know about her daughter’s hardship?
– How do you feel? / – I’m about to cry.
When things got tough for my business,
I borrowed $10,000 from her.
I thought she was well off.
But after hearing her family’s story,
I’m choked up and speechless.
– You paid that money back, right? / – Sure.
That’s how she was able to come today.
Did you know that she was swindled?
Yes, I knew about that.
She was busy producing her album
and spent money to practice singing.
And she was swindled
and lost $100,000 to $200,000 that way.
I think it was a few years ago.
$100,000 to $200,000?
All combined together.
If she got a job other than singing,
this wouldn’t continue.
I think she should give up.
But when I think of her, she shouldn’t give up.
– Is she a good singer? / – What?
Do you think she’s a good singer?
Yes, I think she is.
We’re curious about how good she is.
We saw dancing earlier, so let’s hear her sing, too.
Would you like to dance in the back?
He said no.
He must be sick of it.
That’s a relief, sir.
You’re making a positive change.
I was going to yell at him if he said yes.
She’s very tall.
She looks great.
(“Honey” by Geum Jandi)
♪ Since you tell me that you love me ♪
♪ Since you say that you really do love me ♪
She’s good.
♪ I get on the cloud ♪
She’s good.
♪ And fly into the bright sky ♪
(Not bad)
♪ I’d like to lean on your shoulder ♪
♪ I’d like to burrow into your chest ♪
♪ I have no regrets even if I die today ♪
♪ I’m happy because I’m a woman ♪
You were surprised because she’s good, right?
It felt like she was really good,
since we saw him dance earlier.
– Because of his dance. / – That wasn’t as good.
What did you think, K.will?
As I watched her perform…
Oh, gee.
– What is it? / – What’s wrong with you today?
She can’t give that up.
She can’t turn away from it.
I understand that feeling.
She wants to become a singer so badly.
But you don’t need much in order to sing.
You can do it on the street.
All you need is a microphone.
All you need is a single outfit.
– I’d like to ask that. / – A one-outfit singer.
You go to many events and meet different people.
Why do you buy new outfits?
I don’t want to wear the same outfit.
You’re too irresponsible and greedy.
We can’t help but doubt
your pure love for music.
We think you want to become famous
and become a celebrity.
You don’t perform on TV,
but you never wear an outfit twice?
That doesn’t show your love for music.
We can’t think of it that way.
It’s not just when I sing.
I normally like to buy new outfits
and wear different clothes all the time.
You must live within your means.
I don’t like to wear the same outfit when I go out.
Are you insisting on living that way forever?
Shouldn’t you change the way you are?
You must change your ways.
Do you like to drink, too?
– I like to drink. / – What?
I like to drink.
Why are you so boastful about it?
She once drank all week long.
She usually drinks three or four times a week.
One time, all the lights were on in our house.
All her clothes were strewn around the living room.
I thought a burglar had come into our house,
so I ran into the master bedroom.
She was passed out on her bed
in her shoes and clothes.
I was shocked to see her face.
Her entire face was scratched.
What happened?
She fell down while she was drunk.
Why do you drink so much?
I enjoy drinking.
Drinking leads to more drinking.
Yes. Then I get drunk.
The problem is that she can’t remember things.
But I have no bad drinking habits.
Getting hurt is a drinking habit.
– Things are reversed in this family. / – Exactly.
She’s not the mother that we picture.
Why are you like this?
I had my daughter at a young age.
I had a dream.
I was upset very often.
When I put my children to bed, I thought,
“This isn’t the life that I wanted.
Why am I living this way?”
That’s understandable.
Do you feel like your daughter must pay you back
because she took your dream life from you?
Whenever I drank,
I often blamed my children.
That it was their fault?
It’s because I had to raise them.
They weren’t born because they wanted to be.
My daughter often told me that, too.
She doesn’t understand me.
Has she blamed you like that often?
Whenever she drank, she told me,
“My life is ruined because of you.”
You really hurt your daughter.
She said those hurtful words.
How did you feel?
I often wondered if I really
had ruined my mom’s life.
Youngji is crying.
This is beyond our imagination.
– Why are you crying? / – Why?
Is your mom like her, too?
Talk to us. She’s so emotional right now.
I’m sorry.
Is your mom producing a trot album, too?
The daughter is so nonchalant about it,
but she must’ve been so heartbroken.
She seems unaffected now,
but she must’ve suffered so much.
The daughter is used to it now.
She’s tired of everything.
She’s never showed her emotions.
That’s very upsetting.
When was the hardest time for you?
I think I was 25 or 26 years old.
It was tough.
It was mostly because of my mom.
I didn’t want to go on living,
so I didn’t leave the house.
I kept my phone off to avoid answering calls,
and I didn’t eat.
I lost 12kg in just a week.
That happens if you don’t eat at all.
I couldn’t eat at the time.
How did you overcome that?
I thought of ending my life,
but I couldn’t stop thinking about my mom.
I thought she couldn’t live without me.
Your mom was the cause, but also your motivation.
Did you know about this?
I thought she was on a diet.
You never took an interest in your daughter.
Everything was all about you.
Ever since she was young,
I never had a real conversation with her.
