Homemade Canadian Bacon  – Keto Friendly – Low Carb – No Sugar – Save Money!

Homemade Canadian Bacon – Keto Friendly – Low Carb – No Sugar – Save Money!

August 7, 2019 1 By William Morgan

hey there it’s Steve from SeriousKeto.com and today we are making some
Canadian bacon we’re really big fans of
Eggs Benedict in this household and one
of the key ingredients obviously to that
is Canadian bacon but Canadian bacon is
not cheap go to the grocery store and
find one of those little packs that’s
got ten discs of Canadian bacon that’s
three and a half to four bucks if you
look at the price per pound on that
stuff at the store
it’s over ten dollars a pound or you can
go to Costco and get yourself a great
big pork loin for a dollar eighty nine a
pound and make yourself a lot of
Canadian bacon first thing that we’re
gonna need to do is create the curing
brine and for that we are going to need
one cup of kosher salt 1/2 cup of sugar
free maple syrup the juice of one lemon
1/4 cup of brown sugar substitute 2
tablespoons of pink curing salt 1
tablespoon of black peppercorns 4 cloves
of garlic crust with the side of a knife
which will do shortly 4 bay leaves fresh
or dried and some thyme additionally we
have 2 quarts of water starting to come
up to temperature on the oven right now
all right
in go the ingredients
stir until everything is dissolved bring
it up to just barely a simmer and then
we’re gonna take it off the heat and
cool it
now this particular pork loin probably
has a little more fat cap on it then I
want for Canadian bacon so we’re gonna
trim that off and then cut it in half so
that it will fit into your ziploc bag
and now we just wait for our curing
Brydon to cool off
so it occurred to me after about 10
minutes of cooling my brine in a water
bath I could just throw a handful of ice
cubes into it and get it down to temp
real fast now the pork loin goes into a
large ziplock bag and then I call my son
in to help me out here because I think
this is a two-person job thank you you
can go back to playing Fallout now that
was Connor squeeze as much air out of
the bag as you can and it probably
doesn’t hurt to actually double bag this
the last thing you want is for this
thing to burst open in the bottom of
your fridge once you’ve double bagged it
get it into the fridge and let it sit
there for three to five days I recommend
every other day just sort of massage
things around make sure that your
various herbs and spices are getting a
good distribution within the bag
tenderloins have been curing for five
days we drained them we patted them dry
we’ve got these smokers coming up to 240
we’re gonna want to smoke this until it
hits an internal temperature of a
hundred and fifty degrees that’ll take
about three hours give or take
in terms of wood chips I recommend a
milder wood chip Apple works great
maple works great I’m actually going to
use peach though just because I’ve not
used it before it’s another mild wood my
chips have been soaking for about 45
it’s been a little more than two hours
and we are right now at 151 degrees so
let’s take out our Canadian bacon we’ll
take that inside we’ll let it cool and
we’ll slice it up we let our Canadian
bacon chill overnight and now we are
ready to slice it and I can tell you
already I just I smell it is wonderful
so look at the color on this this is
just it’s a beautiful beautiful pink oh
car wow it tastes better than ham it
tastes better than any Canadian bacon
you’ve ever had it’s the depth of flavor
and the smokiness is absolutely amazing
I’m tasting this that tiny little bit of
garlic I’m getting the little bit of
maple off of it as well some of the
peppercorn but it’s all very subtle I
mean we’re really just comes through is
this wonderful smoky pork flavor now I
could continue to cut this with a knife
but if you find that you’re gonna make a
lot of Canadian bacon or bacon or in
fact if you like deli meat get yourself
a deli slicer it makes this whole
process go smooth but ER
wow that is a lot of Canadian bacon now
you may be wondering what am I gonna do
with all of that Canadian bacon well
that’s where the FoodSaver comes in
we’re gonna vacuum seal this stuff get
it out into the freezer that way I’ve
got Canadian bacon on demand
we have vacuum-sealed all of our
Canadian bacon
the total 180 slices of Canadian bacon
and not just any ordinary Canadian bacon
but the best Canadian bacon I’ve ever
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of the very next ones will be making
regular standard American bacon except
not so standard it’s also going to be
super delicious thanks for watching