How to get rid of Acid Reflux? (2020)

January 22, 2020 0 By William Morgan

Today I am going to share with you
acid reflux remedies to help you. These are the guidelines most recently
published by experts in the field. You can find a lot of different remedies on
the internet for your acid reflux. Somethings might say that oily food can cause
acid reflux other may say that a low-carb diet. That is a diet high in protein and moderate
in fat may cause acid reflux. Not all of these can be confirmed by the scientific research. I know your acid reflux can be uncomfortable. You may feel a burning, or tingling, or a sort of pressure
in the stomach. But most of the times this is not caused by a serious illness. In most cases our food intake or our lifestyle are
triggering these symptoms. Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell icon
to get the latest videos from us. Hi guys. I am Maggie Towe and I am teaming up with CARA CARE
to help you with your gut health. Did you know our diet is not just the cause of acid reflux
but it can also be a therapy? Tip # 1. Avoid Late night munching. Try to avoid late meals and eating late at night. This ensures your last meal can be properly digested. This is especially important if you have
acid reflux at night. Tip # 2:
Pay attention to what foods are affecting you. Chocolates, oranges, spicy foods, raw onions,
coffee and caffeinated beverages can cause acid reflux. If you often have problems with acid reflux
try keeping a food journal. People often come to me and they don’t know
what’s causing their symptoms. If you try using the CARA CARE app then you can
use it to track your symptoms and see what foods you are eating that are affecting you. Tip # 3. Gastric acid follows gravity. So basically the acid in your stomach is sitting here at the top,
if you can elevate the top of your bed then that will cause the acid to go down rather
than come back up. So it can help to keep your head elevated at night. It’s not always best to use pillows or something
to prop up your back or your neck because this can cause
back or neck pain. So try using wooden boards and putting them
under at the top of your bed. This can help you elevate the top of your bed. The other thing you can do is to sleep on your
left side rather than your right side. I have linked a full video of remedies for
Gastritis up there. Tip # 4. Eat slowly and listen to your body when it signals
that your stomach is full. If you eat a lot of food really quickly then you
might not notice that you are becoming full. You can also have smaller quantities more
spread out throughout the day so you don’t eat such a large amount at one time. Tip # 5. Lose weight. Obesity causes our stomach to put pressure on
our esophagus and can cause acid reflux. Losing weight can make acid reflux a thing
of the past. Of course you don’t need to lose weight if you are
underweight or normal weight. Tip # 6. Low-carb diet. Some studies have found that using a low carb diet
can help with acid reflux. A low-carb diet is lowering the amount of bread, rice, pasta
and other carbohydrates that you eat in your diet. Protein and modern amount of fats are allowed. Protein rich foods are believed to support the
esophageal sphincter so that less stomach acid enters the esophagus. In any case, it is important to make your meals as
healthy and as balance as you can. Pay attention to how your body feels. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and hit the like button. Tip # 7. Why should you quit smoking and drinking
alcoholic beverages? Quitting smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages
does not seem to work right away to quit your symptoms of acid reflux but it can
help relieve the onset of symptoms. So it is not going to be a miracle cure but it
certainly can help with your acid reflux. Tip # 8. Peppermint oil. Opinions differ on the use of peppermint oil. Some people find that the peppermint oil
eases their symptoms and some people find it is an additional burden
on an irritated stomach. Make sure you use high quality peppermint oil
and if it works for you, that’s great. Peppermint-flavored gum does not count. Tip # 9. Citrus oil. Oranges contain a natural oil called D-limonene
and that can also help with acid reflux. D-limonene is available as a dietary supplement. In small studies it was found to help people
with acid reflux after only 2 weeks and it was more effective than a placebo. When to see a doctor? Acid reflux can occur independently of other
diseases and is usually not a cause for concern. If you experience hunger, coughing or hoarseness
for a long period of time, it may be an indication that your esophagus
has become inflamed. Doctors refer to this as reflux esophagitis. Your doctor can determine if you need a
medication using a gastroscopy. I hope my acid reflux remedies were help you a little bit hit the like button and subscribe to the channel and let us know in the comments
if you have any tips that could be helpful.