How to BULK UP Fast!  (TRUTH about “Bulking and Cutting”)

How to BULK UP Fast! (TRUTH about “Bulking and Cutting”)

July 23, 2019 100 By William Morgan

Alright pick one. Would you rather build muscle
or burn fat? Well, today we get to blow up the Bulk and Cutting Myth once and for all
and do both at the same time. What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM Build muscle or burn fat. It’s that word in
the middle that’s the problem. OR. Because some people would make you think that you
have to choose. Because you either have to be focused on building
muscle or focused on burning fat. Matter of fact some guys have even commented
on our channel that you can’t do both at the same time because they require two completely
opposite states. Two completely opposite goals inside of our
body. Right, chemically. One, in order to build muscle you have to
be in some state of caloric surplus. And in order to burn fat you have to be in a state
of caloric deficit. That’s wrong, Ok, If you do want to burn fat
you’re going to have to be in a state of caloric deficit. But if you want to build muscle you
do not have to be in a state of caloric surplus. What you need to do, is you need to be in,
right here, Positive Nitrogen Balance. One of the biggest ways we can do this, fastest
ways we can do this, is by increasing our protein intake. Protein is going to be the only macronutrient
that we take in that has nitrogen as a constituent inside of this chemical makeup. So this is where we get, now it comes guys,
without getting too much into the chemistry, really broken down into the amino acids. The constituents of the protein itself. This
is where we get the benefits of protein because it’s what’s broken down into the usable form. That being said, a Positive Nitrogen Balance
can be negatively affected, negatively affected by overtraining, because, I’ll show you in
a second, as we break down muscle tissue we’re going
to be losing, obviously the protein is actually breaking down, we’re losing nitrogen. Next, poor sleep. We become anabolic when
we sleep. Ok, this is when protein synthesis occurs mostly throughout the day. Finally, we can get this from, again, inadequate
protein in our diet. So how do we go to a state of burning fat but still being in positive
nitrogen balance? Well, as I say guys, it’s going to depend
mostly on these three things. So quickly overtraining, guys, I stress it all the time. If you’re
working out for an hour or more, you’re working out too long. Ok, it’s not necessary. You want to stimulate
without annihilating. And I think a lot of guys, especially certain types of workouts
these days that are popular, think that annihilation is the way to go. So much so that they can lead to even bad
things like rhabdomyolysis and things in your muscles. Really bad stuff. Totally unnecessary
to stimulate muscle growth. So you want to get away from that. Workout
should be no longer than 40 minutes guys. That’s what we preach here at ATHLEANX. You
want to again, stimulate not annihilate Next thing, poor sleep. It’s huge. Ok, you’ve
got to get your sleep at night guys. This is again, where you get your growth. What we do here in the gym is great for sparking
the process, getting it ignited. But what you do here is actually where the process
occurs. And you’ve got to try to aim for good quality sleep. Thirdly, inadequate protein. If you think
that you’re going to get all the protein you need through your diet, that’s fine. I agree
that some people can do that. For me, it’s never been a possibility for
me. I’m on the run quite often, I have a busy schedule. Conveniently being able to find high quality
protein, not crappy protein guys, but high quality protein, can become a challenge. So
supplementation has always been key for me. Now there’s other benefits to supplementation
as well as you know. You can’t say that you’re going to get all the protein that you need, I mean if you’re going to take creatine monohydrate,
you’re going to get it all through your diet. It’s not going to happen guys. Especially
not to stay in a hypocaloric state to be able to burn fat too. Because if you think your going to eat enough
steak to get all the creatine you need, I can guarantee you you ain’t going to stay
in a hypocaloric state for that long. Especially because most guys can’t separate
just eating the steak from usually eating the steak and potatoes that go with it. Ok,
it’s a meal. So,that’s not usually going to happen. So if you want to have the benefit of high
protein but you don’t want to have all the other stuff that goes with it, supplementation
becomes key. So, we have a three pronged approach. Stop
overtraining, get your sleep and take in more protein. Now I’ll share with you a quick study. There
were three groups of guys, all at 27% body fat. One of them did no training at all, they
just had a hypocaloric diet, 80% of what they normally would take in. So
20% less of what they normally would take. The second group, took in the same amount,
80% but they worked out and they had 1.5 grams per kilogram of body weight of whey protein. And the third group did the same exact thing
but they did it with casein. The interesting thing, body fat dropped in
all three groups. Right, they should, they’re on a hypocaloric diet. The group that was taking whey protein, they
dropped by about 4% body fat. The group that was taking the casein protein, this is a 12
week period guys, they dropped by about 6 to 8% body fat. So, much more significantly than the control
group, diet alone, 2% body fat drop. Now lean muscle mass gains again, nothing in the control
group, they didn’t do anything, they didn’t work out. The guys that were working out, supplementing
with casein, those guys put on around 6 to 7 pounds of lean muscle mass. And the guys that were doing it with whey,
they put on a little bit less than that. But right around 4 pounds. So what’s the moral of all this? The moral
is guys that, forget the guys that tell you, you have to bulk and then cut. It’s straight
nonsense. It’s the one thing that I have been preaching
here on this channel for now four years, is that you can absolutely build muscle and burn
fat at the same time. Matter of fact, guys that have been watching
me lately, have come up and said that, Jeff, you seem to have added muscle, you seem to
have gotten leaner. It’s true, I’ve done that. I said I started to do it when I was training
for XERO. And it’s continuing here. Guys it’s an ongoing process. Now does it happen overnight?
No, it’s a slower process. It’s a slower process. But you don’t have
to look bad half of the year either. Alright, the guys that talk about bulking
and cutting, half the year they look like shit and the other half of the year they look
like they are in good shape. If you train ATHLEANX, right with us, in this
way. you’re going to look great year round. And that’s what we’re really after and that’s
the most important thing, so. Again, start focusing on getting into Positive
Nitrogen Balance. Getting into a caloric deficit, if you need to lose body fat. If you don’t,
you don’t have to follow this part guys. Ok, if you’re a hardgainer, you stay here,
you’re going to build muscle. I hope guys, that helped to dispel this myth
and you know, sort of take this all and put it in perspective. It sort of formed the whole foundation of
what the ATHLEAN-RX supplement line has been about. We have casein protein, it’s a valuable
constituent. It’s a slow acting protein, we put it into our night time recovery. We have whey protein, it’s actually in both,
a fast acting 1-2 punch with the casein, in the night time muscle recovery and also right
away in our post workout. High quality protein guys, stripping away
all the other stuff. Low calories, if you look at any of our formulas, it’s not about
packing them full of 300-400 calories. But just giving you the stuff that you need. This is sort of my secret, again whatever
works for you is good but this is where you need to be. Positive Nitrogen Balance. Guys, I’ll be back again next week. If you
find this helpful, make sure you leave your comment below and a thumbs up. And we’ll be back in the gym for more workouts
the next time I see you.