What’s upsetting us the most is that
you’re not sorry at all.
Why is that?
We’re trying to be understanding, but it’s hard,
since you’re not apologetic to your daughter.
So you’re saying you’re self-centered?
This is the toughest broadcast for me so far.
Do you have any siblings?
I have 12 siblings.
I’m the youngest of 13 children.
You’re the youngest of 13 children?
You must’ve been doted on.
Since I was the youngest of 13 children,
I was told I was the best, I sang well, and so on.
Even after I had kids, I was always doted on.
So I became self-centered.
Yes, you’re very self-centered.
You care most about what other people think,
and you want others to always love you.
You are enjoying all that,
while your daughter is in agony.
Right. Her daughter is rotting away.
As emcees, we don’t normally get angry,
but today, both stories are upsetting.
– It’s very tough today. / – I agree.
Hand over the microphone to the dancer.
This is my toughest day in the past 27 years.
Sir! Do you understand this concern?
She was right in coming here today.
You’re just the same.
You’re doing the same thing.
Look at his wife’s face.
There must be a reason why you came here.
I’m curious to know what your biggest concern is.
My mom…
She wants to go to Japan.
To become a singer in Japan.
Who did she talk to?
Kangnam, did you put her up to this?
I’m feeling uneasy today.
Does she speak Japanese?
Not at all.
She’s never been to Japan.
How are you planning to live there?
I’m impressed.
Why do you want to go to Japan?
I want to become a singer.
How did you get that idea?
Tell us. We’ll tell you if this is for real or not.
I know someone who’s lived in Japan for years.
I’ll go to Japanese clubs and audition.
I want to sing on stage.
Then you must find a place to live.
You need money. Is that person going to pay?
We didn’t talk about that.
Who would be willing to pay those expenses?
If you want to move to Japan to realize your dream,
that’s understandable for you.
But what about your daughter?
I didn’t think about her.
(That’s so harsh)
She’s been so mature since she was young.
Do you think your daughter will give you money?
I dropped a hint to her.
– What? / – She dropped a hint.
I asked her if she had money to lend me.
Don’t you think you’re being reckless?
Que sera sera. Let’s just see what happens.
Aren’t you mad, Taeoh?
She’s just so childish.
You’re right.
I admit it.
It must be so tough for the daughter.
People say that I don’t act my age.
Some people in the audience are crying.
I’ve never met a person like this before.
People told me I don’t act my age.
Don’t you think you should change your ways then?
This is how life is.
Are you drunk right now?
This is the toughest shoot ever.
We’re not communicating here.
I feel like I’m talking to a wall.
You’re selfish. Yes, I am.
– Right. / – My words are just bounced off.
I’d like to ask you this for my comfort.
Do you feel apologetic toward your daughter?
– A lot? / – Yes.
Are you usually bad at expressing
your feelings to other people?
Oh, I’m relieved.
I don’t express my feelings well.
That’s why I asked you this.
I think the viewers may be too upset by you.
Because you say such selfish things.
That’s why I asked you that.
Unlike pop music or ballads,
do you know what’s important in trot music?
Feelings of desperate love.
When we listen to you sing,
you have great vocal talent.
But we don’t hear any feelings.
To be a better singer and go to Japan,
you must start to love your daughter more.
Your daughter needs your love right now.
That’s what I think.
You need to learn the feeling of love first
and sing to others. Then you can touch them.
My daughter…
Don’t answer right away.
You must digest what you hear before you speak.
No matter how much I eat, I always digest it first.
– Really? / – Sure.
What would you like to tell your mother?
I just want more conversation with her,
like how other mothers and daughters talk.
Speak to her directly.
I don’t usually talk to her.
You feel awkward, right?
Let me introduce her to you. She’s your mother.
I won’t always say no to you.
Please discuss even small things with me first.
Don’t sign contracts without talking to me first.
I hope you don’t
go to Japan.
Do you love her?
I do, but I’ve never said that before.
Let’s start today.
She’s never said it before.
Mom, I love you.
Let’s be happy from now on.
Please tell us what you think.
Let’s start with K.will.
It must’ve been so tough for her.
I am very grateful to my parents.
It’s a concern.
I hope you two converse more.
I think it’s a concern, too.
I think it’s the most serious concern of all.
I watched the daughter as she spoke.
I’m very grateful that
she grew up to be such a great person.
I hope you’re grateful to your daughter for that.
Thank her for growing up so well on her own.
I hope you give her a hug later.
Thank you.
If you can relate to her concern,
please press the button.
(What does the audience think?)
5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
Please stop.
Please say a word to your daughter.
I think I’ve relied on you a lot.
I’ll discuss things with you first.
I’m sorry, and I love you.
What about your plan to go to Japan?
I won’t go.
You won’t?
Ma’am! You can go to Japan.
But look into it well beforehand.
I won’t go.
Don’t be childish and say you won’t go at all.
– I’m really not going. / – All right.
You’d better not go. I’ll hunt you down.
You’d better not go!
All right. Let’s see how many votes they got.
Please show us the result.
(Announcing the result)
Maybe they got 156 votes.
Maybe 166?
It could be that many.
(They got 166 votes)