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October 6, 2019 0 By William Morgan

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consequences that may result. – Every month seems to
bring a trendy new diet or weight loss fad, and yet obesity rates continue to rise, and
with it, a growing number of diseases and health problems. It’s time for a different approach. Today we’re going to talk
about “How Not To Die” and “How Not To Diet” with our guest, New York Times bestselling
author Dr. Michael Greger. And he’s about to give
you A Health Awakening. (gentle music) Welcome to the Health Awakening. I’m your host, Scott Laird. The vast majority of premature
deaths can be prevented through simple changes
in diet and lifestyle. That is the premise of a
book called “How Not To Die” written by our guest
today, Dr. Michael Greger. He’s now written an accompanying cookbook by the same name, plus
another book available in December 2019 called “How Not To Diet.” Dr. Greger is a physician and New York Times bestselling author. He does the health research for you, producing free daily videos and articles on his website, You can also get the
emails every day as I do, and all proceeds from his books, DVDs, and speaking go to charity. So Dr. Greger, welcome back
to the Health Awakening. – I’m so glad to be back. – Pleasure having you,
and once again for folks who saw that first show
in February of 2017, you’re on your treadmill,
it’s great to see. What has happened since you
first wrote “How Not To Die?” – Well, astounded by the success. You know, I didn’t even
want to write the book in the first place. I thought, you know,
who reads books anymore? All my work is available free online. But you know, then you go
online and it’s just thousands of videos people, really
wanted a kind of a summary of all the most important points. And so it was a tremendous success, now translated over 30 languages. It’s in its 21st printing right now. So yeah, really excited. And then the cookbook, New York Review, New York Times Review of Books called it their favorite cookbook of the season, hit number three on the New
Times Bestseller charts. So that too, I was like wait a second, there’s like a million
free recipes online. Who buys cookbooks? Evidently lots of people buy cookbooks. Yeah, so I guess I will keep doing books. So yeah, my next book out in December, and that’ll have an accompanying cookbook come out a year later. And so yeah, I’m just, it’s so exciting to be able to reach so many people. – Does it surprise you that people still are finding the premise of
“How Not to Die” surprising? I mean, to you and I, it
seems like second nature. But what does it seem like to you when you hear people
react for the first time? – Yeah, I mean, people just don’t realize the tremendous power we have over our health, destiny, and longevity. The vast majority a premature
death and disability is preventable with a plant-based diet and other healthy lifestyle behavior. So it’s really good news,
I mean, people are excited by the fact that they have so much control over the lives of themselves
and their families. – Now, I see you’re on your treadmill, so you’re walking the walk
quite literally right now. And so, now how did
this all start for you? What spurred this in your life? – Well, I mean, the reason I do what I do is really because of my grandmother. I was just a kid when my
grandmother was diagnosed with end-stage heart disease
and sent home to die. She already had so many
open-heart bypass surgeries, basically run out of
plumbing at some point, confined to a wheelchair,
crushing chest pain, her life was over at age 65. Then she heard about
this guy Nathan Pritikin, one of our early lifestyle
medicine pioneers, and what happened next
is actually detailed in Pritikin’s biography. He talks about Frances
Greger, my grandmother. They wheeled her in and she walked out. She was given a medical
death sentence at age 65, but thanks to a healthy
diet, was able to enjoy another 31 years on this
planet until age 96, to continue to enjoy her
six grandkids, including me. That’s why I went to medical school. That’s why I started the
website, That’s why I wrote the
book “How Not To Die.” That’s why all the
proceeds from all the sales of my books all is donated to charity. I just wanted to do for everyone’s family what Pritikin did for my family. – You know, I love that so much. I love how what your videos
tie together all the pieces of different studies of people
who wouldn’t necessarily correlate with one
another, and you say, hey, because of this, X equals
Y, and put it together, and you get the answer, so
I appreciate that so much. Now, the cookbook, as you mentioned, there’s thousands of recipes online, all kinds of free recipes,
free video recipes. So why was there need for a cookbook? I mean, did someone have
to talk you into that? – Yes, they did indeed. And what really compelled
me is I wanted to do a cookbook composed not
only of all healthy recipes, but all healthy ingredients. So I wanted to take on
the challenge, the mantle of doing an all green-light food, so all my, no added salt, oil, and sugar. And so wait a second, how
do you make things sweet without sugar, salty without salt? That was really the challenge
kind of going into it. Is it really possible to make
