Ideal Protein – Chayote Caramel Cookies

Ideal Protein – Chayote Caramel Cookies

July 17, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Hi, this, is Renee with Reformation and I am going to be cooking up a recipe
Today that uses this little, baby here so this guy
Is unique it is thought of as a vegetable called chayote
Squash, but it’s really a fruit and it tastes
Kind of like a Cucumber

you can, make it sweet or you can cook it savory. It has a lot of different ways and purposes and
Today, we are going to be making a, recipe that is chayote ideal protein
Cookies so here we go …
We’re going to start with this
Chayote and you cut it down
The middle like this. They have a seed inside the center of them which is super easy to take out
So you just pull this little seed out of here and you don’t want to take too much because you
Want to keep all the goodies
For the recipe. here this little
Half of a seed is going to pop right out of there, we might have to you know
Take a couple passes at it and dig it out of there
alright so then I got this cool handy, new, thing here that I am
Sort of in love with
And we’re going to be using that to actually grate the chayote
I ordered this on amazon, and I’ll put a link in the section below
This is a
Multifunctional shredder and its really really handy so
This part here has these little prongs here and we can cut
up the chayote like this and
just impale it right here so, we don’t get our fingers in the middle of it but that
Way, we can easily use the grater and it has this handy little thing here
Which you just slip right in here like that and then it’ll stand up like that
And we can use it as a grater now, what’s really cool, is it has five different
attachments and you just push on this side here here, we’ll just do this one down here and
Pop it out
There we go and it has all these different
attachments, which allows it to do five different things so we’re going to be
using this grater here and
Finely grating that chayote
We’re going to grae a half a cup of that and get it ready to go
Once you have it shredded you want to really
Make sure that you get all of the water and any
Liquid out of it because you want it to be dry
And anytime that you’re doing, any of these recipes using shredded zucchini
Shredders chayote or whatever you’re shredding, you want to really get the water squeezed
Really, good so that
The moisture is out of it and so now, we’re going to measure out a half of a
Cup, and add that to our bowl. i used a half of a chayote
To, make a half of a cup
Alright, we have the
ideal protein Mug cake mix here

and one of the things that i have learned
is that you want to
mix all of the dry ingredients
Super super good so i like to use this little sifter, and I’m going
to, put the baking powder in there and it’s just 1/2 of a teaspoon but
The baking powder will it’ll be uneven when you cook if you don’t
mix it in really good so that’s why i like to use the
the sifter
This is one of the things that I learned
to use with my grandma, She was always
teaching me to mix everything properly
for baking.

Sift it through really good and I added that to the chayote
We are also going to add half of a beaten egg,
which I’ve already prepared here
Then, we are going to add

some cinnamon in here, just like a little half a teaspoon of the cinnamon
I always buy the big cinnamon because i use a lot of cinnamon love it a lot
And then we’ve got one
teaspoon of
grapeseed oil
and then additionally, we are going to, do the two tablespoons of the walden farms
Syrup, now one of the things i always like to reiterate about anything that is sugar-free is
all your, sugar free items, even though they
may say that they are a zero sugar they’re actually, each serving is 0.9. Which is how
They get away with saying zero so i want you to know that
every serving has one carb so you know to
measure every single thing and particularly your oils, measure your oils diligently that’s an area that
we find
when we have clients that are just not losing the way that they want to lose
we find that in many instances they’re not measuring their
Sugar free products and they’re not measuring their oils and that’s where we get in trouble
additionally another place that’s not being measured is
the proteins and the veggies. Everything is measured in a raw state
So making sure that you’re not overeating. Your proteins
and not overeating your
Veggies. Your veggies are filled with carbs and that’s that’s how
We get our complex carbohydrates
here is our cookie dough and now we’re going to put it on the cookie sheet
And bake it. These are now ready to go into the oven
and we’re going to do 325 degrees for about 18 to 20 minutes

They look great and we’ve got six, so that’s a pretty nice
serving size. You can have this as one serving of your non-restricted and
Of course it’s just a few ingredients, some baking powder, the
Caramel syrup from Walden farms, the chocolate caramel mug cake,
cinnamon, grape seed oil and just a half of one of the chayote, so you can make two batches
I have to say after my first bite
it’s super moist inside
the chayote is very
tasty and keep the cookie moist
You’re going to love, these cookies! we all need, some cookies. the next step is going to be a muffin recipe with, the
chayote so keep watching
I hope you liked the recipe that we made today
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