I took cold showers for 30 days

September 12, 2019 0 By William Morgan

I’m such an idiot. This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever done. Alright, okay, here we go.
Alright it’s cool, now it’s cool everything’s fine this is normal
30 days Cold showers, This is it. I hate my life
Cold showers are so hot right now, but it’s not a new discovery
Cold therapy has been practiced for thousands of years dating back at least as far as
Ancient Roman times and today science is backing it up
Researchers have found that cold temperatures get the body to burn more fat. It might strengthen your immune system circulation and help reduce inflammation
One of the biggest advocates of cold exposure is the Dutch athlete Wim Hof
Also known as “The Iceman”
Studies have shown that women of breathing meditation and cold exposure have allowed him to suppress the innate immune response
I can talk like a hippie and say hey we got to change the world
Revolution time and oh love and flower power. You need science though. Yes
It’s also said to be energizing refreshing and wakes you the fuck up
If even a fraction of what they say about the health benefits of cold showers is true
Then it’s something worth considering but I’m not doing it for any of those reasons
I’m taking cold showers for the next 30 days because it’s uncomfortable
Because I know that the more you push yourself outside of your comfort zone the more you grow the more you learn and the more
You build up resiliency to those things which make us feel well scared and to be honest
This kind of scares me
That’s my nightmare
My face is a little numb. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not, but that was good. I liked it
And just so we’re clear whenever I’m filming myself in the shower. I will be wearing swim trunks. So I mean, you know
They are cold showers
When I was living at home in my parents basement shortly after graduating college
I read as many
Self-development and entrepreneurial books as I could one that had the biggest impact on me was called the flinch by Julien Smith
It’s the first time I ever thought about cold showers and what it represents for those looking to do anything meaningful with their lives
The flinch is about the moments when we shrink up before a big moment before you speak in front of that audience
The difficult conversation with your partner either you push through the flinch. We’re used to come to a life of shrinking and defeat
Julien writes want a real visceral example of what the flinch feels like try this
When you’re at home and have five minutes go to your bathroom walk up to your shower. Turn on the cold water
You see what’s coming, if you do you should tense up immediately. You should feel it in your chest
You might start laughing to release the tension you’re predicting a flinch that hasn’t happened yet
You’re anxious about it about something that hasn’t happened and won’t kill you anxious about something that barely hurts at all
Okay do it now is the time to step in the shower as the cold water hits you you might shout or squirm
But the discomfort lasts only a second you quickly get used to it you get comfortable with cold
Instead of trying to avoid it a moment before the flinch seems so uncomfortable that you might talk yourself out of this you convince yourself
That it’s pointless. I’m such an idiot
This is so this is so stupid, but it isn’t it’s training
You need to build up a habit of seeing the flinch and going forward not rationalizing your fear and stepping away
Do you think that doing something like cold showers?
Would that help other areas of your life?
Have to reproduce and die is to be able to professionally increase the circle in order to be able to get more
Was it was never about in any single moment?
it’s about a habit of doing something that is hard just because the other side is better and because then
So if you want right now you could just pause this video and go take a cold shower, I’ll be here when you’re done
There are three ways to take a cold shower
One you can start with a hot shower and then ease into a cold shower at the end. This is the coward’s way
To you can start by placing your head in the cold water
Working to your face and then eventually the rest of your body
This is also the coward’s way 3 you can charge in like a madman heading into battle
I chose option number 3 almost every day though. I will admit there were a handful of days
I downgraded to option 2 there were no hot showers though. I
Had to see how cold this shit really is
I’m not joking. This shit’s got to be like 40 degrees. So I mean I got a cooking thermometer right now
I’m gonna do an actual test
Only 61 degrees
That’s I think it’s broken this there’s probably something wrong with this and so day after day. I stepped into the flinch. I
Tracked my progress with a calendar. I taped just outside my shower it acted as a daily reminder
So I wouldn’t miss a day on the first day looking at all. The empty days in front of me
It was almost laughable. It was like looking at my debt before I started to pay it off
It seemed impossible to overcome, but you just get moving you take the first step
Knowing that it won’t be easy or fun but knowing that it’s better than the alternative
Each one varies a little bit. There are some days when I’ve just not in the mood and I’m like
I’m gonna do this as quick as possible
So I might be out within two to three minutes
But for the most part, it’s actually usually longer than five minutes, especially when I’m filming
I’ve been filming most days and that means that I have to shower
Get all these angles and then I’m wearing a bathing suit for part of it that I’m filming and when I stopped filming
I think the bathing suit off. Sometimes it’s like eight minutes ten minutes and the cold showers. I’m filming it, but that’s it
It’s easy to get comfortable as we move up the ladder and our salaries increase once in a while luxuries become more common
We take for granted having a car that runs every day and having a home in a decent neighborhood
The practice like taking cold showers can build up your resiliency for when things go wrong
Imagine a scenario where your water heater breaks and you’ve got to take cold showers for a week
When you’re forced into it your mind makes it out to be an all-out attack on your well-being
But when you intentionally jump into a cold shower as shocking as it can be to your system
You flip your perspective and you no longer view it as pain
I mean after the initial shock probably like two three minutes in I was actually enjoying it
There was one moment where I turned around water was hitting my back and it felt warm. I don’t know
I don’t know if I was hallucinating. By depriving ourselves and simple experiments like this
We can feel what it would be like to lose our current comforts
We realize that life wouldn’t be so terrible without it
If something happens as we pursue our dream career for instance
Or if we’re fired struggling a client’s month-to-month and have to move back in with our parents. We know that even in these scenarios
those which we might consider worst case aren’t that bad after all a
Day 30, cold showers. This is it
So did the cold showers get any easier
I can honestly say that each and every one of them sucked. But let’s look back at the first shower on day one
I couldn’t even speak
I accidentally mixed up my shampoo and my body wash
I went to get the shampoo, but it was body wash
So yes, it did get easier, my flinch did subside
This has been the least enjoyable moment of my day.
It was like one less thing to enjoy every day
But I’m proud of myself. I’m proud that I’ve got through it. To be honest, though
I can’t wait for hot showers. I. Can’t. Wait
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