How To Make Baked Cloud Eggs

September 27, 2019 0 By William Morgan

All right, and here’s my egg, sunny side up! Look at that! My name is Jeff, and I live in Queens, New York. Oh yeah! You may remember me from last season, where I made an Instant Pot meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Mmm! I love it! One of my favorite things to do is to cook with eggs. Mostly because, they’re really very simple. You can scramble them. You can make them over easy. You can make an omelet with them. And you can of course, hard boil them. So today, with my love of eggs, I want to try the cloud eggs. Who doesn’t want to eat something that looks like a cloud? That looks like a cotton candy looking egg? I’m ready to try this out, let’s get cracking! In this case, I had to separate the egg whites from the egg yolks. And now it is time to take all these egg whites and blend them until they form stiff peaks. So now I’m gonna add in a quarter of a cup of a grated Pecorino Romano cheese. And I’m gonna also add a quarter of a cup of a shredded Parmesan cheese. And I’m making four little mounds of these cloud egg mixture. I had preheated my oven to 450 degrees, and I’m gonna put this in for three minutes. Now, I wanna quickly pour each of the egg yolks back into the center. And I’m gonna quickly pop this back into the oven for a remaining three minutes. I am impressed. I am impressed because they look beautiful. Richard! Come and get it! (upbeat music) Oh wow! I’ve never had an egg quite like that. (clapping) Now you’re gonna school us, because you love the Instant Pot so much. This is my domain right here. I know! I love it! You roll deep with the Instant Pot! And one of the best things about it, Rachel, is you can find a new way hard boil eggs now. Forget putting it in the boiling water… You forget that! Forget it! No! I’m gonna show you how easy it is to do. Okay! One cup of water. One cup of water. Pour it in the pot. Pour it in the pot. I’m gonna take a few eggs here, you know, take six or so, whatever. Okay, half a dozen. Half a… She’s so much more proper than I am with this stuff. (laughing) And then you put the lid on top. You just seal it here. And I’m gonna go, literally, for six minutes. Six minute egg! That’s all I did! That’s literally- That’s it! I didn’t boil water, none of those shenanigans. Nothing! You don’t that. Nothing! No timing, no nothing! Exactly, exactly. So when this is all done, (timer beeps) let’s say we’re all finished now. Okay. We’ll reveal. We have our eggs here, we’ll put them in a qu- This thing sounds like R2-D2 it’s kind of freaking me out. [Jeff And Audience ] (laughing) Nobody told me that the Instant Pot talks so much! (laughing) And then from there, you put them into a quick little egg bath. You know, you just cool ’em off real quick. You know what helps them even more? Tell me. Is if you crack their little jackets, if you crack their shells, the water gets in there and loosens it up. Unbelievable. Easier peeling. (laughing) Master class, always with you. From me to you. Always. Praise! Okay And then from here, ya know. And it’s a six minute egg? That’s literally it. What do you think? (Cheering, applause) (light music) (Cheering)