How I Broke My Keto Plateau | Keto For Women Over 40

October 15, 2019 0 By William Morgan

hello and welcome back to the channel my
name is Sara, otherwise known as Sarasayshi
here on YouTube. Today I’m going
to be discussing plateaus when you’re on
the ketogenic diet, especially when you
are a woman over the age of 40. So if
you’re interested in how I broke my
plateau, stay tuned.
I’m going to be discussing the
protocol that I followed this week in
order to get off of a plateau that I was
on. So if you would have seen in my last
week’s video, I tried eating 200 grams of
fat. I tried a very strict keto protocol
and was absolutely miserable I did lose
1.4 pounds doing that method but I was
absolutely miserable and immediately
after ending that protocol; the very next
day I had gained a pound back. But for
the last month the scale has fluctuated
between 193 pounds and 192 pounds I was
very frustrate. Because I was counting
my carbs, I participated in a five-day
egg fast, I’ve been working out. So last
month was my first month of weight
training again. I was not doing any
cardio that was just strictly weight
training three days a week. I decided to
purchase Dr. Eric Westman’s page 4 food
list. If you’re not familiar with dr.
Eric Westman I will go ahead and post a
link down below where you can find out
more information about him. If you are
interested in purchasing his page 4
food list, like I did there will be a
link down below that you can click on
that will take you to his official page
4 food list where you can purchase it.
it is $9.99 but it’s worth it because
that $9.99 goes to further research for
the ketogenic diet and what dr. Eric
Westman is working on. I do receive a
little bit of a kickback it’s not much
but just putting a disclaimer out there
that I am earning something.
The first thing that I changed was I
stopped counting calories. That kind of
spun off of last week where I did not
count calories. Don’t fear not counting
calories. Trust me. I was so scared but
when I saw that I actually wasn’t
gaining weight when I was eating in a
600 calorie surplus every day doing the
200 grams of fat protocol, then that
proved to me that I don’t need to be
afraid of not counting calories. It was
really silly for me to like be so
paranoid because it just kind of
balances out. There were some days where
maybe I was eating a lot less than what
would be suggested. But I was listening
to my body and that’s the main thing; is
you need to listen to your body you eat
when you’re hungry, you stop when you’re
full. It doesn’t mean just mindless
snacking. You stick to his food list. If
you stick to his food list you’re going
to be fine. And that’s why you don’t need
to count calories or macros because by
sticking to the food list it’s
impossible to go over 20 grams of carbs.
number two, is I was exercising I was
weight training this last week but
that’s not any different than what I’ve
been doing the month before that it. It is
not necessary. You do not have to
exercise while following a ketogenic
diet. Again you listen to your body
I wanted to weight train I wanted to
work out. I feel really good when I work
out I prefer getting up at 4 o’clock in
the gym by 4:15 in the morning that’s
just what I prefer. Get it done first
thing in the morning. I’m awake, I’m alert
and I feel I just work my best that way
Number three, I was not testing my blood
glucose or my ketone levels. It’s not
necessary to test those things, you can
if you want. But it definitely is not
necessary and then I told myself that I
was not even gonna test my blood glucose
or my ketones until Sunday; which is
today one week of following this
protocol. So I didn’t check it the whole
week and today my blood glucose was 99
it’s not bad it’s a little bit higher
than usual. The strange thing was my
ketones were rather low but ketones can
be very finicky. They can fluctuate from
day to day, hour to hour. So I’m not even
really worried about that. I just
listened to a video by Amy Berger, love
her and she was just talking about how
again it’s not necessary to lose weight
following a ketogenic diet while in
ketosis. That people can still lose
weight while not officially in ketosis
even though that’s the goal and eating
below 20 grams of carbs should put
someone in nutritional ketosis
The other thing that I implemented was
drinking coffee at certain hours.
In my previous video, I talked about how I
researched your cortisol levels and when
they’re the most active. When your
cortisol’s are the most active which is
between eight and nine o’clock in the
morning and twelve and two o’clock in
the afternoon. Those are the hours where
you don’t want to be drinking coffee.
Especially if your cortisol levels are
high. Typically ones cortisol levels are
going to be high if they carry a lot of
belly fat; which is what I do.
So I practice drinking coffee at about
10:00 and 10:30 every day. If I wanted to
have an afternoon coffee, I drank it at
And then my number five tip, specifically
for keto for women that are over the age
of 40 is trust the process.
Yes, it’s easier said than done and it
sounds so cliche and it even just sounds
a little ridiculous. But seriously trust
the process. If you abide by the page 4
food list you will be under 20 grams of
carbs. You will be satisfied and with all
of that comes the results.
So this morning I woke up and had a whoosh.
Last Sunday when I had done my weigh-in, I was
192.6 today’s weigh-in I’m 189.6.
So I lost 2.8 pounds this week
by following this protocol. If you have
any questions about this video, about the
advice that I’ve given in this video
please leave it down below and I will
get back to you as soon as possible.
I will be posting more of these videos for
keto for women that are over the age
of 40 because I am 43 and love the
ketogenic lifestyle and plan on losing
the rest of my weight this way. It’s been
a life changer for me. I’m planning on
sticking to this protocol for an entire
30 days just to see what my progress is.
This is a very simplified way of keto
and that’s what is important when
following keto especially when you’re
over the age of 40. Don’t over-complicate
it by buying all the nut butters, the
almond flours, the coconut flours, the
protein bars, the MCT oils, MCT oil
powders; all of that. Keep it simple.
I know it’s so cliche but keep your keto
simple. By doing so you will lose weight.
You don’t need to be meal prepping,
meal batch cooking and all of that.
Unless it’s like cooking your meat ahead
of time. If you just want shredded chicken
throughout the week or shredded pork.
Whatever it is, then that’s really the
only thing that you need to to meal prep.
Honestly the only thing that I meal
prepped was hard-boiled eggs because I
wanted to have them on hand.
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