How to Offset a Cheat Meal | What Did I Do AFTER the Pizookie Challenge?

November 7, 2019 0 By William Morgan

What is going on guys? It is actually the next day after I did the
Pizookie Challenge and I wanted to do a
workout that really focuses on how to
optimize, or how to take advantage of
the food that you eat in, say, maybe a binge or if you had
a big cheat meal. The best thing that you could possibly do
is to actually do a specified workout that I’ll discuss
when we’re training that really takes advantage of
all the carbs and fat that you just ingested the night before.
The next thing I also wanted to address:
why I failed that challenge last night.
Instead of what I did before the 10k, I did a scientific
study, so I was eating protein and vegetables
five meals a day, I think, two days prior
and two days after just to normalize
or standardize the food for the study.
And I think that was actually the best thing I could possibly do, because I ate
very light, and I was very hungry
whereas this challenge I was thinking–and thinking incorrectly–that
I practice something called intermittent fasting (you guys know that if you follow me).
Instead of keeping the fast the whole day, the first thing I did eat was
pizookie or just straight sugar and fat–
sugar overload, basically is what happened, so
that’s my explanation
I am going to go hit this workout and I’ll catch you in the voiceover.
Let’s just say you had a moment of weakness.