How to deal with keto flu

October 19, 2019 0 By William Morgan

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When you adopt a low-carb way of eating, like
the ketogenic diet, you are likely to experience
a rush of flu-like symptoms.
But don’t worry!
Not everyone gets keto flu, and it’s avoidable.
Even the term “keto flu” is a bit of a misconception.
Most symptoms like drowsiness, queasiness,
giddiness, carb cravings and irritability
aren’t related to the state of ketosis or
This is the body’s natural reaction, sort
of a withdrawal, to carbohydrate restriction.
This worrisome flu can be somewhat discouraging
for those just starting the keto diet.
Many give up at this stage.
and resort back to eating carbohydrates again
to control the symptoms.
When you switch back to carbs, you are doing
the opposite of what’s necessary to stay in
Lets Look at the Common Symptoms of Keto Flu:
The keto flu typically hits within the first
few days of ketosis.
This is the time when your body is adjusting
to switching fuel types from sugar to fat.
The keto flu may vary in length and severity.
The typical symptoms of the keto flu are:
● Brain fog
● Giddiness
● Nausea
● Irritability
● Muscle ache
● Lack of concentration
● Insomnia
● Stomachache
● Bowel issues; diarrhoea or constipation
Sugar cravings.
Some of you may not experience any symptoms
at all, and others might experience the keto
flu for a week or more.
Don’t give up!
It does go away once the body fully adapts
to the new fuel source.
There are also measures to help or decrease
the intensity of symptoms.
Tips to Reduce or Avoid Symptoms of Keto Flu:
Don’t give the keto flu a fighting chance!
The flu is dreadful in general, but we can
help eliminate and even avoid the symptoms
altogether with a few simple measures:
Tip 1.
– This is the best defence in circumventing
the keto flu completely.
Electrolytes are essential, and should be
tracked daily along with the macros (carbs,
fat and protein).
Sodium: Target to consume 5000-7000 mg per
The perfect source of sodium is bone broth.
But if that’s not available try supplementing
with bullion or sole water.
Magnesium: Goal 300-500 mg per day.
The easiest way to supplement magnesium is
from magnesium pills.
Be careful while taking magnesium citrate
or magnesium stearate as they are used typically
for constipation.
Also, if you take gel caps, add one carb to
the diary.
Potassium: Goal 1000-3500 mg per day.
Try to achieve this with potassium-rich foods.
like raw spinach, avocado, mushrooms, salmon,
pork tenderloin or sirloin steak.
Also, salt alternatives like Lite Salt and
No Salt are acceptable.
Tip 2.
– When you start a keto diet, there is a
significant amount of water loss.
Drink water regularly throughout the day.
And always drink to thirst to avoid dehydration.
Clear urine is a sign of being well-hydrated
and yellow urine indicates that your body
needs more water.
Tip 3.
Increase Fat Intake.
– This sounds crazy for a diet, but it’s
In a stage of ketosis, your body is using
fat for energy instead of sugar.
Assist this process by consuming more fat.
It’s a good practice to stick with good fat,
which is keto-approved.
Tip 4.
Light exercise.
– One can prevent keto flu-related muscle
soreness by exercising regularly.
Moderate exercise also keeps the heart happy
and increases your energy and endurance.
Tip 5.
– To tackle increased stress and fatigue
on the body, make sleep a priority.
Sound sleep is essential regardless, but even
more so when the body is experiencing a change
of this enormity.
Tip 6.
Up the Carbs.
– This should be your last resort.
However, in some cases, a drastic reduction
in carbohydrates can be traumatic for your
In this extreme scenario, try eating clean
carbs and decrease your carb intake progressively.
Few good carbs will help in fending off the
keto flu symptoms.
What After the Keto Flu.
The keto flu can be rather tough to handle.
It’s important not to give up.
Try the suggested remedies to help eradicate
the symptoms.
It’s possible even to avoid them altogether
If you monitor these measures closely along
with macros from the very beginning.
Luckily, the keto flu is the only pitfall
to the ketogenic diet.
From this point forward, there should be only
positive results!
And not just fat loss!
When earnestly followed, a keto diet will
deliver abundant energy.
Your sugary food cravings virtually disappear,
and you will experience an increase in mental
Remember, taking the body into ketosis is
a different experience for everyone.
Sedentary lifestyle before starting the keto
diet increases your chance of developing keto
Symptoms might be less or even nonexistent
for those with an active lifestyle. or those
who have a higher metabolism.
Either way, keep pushing and stay focused
on the plan.
The results will be life-changing!
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