where every single ingredient is health-promoting? And so that was kind of
fun just to play with. And we came up with some great recipes. And the feedback has been fantastic. And so I think every
book from now on I write, I will do an accompanying
cookbook just to inspire people to try some new recipes
in hopes that they’ll incorporate them into
their weekly repertoire. – Now, did you surprise yourself
with some of these recipes? Are there some favorites
in there that you went, “Hey, I didn’t think this would work, “but lo and behold, there it is.” – There are two, there’s a lot of kind of roasted vegetable recipes
that I really like, a roasted cauliflower recipe,
which I just absolutely love. If anyone has never
tried roasted vegetables, like roasted Brussels sprouts, or, I mean, it’s a different, whole different entity. If you’re like, “Oh, I
don’t like cauliflower,” oh, you have not tried
either grilled or roasted. I mean, it completely changes
the taste and the texture. And I mean, it’s a great
way to introduce people to really healthy foods, is
just prepare them in a way to make them delicious. And so when people can’t imagine eating like a big hunk of cauliflower, well, that’s because you haven’t
had it prepared right. So that’s actually some of my favorite, because I like making that for people that are used to eating
cheeseburgers and milkshakes all day but can really enjoy, they can’t believe they just ate vegetables for supper, and they enjoyed ’em so much. – Awesome, well, we are
talking with Dr. Michael Greger about his new book, “How
Not To Die Cookbook,” and his upcoming book, “How Not To Diet.” We’ll be back with more
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The Health Awakening. – Before the break, we were
talking with our guest, Dr. Michael Greger, about
his book, “How Not To Die,” and his new book, “How
Not To Die Cookbook.” And we were talking about some of his favorite recipes in there. Now Dr. Greger, I know that you’ve been on a plant-based diet for
a long time, as have I. And I know that after a
while, when you’ve been doing this for a while,
you find that, you know, I don’t know if there’s
much need for a recipe book. You seem to get simpler
and simpler, at least I do. What do you find in your household? – Yeah, we do eat pretty simply. It’s about making staples. I like cooking in bulk and just
having it, freezing extras, just so I’m never tempted
to go for the kind of, you know, the convenient junky food. When I’m out on the road, I always have something healthy with me. If you always have healthy
food, you don’t have any garbage in the house, well then
look, you get hungry enough, you’re gonna eat an apple, you know? That’s what you should’ve been
eating in the first place. And so yeah, we cook, I
think we cook pretty basics. I have this daily dozen
checklist of all the healthiest of healthy foods I encourage people to fit into their daily diet,
and so that’s basically what we start with, and it’s just about making those delicious. – Now, you mentioned the daily dozen. I was going to get into
that a little bit later, but since you mentioned
it, can you tell us a little bit about your
daily dozen, what is that? – Yeah, so “How Not To Die,”
the first half of the book is just 15 chapters and each of the 15 leading causes of death,
talking about the role diet may play in preventing,
arresting, or reversing each of our top 15 killers. But you know, I didn’t want it
to just be a reference book. It has about 3,000
citations, but I want it to also be a practical guide on converting this mountain of evidence into day-to-day practical grocery store-type decisions. So that’s what became the
second half of the book where I center my recommendations
around a daily dozen checklist of all things I encourage people to fit into their daily routine. So for example, dark
green leafy vegetables, the healthiest type of vegetables. Berries, the healthiest types of fruits. Legumes, encourage people
to eat a tablespoon of ground flax seeds every day, quarter teaspoon of
turmeric, to best beverages, best sweeteners, how much
exercise to get every day. Really just try to
inspire people to include some of these healthiest of healthy foods into their daily routine. When I’m on the road traveling
in some airport food court, I may not even hit half
of them or something, but I have, to help keep
track and to inspire people, I have a free app on iPhone and Android called Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen. You can download it and enjoy it. And again, it’s just kind of a
fun way to kind of keep track and see if you can just
include some of the more, some of these healthiest of healthy foods into your daily diet. – Now, speaking of fun,
everyone has birthdays to go to and holiday dinners
and that kind of thing. So what do you recommend,
when someone’s invited to the relative’s house
and you know they’re gonna have a turkey dinner, what do
you suggest, what do they do? – Well, look, I mean,
in terms of our health, it doesn’t really matter what
we eat on special occasions or holidays or birthdays. It’s really the day-to-day
stuff that adds up. And so on a day-to-day
basis, we really should try to eat healthy, I mean, our
body has this remarkable capacity to heal from
insults as long as we’re not, you know, stabbing it with
