I am the Gluten Queen | INDIE ALASKA

November 18, 2019 0 By William Morgan

We really lean in on gluten. It is the
oldest staple in the world and it is amazing and gives life. I love bread.
I’ve been with this company for nine years and I co-own it with my parents
and I just can’t see any other future for myself. After college I moved abroad
and my family Skyped me and said we’re gonna start a bakery. We just did our
best to make it to Sunday night family dinner without a whole bunch of dough
slinging. I was gonna work here for one summer
before I went off to school and I really fell in love with Anchorage. It
was a beautiful summer and I thought baking was so so much fun I thought the
bakery as a whole was just vivacious and exciting and there’s so much going on
and it was in the startup phase still. I fell in love with a man and just
didn’t ever want to leave. It was an evolution and it just kept meeting the
needs and demands of Anchorage and we’ve always stayed really true to these
crusty rustic loaves. The people who work here are really good people. I feel proud
to work with them and psyched I get to see them every day.
The hours are often pretty early but the energy is high, the smells are good, and
everybody wears a smile. Hey can I help you pipe? And a neighborhood bakery is such a European concept and getting your bread fresh
daily is such an old world idea. I bought a house in Airport Heights at the time
with my boyfriend and we walked our dog every evening and I thought: man, if we
could start a bakery in this neighborhood that could be something
really special. I do think
we have the best customers in the world. They’re funny, they’re nice, they’re
equally obsessed. From all walks of life. We felt like you shouldn’t have to
have a passport or a plane ticket to go get a great meal you should be able to
get it in Anchorage. I just couldn’t live without bread. I eat it with all the time,
I snack on it, I go into the mountains and take a baguette or take a loaf of
bread. I share bread. This is my passion, my livelihood, my challenge, my everything. Bye! Or stay a while.