How to Make Cream Cheese – Gemma’s Bold Baking Basics Ep  11

How to Make Cream Cheese – Gemma’s Bold Baking Basics Ep 11

October 26, 2019 100 By William Morgan

Hi Bold Bakers! I have received hundreds of
messages asking me to show you how to make
homemade cream cheese as part of Bold Baking
Basics. And ask, and you shall receive, because
I’m going to show you how you can easily
make it at home with just two ingredients.
We’re going to start out in a large heavy-bottom
saucepan. Add in full-fat milk, not low-fat,
not skim, not semi-skimmed, or whatever—full-fat
milk. The fuller the fat, the more curd you
will actually get for your cream cheese, so
remember that. It’s really important. And
we’re just going to turn it on to a medium-high
heat, and we just want all of this milk to
come to a simmer. While it’s coming to a
simmer, I’m just going to stir it every
so often. You don’t want to walk away and
scorch the bottom of your milk. You’ll want
to always be keeping an eye on it. So now
that our mix has come to a simmer, we are
going to turn it down to a medium, controlled
heat. You want it to simmer away. And here
I have some lemon juice, 3 tablespoons of
lemon juice. You can also use lime juice,
or a white, plain vinegar. That will work
really well. Now what we want to do is take
our wooden spoon, and we’re just going to
stir in one tablespoon at a time. We’re
going to stir it around for a minute or so.
Cream cheese is not available in all countries,
and I didn’t really realize that until I
started doing Bigger Bolder Baking, and the
amount of people who asked for recipes for
cream cheese. So I’m really happy to be
able to bring this. This is the best recipe
that I’ve tried. I’ve tried many, and
this is the best one that I found that worked.
So take a little a look here. You see it’s
starting to curdle? This is perfect. We’re
on the right track, so we’re going to go
in again with another tablespoon of lemon.
There you go. See that? Right there. That’s
your cream cheese. I’m going to add in the
last bit of lemon and give it a stir around.
Now do you see all of these lumps that have
come to the top? These are our curds, and
this is our cream cheese. This is exactly
what we want. Now you can always double, triple,
or quadruple this recipe if you want. If you
want to make a lot of cream cheese, that’s
totally fine. It’s not temperamental. It
will take multiplying no problem. So now,
we’re just going to knock it off the heat,
and we’re just going to strain this liquid
off. Next you’ll want to separate the curds
from the whey. So you want to get yourself
a nice big bowl, and then we’re going to
lay over a sieve, and then over that we’re
going to lay over some cheesecloth. Now cheesecloth
can actually be found in a lot of supermarkets,
but I’m going to put a link on my website
of where you can buy it. It’s really important.
You do need cheesecloth, because it’s really
fine, and it catches all the curds. Take your
curds and just pour it into your cheesecloth.
Now this cream cheese is so simple. We’re
not looking to use active cultures or anything
like that. And also, we are just going to
have to let it sit here for 15 minutes. We
don’t have to let it hang out overnight,
like a lot of cream cheeses do. We’re just
going to let him hang out here, let all the
liquid drip away, and we’re going to come
back in around 15 minutes. So it’s been
a few minutes, and all the liquid has drained
away. Now I just want to make a note. This
liquid doesn’t have to be thrown away. It
actually works fantastically for marinades
and for brines, because the acid in it from
the milk and the lemon that we added in will
actually break down your meat really well.
So you don’t have to throw that away if
you don’t want to. So with our curds here,
we are going to add this into our food processor.
You’re probably thinking to yourself that
this doesn’t look like cream cheese yet,
and you’re right, because it doesn’t.
That’s why we have to process it and make
it nice and creamy. At this point to our curds,
you’ll want to add a little bit of salt
to flavor it. You can also add different flavors
at this point too. Herbs, whatever you like,
you can add in there. And then we’re just
going to pop on the lid, and then process
until it’s nice and creamy. So this recipe
yields you 8 ounces, or 1 cup, of cream cheese.
So check the recipe that you’re making,
how much you need, and then you can multiply
my recipe for cream cheese. I can see it’s
nice and smooth. Now if you see that your
cream cheese is a little bit on the thicker
side and you want to loosen it up a little
bit, feel free to add in a little bit of the
liquid that we took away from the curds, or
even a drop of cream, that would be lovely
too. Now just check out that homemade cream
cheese. It is incredible. This will last in
your fridge for seven days and it will be
happy to live there, and you just use it as
you go in any of your Bold Baking Recipes.
Just remember that the better quality milk
you use, the better quality cream cheese you’ll
have at the end. So just like this cream cheese,
I have lots more Bold Baking Basics recipes,
like how to make buttermilk, food dye, and
food extract. So make sure you check all of
those out.