a fork three times a day. Having said that, I encourage people to try to bring food and to share food. And so then at least you know there’s gonna be something healthy there ’cause you made it, right? and then you can try it you know you can you inspire others share and people just might not have on the idea how delicious healthy food can be and so it’s kind of a little education it’s a little insurance that you’ll have something to eat and then you know everyone can enjoy and so that’s I like I like bringing food but you know I it’s easier for me because I love cooking so much. – All right well there’s
another question I had about how when people want to try new things sometimes they do a little bit too much of this a little bit too much of that now you mentioned in your book that every single ingredient is healthy so is there a concern that well don’t do too much of this you know you know round it out a little bit or or can people just pretty much follow their favorite thing in your book and be just fine? – Oh well I mean I mean
technically you could even overdo something like water or maybe you drink yeah even healthy kidneys can only handle about 3 cups of water an hour so if you drank more now you can actually wash the electrolytes out of your brain and actually run into real problems I mean so there’s too much of everything but I mean you know it’s possible to overdo anything but I mean when we’re talking about you know whole healthy plant foods this basically just eat all the healthy foods you want with very few exceptions yeah it’s it’s really it’s not something one has to really worry about I guess I mean if you have you know history of kidney stones, you don’t want to be doing cups a day of spinach Swiss chard and beet greens have little high oxalate levels, there are certain things you know some people are allergic to different foods or I mean but but in general you know you don’t have to worry about portion control or calorie counting or carb cutting any of that stuff just because you know you’re we are eating the way that we were
created to eat, we were we are eating food as grown and these are the healthiest things in our body should just should just benefit from it. – Why did you write
“How Not To Diet”, that one seemed to come out of left field for me did you see some troubling diet trends that you wanted to help people correct? – Oh my god the whole history of dieting is troubling diet trends you can imagine, God these horrible diets go back literally century, why, because their best-selling books and so if you want to make money as a, you write a diet book and why do you make such money because they don’t work and so you gotta buy the next book and the next book, right if they worked no one would buy them because they’ve already have cured the obesity epidemic. We certainly have not and so
but because it’s a worsening problem, right, we are now facing the first generation here in the United States of children with a
shorter expected lifespan than their parents. It’s the first time this ever happened in the history of our nation and it’s because of the obesity epidemic and its associated repercussions
like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and
all these other things. And so I mean this is really
a serious serious problem and so many people are
confused as to the best way to lose weight and I decided look this is really something I have to take on my and so took a year out and dive deep into this literature and really excited with what I came up with. Can’t wait til December. Copy edits are already in and so it’s it’s done it just has to just has to go to the printers they just gotta make bunches of copies. – Excellent well we’ll talk more in the next segment about “How Not To Diet” with the
author Dr. Michael Greger. We’ll be right back with
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type than the original. Call 800-788-7887 That’s 800-788-7887 Or get the “Chronological Gospels Bible” larger print edition online at [Upbeat Music] – And welcome back to The Health Awakening before the break we were talking with our guest dr. Michael Greger about his new book “How Not To Diet” and it’s coming up in December of 2019 Dr. Greger what is the foundation of this book is it weight loss or is it something a little deeper than that? – Well I mean that’s what my goal was to set out is to find the ideal weight loss diet. I mean originally I was gonna do just you know a chapter on each of the current diet fads out there and talk about kind of the pros and cons but I realize you know by the time the book came out there’d be 20 new fad diets right it’s like playing whack-a-mole. So instead what I did in
first half of the book is concentrated on producing kind of a list of criteria so I came up with 17 ingredients for kind of the ideal weight loss diet and so then you can take any new diet that comes on the road and just compare it to this list of the 17 criteria in fact you can do it with a single meal you can do it with a single food to just see how closely kind of like a worksheet you know just like here’s the list let’s see how many boxes we can check and and so then you can kind of construct from the ground up the ideal on weight loss diet so that’s the first half of the book. Then the second half of the
