I did that Pizzadilla thing | Barry tries #17

September 13, 2019 0 By William Morgan

(groans) (bright upbeat music) – Hello everybody, don’t
mind me I’m just seeing if this tortilla will fit
into a spring form tin, yes it will, that’s quite snug isn’t it. Okay, we’ll come onto
that in just a jiffy. Today we are doing a monstrosity, and in fact we’ve already started. In the oven right there is
some chicken baking away, I’ll tell you about it in a moment. I have just literally, as
I say, been just hounded to do this recipe. I really, really didn’t wanna do it, it’s just like this horrendous
four way pizza thing that’s kind of like stoner food. Which, I don’t know,
they’re quite fun to do from time to time, but I mean, this is really taking the biscuit. I think the first thing
I saw of it with Twitter when someone posted it,
and it just seemed like it would take 24 hours. In fact it doesn’t take
that long, but it just seems so unnecessary. If you’re wondering what
it is, whilst the dogs sort of sunbathe in the background there, it’s called a pizza quesadilla right. So that actually has already
existed before, that concept, and that’s actually pretty nice. I haven’t done it on the channel
yet but you just basically make a quesadilla and then
bake the top like a pizza, and it’s probably amazing. You already know, but this thing, ah! Let me just bring you up to speed. About an hour or so ago I
was round the supermarket buying my ingredients like I normally do, and I was actually anticipating it to be a lot more expensive then
it was, but you know, it’s quite a lot of stuff. That is a very full basket. I think this is the most expensive recipe I’ve done in years. Well, all of that in there,
it’s quite a lot of food. It’s surprised me, it’s come to 32 pounds which is actually, people normally ask me how much do I spend on shopping,
it’s about the same amount. I don’t think it’s gonna be the same amount of calories though. Yeah, there’s actually quite a lot here and I even decided to just
buy the ranch dressing rather then make my own,
but I got a lot to do. So yes, I get home and I think, well this first step of baking
the chicken takes an hour. I’m just gonna do that and
we’ll get ready in the meantime. Mr. Bean wasn’t even up then. So I started off by making a marinade, grabbing a big old mixing
bowl, shoving in some paprika, maybe a little bit too
much if I’m being honest. Adding in the cumin, some mustard powder, some oil, brown sugar, chilli powder, which came out in clumps but
I was all right about that. A good old sprinkle of salt,
I aint doing salt bae today, I’ve gotta save my energy, and pepper. And with that, we mix it all together and you make a kind of like
nice sort of tangy marinade. It’s all good, but then you
shove in six chicken breasts. Now I’m not sure if the
tortillas here in the UK, ’cause it was a UK website
that originated this recipe are bigger or something
elsewhere because I feel like that’s way too much chicken for this. But anyhow we’re stirring the
marinade all over that chicken to stain it kind of like
a fake tanny kind of vibe. Just completely transform it, and in fact, it actually looks a lot
more appetising now. But it’s raw so of course
you don’t eat raw chicken, oh no, pour it down onto your baking tray and then shove it in there to bake, which it’s doing right now. Keep your eye on that yeah. Got about another 20
minutes to go, for an hour. That on it’s own, shredded
up which we’re gonna do will be blimmin’ stonking you know. Put that in a tortilla,
something like that, it doesn’t stop there. It doesn’t, that’s right. So down there, it’s gonna come out, we’re gonna shred it out,
and then we’re gonna mix it with some other ingredients,
bacon and stuff, we’ll come onto that as well. It’s then gonna get compressed in that tin that you saw with cheese
as a quesadilla concept which then gets chilled,
are you still with me? We then slice that up into wedges. We then dunk that in batter, and fry it. So we’re frying the
wedges of chicken stuffed quesadilla stuff, and
it doesn’t stop there. No because once you’ve got
your evenly battered triangles, I’m not sure about that actually. My oil tends to darken quite quickly so we might get different
colours and shades, 50 shades of pizza quesadilla if you will. We then do the pizza element of this, we put the triangles back together, we’re gonna top it and
then cook it as a pizza. This is insane. I’ve worked out that this
recipe is actually over 8000 calories ’cause there’s other things to factor in like the ranch dip. I’m not making that from scratch, when I was buying all my
ingredients, I’m like, no, I’m just gonna buy
the ranch, you know. Buy the ranch, did I buy a ranch, I can’t afford a ranch. But there’s things like
when you fry things the oil which goes into the breadcrumbs, all of that’s not really
factored in there either. It’s a lot in that little tin. So we’ve already started,
we’ll wait for this chicken to be done and then we’ll move on. So I’m just kind of
doing little menial tasks inbetween while waiting
for my chicken to cook. I’m cutting up some baking parchment now for the tin, top and bottom of it. When the chicken comes
out we shred it of course, and the only other bits
that go in with that, some barbecue sauce, I’ve got a red onion, spring onion and some cooked bacon that we just chuck in and chop it up. (bright bouncy music) So when I first looked at this recipe it was kind of like the
