How I self-inject Orencia Medication (with bonus life hack for injecting with thumb pain)

How I self-inject Orencia Medication (with bonus life hack for injecting with thumb pain)

July 24, 2019 0 By William Morgan

So, here’s the supplies that you have ready. Um, in order you’re going to need, after you wash your hands, you get your alcohol swab,
Orencia injection,
and you have either a gauze or tissue or cotton ball, and then your band-aid and I did want to mention that
this little manual that comes with it is super helpful. It has a whole bunch of
step-by-step directions, so I’m not going to go through
every single one of the pointers here, that’s, if you’re on Orencia
you’re going to have this. What I’m mostly going to just show you is what it’s actually like as a patient
so as I mentioned, you have your four materials and so this is actually where I normally
do my injection. I don’t kind of set the lighting up perfectly. You have to open the alcohol wipe, in this case and then you
figure out what spot you want to do,
you do rotate the spots, either gonna be your belly or your thigh if you’re doing it yourself.
If you’re having someone else do it for you, you could also do the upper arm, but um, so like in this case
I’m gonna do the alcohol swab, so I measure things by my freckles,
so I like to figure out okay, there’s these two freckles. And if I did it really close to these freckles
I want to kind of rotate it towards the front. So I get it ready and then I get the actual
syringe, take the top off, and

put that to the side and then you get ready. And I actually usually have some mood music on at this point,
like it’s somethingthing that kind of makes me happy, like maybe something from Hamilton. (“Hamilton”)
That’s Charlie.
Okay. So anyway, you want to angle the Orencia at about a 45 degree angle,
which they have great pictures of in the manual.
I’m gonna try to do this so that you guys can see, and so I, you push it,
honestly, I barely feel it myself. It’s a very small needle so the hard part for a lot of patients is
pushing down, because their thumb might hurt other finger might hurt.
So sometimes I actually change the angles so that I’m I cover the whole thing with my palm
and push. And I’ll have to get a picture of that later to show you
but just so you can kind of see what it, normally what you’re
kind of quote-unquote “supposed” to do is push it down with your thumb like this
but you can, again, if your thumb really hurts,
you can put, you can
reposition… I can see now that you guys can’t see this, but you make it so that the palm of your hand
basically pushes down. So I’m doing a mixture of that,
push it all the way down so you can feel that it’s done and then it just retracts back up.

You, then you get your little gauze or whatever, (“Gauze gauze!”)
yeah, I have a little shadow here, and then
press down, I usually press down it with one hand while I get the band-aid open, or you can like totally be prepared and
get the band-aid before.

And this is a handy waterproof band-aid. But again, it’s not gonna be profusely bleeding or anything. So then you just
stick the bandaid on,
and go on your merry way, and that’s how you do an Orencia injection!
So that’s how I do mine. I should say, different people have their own techniques. So, um,
the syringe after it’s been used they have designed it really nicely so that it kind of
retracts the needle so you can’t accidentally poke yourself very easily. And you want to of course get rid of this in a Sharps container.
This is Cheryl with arthritis life. And that was me giving myself my Orencia injection and be sure
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Okay, okay, scoot over sweetheart. Okay!