book I wanted to you know talk about specific foods that may be kind of my where they call like boosters or weight loss accelerate specific foods that act as appetite suppressants and fat blockers and starch blockers and things that kind of metabolism boosters and things just for any kind of you know stubborn pounds that remain to just kind of accelerate weight loss but of course you know the goal of weight loss is not to fit into a skinny or casket I mean it’s important that any diet it comes up with is sustainable and healthy and nutritious and complete. But I really did try to,
you know, just focus on well really what is the bet if your goal is weight loss what’s the best way to do it safely and effectively and and it was quite the challenge but we’re I mean I’m so excited for it to come out I think a lot of people are confused
and in desperate need of a resource like this and here it is. – Now when people hear
of a plant-based diet typically they think okay low calorie low low-fat so now, you know, that the keto diet is all the rage so what is your view on the you know even fat consumption when it’s when we’re talking about a vegan keto? – Well I mean, so yeah, a
ketogenic diet is really the opposite of what one
would imagine would be a healthy diet right. So if you look at some for
examples of global burden of disease study the largest study of disease risk factors in history, funded by the Bill, Melinda Gates Foundation found that the five thing, so found not only that diet is the number one killer of human beings on this planet, bumping tobacco, now it’s
number two, and so what are the five worst things about the global diet in addition to too much sodium the the other top five risk factors are inadequate
whole grain consumption, inadequate vegetable consumption, inadequate fruit consumption, and inadequate not in seed consumption. And so four out of the five worst things about the human diet or not things we’re getting too much of. Right we think of too much
sugar, too much, you know, No it’s actually things
we’re not getting enough of. We’re not eating enough whole plant foods. And so I mean that’s that’s really I think the most critical thing we can do. Is yes obviously we need
to get rid of, you know the soda and the process
made, the trans fat, but we really need to
start adding to our diet. You know some of the
healthiest of healthy foods like the beans, berries, greens. – Now what about eating
for the season, you know seasonal eating well what’s your thoughts on that? – Well that presumes you’re
actually eating a lot of plants right that’s what’s really seasonal but you know I wouldn’t want people to you know stay away from you know fruit in the wintertime or something. We now live in a time where
we can get fresh healthy food year-round like it’s amazing that we can be chomping down on strawberries in January in the northern hemisphere and that’s a good thing the fact that we can get the healthiest of
healthy foods year-round. I mean so there’s certainly kind of environmental benefits of choosing locally instead of having apples shipped from New Zealand for a few thousand miles. But health-wise the
fact that we can access the healthiest foods year-round is nothing but a good thing. – Now I’m sure some people
are saying well the titles are very similar “How Not
To Diet”, “How Not To Die”. Real quickly what is the
difference between the two books? – Oh well so the first book was just about preventing, arresting, reversing each of our top 15 killers, 15 chapters these are the 15 leading causes of death, and then you know how to make that practical, and this but, “How Not To
Diet” is about weight loss. So it’s like regardless of
what it does for heart health, regardless of what it
does for brain health. What is the best foods
to eat to lose weight? What’s the best diet to lose weight? What’s the best way to exercise? How can I sleep? Stress management. All these other things
that go into optimizing weight loss that’s that was my goal going into it and I just wanted every possible little tweak to to accelerate weight loss in a safe sustainable manner. – All right thank you while we’re talking with Dr. Michael Greger
about “How Not To Diet” his new book and we’ll
be right back with more from The Health Awakens. [Soft music] – [Announcer] In a world
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The Health Awakening, hey thanks for joining us today our guest has been Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. Greger, if people want
to get “How Not To Die”, “How Not To Die Cookbook”
or “How Not To Diet”, Where can they go? – They can go to their local
library and get it for free. That’s the best way to get any book. “How Not To Diet” it
will be out in December and they can see all my work for free at – All right Dr. Greger
well your treadmill, you’ve been on the treadmill
for this whole interview. I’m assuming you don’t
just do this for the interviews with us. How long do you walk every day? – On a typical day about 17 miles a day. So yeah today 14 interviews,
so yeah it’s just. But I’m going like 1.8 miles
an hour it’s really slow, but just keeps the blood moving. – Thanks again Dr. Greger, well
you can catch the replay of this episode and our
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again “How Not To Die”, “How Not To Die Cookbook”
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