How to Make Zucchini Noodles |  Flavor Makers Series | McCormick

How to Make Zucchini Noodles | Flavor Makers Series | McCormick

August 13, 2019 1 By William Morgan

I’m going to teach you
how to make a lime
coconut shrimp
with zoodles —
oodles of zoodles!
You’re going to start with your
marinade for your shrimp.
I’m going to take
my defrosted shrimp,
about a quarter cup
of coconut milk.
You’re going to want to really
shake up your coconut milk,
and then anything
you have leftover,
you can save in the fridge
for a smoothie.
And then you’re going to
take some McCormick
Pure Lime Extract,
some McCormick Seasoning
of Ginger, Garlic Powder,
and Crushed
Red Pepper Flakes.
So I’m going to mix up
the shrimp — oh, God!
Once you’ve added all
your McCormick Seasoning,
you’re just going to mix it up
a little bit,
and then put it in the fridge
to let all of those flavors melt
for about 15 to 30 minutes.
Here’s the fun part: You get to
make zoodles!
Now, if you don’t have
a spiralizer, you can,
of course, use a box grater,
you can use a vegetable peeler.
Or if you have a fancy one
with little teeth,
you can use that, too.
But whatever style
you start with
is what you need to finish with.
So for me, I’m going
to use the spiralizer,
because that’s how I already
did my yellow squash
and my carrots with.
Okay, wash it,
stick it in there,
and then you just spin it.
It’s so much fun!
It’s zo much zun!
Okay, my oven has been
preheated to 375 degrees,
and it’s only going to cook
for, like, 10 minutes;
it’s a super,
super fast cooking meal.
If for whatever reason
this feels overwhelming to you,
I promise it’s not.
You can definitely do this.
And it’s a really fun way
to make zucchini.
Okay, now that I have
oodles of zoodles,
I’m going to take my olive oil,
put a little sea salt,
and then some black pepper.
I’m going to toss it,
just a nice gentle toss,
making sure everything’s
coated in olive oil.
So that’s mixed. All I need
to do is put it on my sheet.
So I’m going to make a border
of zoodle to frame my shrimp;
it’s going to allow the shrimp
to actually touch the pan
and cook a little bit faster,
so it doesn’t just get soggy
from the moisture
in the noodles.
Okay. I’m going to give
these shrimp one more stir,
and then you’re just
going to place them
in the center of that pan.
Again, your oven should
be heated to about 375,
and these do cook very fast,
so keep an eye on it.
Okay, can we just talk about
how cute this is right now?
We’ve got, like, a picture
frame of shrimp — I love it!
So we’re going to pop this
in the oven
for about 10 minutes,
and then the feast begins.
Oh my God, okay. You can smell
the caramelized coconut milk,
the incredible zest
from the ginger,
and of course,
the aroma of garlic.
This is the meal to make.
This is so simple, and so fun!
It will not disappoint.
Okay, you guys, I know
your phone’s in your hand.
I want you to be inspired.
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