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October 1, 2019 0 By William Morgan

subscribe now hey guys what’s up so
we’ve been talking about lots of fat the
fitness industry is completely changing
from a low carb diet to high fat diet so
today we got something very special that’s
about coconut milk latte
coconut milk has abundance of nutrients
so the South indian diet comprises a
lot of coconut milk and we use a lot of
coconut milk while we make a lot of dishes
the main reason of using coconut milk is
coconut milk has trace elements which
are responsible for regulation of
electrolytes it is really more nice and
more important why because it also helps
you to take care of your nervous system
it also gives you maximum energy to push
yourself so let’s see what we have got
today and let’s quickly make the coffee
and the latte, so we need a jar if
you have a Nutribullet that’s well and
good if you do not have a Nutribullet
you can make it over a flame also on the
gas so I have a nutribullet I’m gonna
use this where in I have an option to warm
this so I have here half cup of water, to add more few things to that is that
Coconut milk are high in
micronutrients so it’s very high in
vitamin C kind of stuffs so you know it
helps you to improve your immune system
at the same time right so I have I’m
taking about more than half a teaspoon
it depends on what your taste is, I like
my coffee a little stronger so I’m going
little more on it then you have your
coconut milk, the milk what I’m using is
from the company called as Dabur that’s
an Indian company you get it easily
available even on Amazon I think we
should have another video showing how to
make the coconut milk yeah we would be making
organic coconut milk then I have here
stevia granules that’s about 2
tablespoon of the same there you go
if you’re on Keto diet or kind of
intermittent fasting kind of a diet you
should ideally use stevia if not our
normal sugar
all right so our latte is done the
other option is if you do not have a
nutribullet please you can use a normal
blender you could blend your coffee into
it you can warm it over a flame this is
a great substitute for the tea in the
normal tea that you use if at all you
are not suitable with the milk you can
definitely use this one because coconut
milk has got a lots and lots and lots of
health benefits
all right the coffee’s ready so if you
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