calm before the storm. I’m waiting for some craziness to happen. I think it’s just a lot of waiting. Apart from the frying,
that’s gonna be pretty scary. I hate frying. (bright upbeat music) I’ve gotta say it smells
blimmin’ stonking in here. Let’s get it out of the oven. Whoa, oh, oh baby. Just looks like Cajun
chicken, and smells like it to me as well. I would be happy leaving
it as is right now. Little bit of rice and pea with that, rice and pea, nice. Uh-uh, oh no. Got the big old bowl that we
made the marinade in earlier. Given it a wash up and
it’s gonna be reunited. (laughs) All right this chicken
is still a little hot so I apologise if it steams the camera up. But all I’m gonna do is start to shred it kind of like a poor mans
Wolverine with my forks. There we go, look at that. Shredding up, getting those strands. And actually pulled chicken
is a really nice alternative to pulled pork from time to time. All right there we go, I’ve
left a couple of chunky pieces ’cause I quite like that,
and it’ll break down anyway as we mix in our other ingredients. So there are those spring onions, chopped red onion and the bacon. And the barbecue sauce,
now this is actually one of my dream things. My favourite pizza,
people always ask me that, is a barbecue chicken pizza where the base is a barbecue sauce. I’ve done that on the channel
before, absolutely love it. So this right now for me
is a really good thing. As horrible as some of these
Frankenstein recipes are, if it gets some people excited
about the world of food then you know, it’s a start. We are actually making quite a
nice little chicken dish here but the thing we need
to remember is that this is technically the crust. (laughs) Okay our spring form tin with
the baking parchment inside at the bottom. In goes the tortilla okay, nice, that’s nice and snug in there, brilliant. Okay, and now down goes a mix of cheeses, this is red Leicester
and Cheddar combined. My little old tin there, I
suddenly realised that this, is a lot of filling. I’m not gonna use all
of that, I’m gonna yeah, I don’t think I’m gonna. I’m gonna knock my camera instead. I mean, we’re still gonna fill it, that was a chicken pun, but
we’re not gonna go too crazy. So I reckon, I could probably
put about half of this in and have some amazing
fajitas with the kids for tea tonight. Well actually I don’t think
I’m gonna be wanting dinner, and I don’t know if they’re
gonna be wanting this to be honest. I tell you what, it’s
gotta be compressed down so I am gonna probably need a bit more. (bright upbeat music) There’s a few little dents in it, I don’t know, I’m quite close to using all this up now actually. The fajita dream is gone folks. (bright upbeat music) Oh no, I’ve forgotten how
deceptively big that bowl is. There’s still enough there,
I’m gonna leave it at that. That’s quite a lot of filling there. All right, so what I’m
gonna do is grab some more of that cheese, and this will
help level it out as well. Now the steps we’re doing
next aren’t to actually warm it which I thought would help because the cheese could act as a glue and bond the tortillas
together, but obviously no. People have thought better then that. We put our tortilla, our
other one, (laughs) on top. There we go, look at that,
and just for the time being another piece of baking
parchment, and apparently we need to put something
on this to compress it. So what I need you to do is get a pug or your animal of choice
and just it needs to sit on the pan for the next hour. In fact that’s something
he’d probably wanna do, wouldn’t you huh? No. Okay, so this saucepan,
it’s got a fairly good flat even edge, some
bowls that I had just have a little smaller circle
which would just put pressure in the middle. So by having a pan that’s,
fairly similar size, circumference and all that stuff, of that, we can give it a little
squish down and now, we stick it in the fridge for an hour with that weight on there. I think I’m gonna put it in the freezer for like 15 minutes all right, shh. All right folks so life update, it doesn’t fit in my freezer
so I am gonna have to wait for an hour for that to chill in there. I’ve filled the pan with
water to add more weight to just help press it down. So, we’ll see you in an hour. Okay then folks it’s nearly
been an hour in the fridge. I’ve just a little dunking station there of flour, that I’ve seasoned
with a bit of pepper in there. Some beaten eggs and the breadcrumbs. So I was gonna start to
heat my oil with the pan, but the pan that I normally use to fry is now squishing the chicken mixture. So we’ll wait another
five minutes, get it out, cut it into wedges and start this off. (laughs) Look see I need this to
fry, it’s nice and cold. Oh yeah, yeah that feels good. I’m scared, I had a
hesitation moment there. Oh okay, that’s not too
bad, it’s a little wet. How good does that look anyway? I think we should just leave it at that. But it is holding it’s shape. Apart from that bit wanting to come out. Okay. (bright bouncy music) All right, that’s a little bit messier then I thought it was gonna be. See, some of them, like
that, have held their shape really, really well. Well in fact they all sort of have, but I wanna be just a little extra careful by freezing it, or at
least keeping it cool whilst I get my oil warm. Okay, yeah, we’re still there. This feels really wet,
