How To Make Keto Turkey Sliders With Avocado “Buns”

October 2, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Let’s see how this comes out. (quirky music)
I’m Alessandra Ciuffo. I’m 18 years old, and I’m from Whitestone, New York. I’ve been on The Rachael Ray Show a few times. She’s 12 years old but she cooks like a master chef. Turkey meat, salt, pepper, and some crushed red pepper flakes. Like any other 18-year-old, I am all over social media, and literally, my favorite accounts to follow are all food accounts. (turkey sizzling)
(quirky music) One of the food trends that I’ve been seeing around lately that I’m super curious about are these avocado bun burgers. My brother’s super into fitness and nutrition, and he’s trying to convince me to go keto, and I think that this will be the perfect idea. So, let’s get started. You’re gonna cut the avocado the long way. They’re looking pretty smooth and bun worthy, so, this might work out really well. This burger is gonna have some white American cheese, tomato, lettuce, sriracha mayo, and some sesame seeds in making it look like what it’s not. Moment of truth, time to dig in. While I love avocados, I’m a little concerned on the practicality of picking this burger up with my hands and trying to eat it. I feel like this might be more of a knife and fork situation but nonetheless, still tasty. (audience applauds)
I love her. (audience applauds) Obviously, this is a big deal because people love low carb, no carb diets, you know, keto, high fat. It’s my brother.
Right. He’s the one who like, inspired me for this. He’s always telling me to go keto, try it out, so, here we go, we tried it out.
Tell him to mind his own beeswax, but how do you? (stammers) Yeah.
You know? So, as we just saw, eating it was a little messy. (stammers) I mean, you see?
Yeah. (stammers) You see? It’s like guacamole.
(audience laughs) My thing is like, if you wanna go for it, I love avocados, so I like, wasn’t opposed to it. Either maybe open-face.
Open-face! Open-face, knife and fork. You can try it with other things, and maybe, I made a little burger here because I felt like a big burger would like, overpower the avocado. I agree.
You do smoked salmon, deli meats. I love the smoked salmon idea! Right?
A little bit of like. Ooh!
Some sort of ponzu mayo. Yum, mmm!
Ginger, arugula. I had to go in already, they’re gonna try that next time. So, one more tip is if the avocado’s not your thing. Right.
And if it’s messy, whatever, you can make it actually with lettuce. So, you just like, would set it up like you would like a burger.
And my mom, who, the Italian, the Sicilian woman, my mother, Elsa Scuderi, she went vegetarian at 84. (audience laughs) Wow, wow.
And carb-free. Look at that. No carbs.
She has to watch her figure, right?
Yeah, whatever. I still don’t tell my mother nothing. She’ll knock me into the next zip code. (audience applauds) So.
Beautiful. This looks like this. You know what else I was thinking of too?
Yeah. You know when you go to like, a fast food burger place?
Yeah, yeah. And they give you the burger and it’s wrapped in something?
Yeah. If you wanted to, if you love avocados like I do, could keep it as an avocado burger, use the lettuce to wrap it around, like, just to hold it.
Oh, help keeping it together.
Keeping it together, exactly.
I’m telling you. Exactly.
Right? (audience applauds and cheers)