we’re gonna dry it out when we fry it with the flour but… Yeah. Okay so they’re in the freezer firming up, I’ve gotta say my confidence
in this recipe now has shot right down to
the bottom of the barrel. But we’re gonna get the oil hot, and I think I’m gonna do them in batches, keeping the rest in the
freezer, using the flour as much as possible to dry
them out and see what happens. Oil on. Okay so the oil is just about ready now, we’ve got a wire rack
with some kitchen towel to absorb up the slices, and of course our dunking station ready. So I’m gonna try and do
one, if I can nail it we’ll do the rest. Boston, what do you think mate? Hmm, confident? Okay of the dunking station
it is the first dunk that I feel is gonna be
absolutely critical here because the flour, can you see that, is hopefully gonna dry out those wet edges and just basically stop everything moving. It seems to have done a good job there, quite happy with that. Now the egg wash. Okay, some people double dunk this but I’m not going for that today. That to be fair has actually
sealed that in as well. Okay, and I’m gonna
sit it into the crumbs, and use my dry hand, take my strong hand to sprinkle all over and coat it. Okay on a fish slice, I’m
gonna slowly lower it in. I really, really hope this works. Here goes nothing. (oil bubbling) I’m feeling pretty good about this, okay. Oh look at that. Oh look at that. Oh wow, okay, down you go. I’ve just gotta do that five more times. Yeah, so I’m not gonna… Why have I put my tripod
like that, it’s like this. I’m a big believer in not really doing frying and filming at the same time. So I’ll show you me putting
down, hopefully, the last one. Oh my gosh, that was tricky,
but I think we’re still there. There we go, surely you
would feel with six battered quesadilla barbecue chicken
slices that you are done, but oh no, it goes on the pizza tray now. We actually turn it back into
what it thinks is a pizza. Yep, so in the world of pizza,
all we’ve just done there, like I said earlier is just the crust. And now it’s kind of like a jigsaw puzzle. (upbeat music) You see, (laughs). So it’s a little wider now ’cause it’s got the crust on it obviously. But now we’re just putting some tomato on. (laughs) What is this, this is crazy. Mozzarella. Just gonna stick some pepperoni,
just gonna tear it up, and stick it on the each bit. So now we just shove this monstrosity under the grill just to
melt through the cheese and warm it through. I was getting a bit bored
waiting for my grill to warm up so I decided
to redo the pepperoni, but actually cut it with some scissors to make proper disc shapes. So hopefully that looks a
little bit more pizzaish now. All right, just a little heads up, I hardly ever use my
grill because it is evil. It is a really strong powerful grill, so I’m gonna keep my eye on this massive. Right let’s try that. In it goes. I am literally gonna sit
here and watch like this ’cause after all this work
I do not wanna burn it. It’s time to get that out, the smells coming from that
oven are absolutely bonkers. (groans) Oh my gosh, it’s like a,
almost like a freshly baked tortilla kinda smell coming off it. That’s it now, that’s the steps done okay. The last step is to mange. Is it weird to sort of be more interested in what it looks like inside, rather then what it tastes like. Here we go, gonna slice right through it. Oh my gosh, it’s kind of exploded. Ow, it’s still hot. See all the chicken there in the layer. The tortilla’s clinged
to our crispy coating. The cheese, I completely
forgot about the cheese. Wow, it’s barbecue pulled
chicken in a quesadilla, deep fried, then served as a pizza. (laughs) the pizzadilla. I don’t know what the big dilla is, but I’m gonna mange
now, we’re gonna mange. How hot that is. Oh wow. I’m supposed to be dipping
this in ranch dressing I don’t feel it needs it. But no harm in trying. Oh my gosh, maybe it’s to cool it down. (groans) That is naughty, jeez. Blimey by the power of
Grayskull there is just too much going on in that. I absolutely love it, I’m not gonna lie but like I said at the start
there is probably a lot of calories in that so I’m
gonna go for a bike ride almost immediately after
I finish editing this. But it’s given me an
idea, just before we go. This is just the concept of someones idea that they’ve come up
with of pizza quesadilla mixed together. So you have a bonkers suggestion? Let me know down below what it is. If it’s in the comments
on the YouTube video, if you like it and you see
yourself give it a like so it appears near the top of the comments and I’ll pick it out and I’ll do it in about a months time. So come up with something crazy, give it a name if you
want, and whichever one has the top comment, as long
as it’s not really weird, I’ll do it, bye. ♪ Check your level player ♪ ♪ No matter what your style ♪ ♪ The kitchens for me ♪ ♪ Simon’s moustache,
goatee, maybe all three ♪ – What is this? – [Barry] Surprise, basically
a big old quesadilla. – [Mrs. Barry] Okay. – [Barry] That’s been fried
and then turned into a pizza. – Oh my goodness. – [Barry] Go on. I can’t explain, I can’t
understand what you’re thinking. – Hmm, it’s really nice. – [Barry] It is isn’t it. – Really nice. – I’m just trying this. – [Barry] I knew you’d like
the pepperoni mate yeah. – Really, really nice
but I don’t wanna like it ’cause it’s so fattening. – [Barry] It’s very naughty. – Wow, that is really good. – Really nice. – [Barry] What about you, do you like it?