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November 6, 2019 0 By William Morgan

hey guys i’m Nisa Homey and welcome
back to my channel today i’m sharing a
protein-rich dinner recipe which you can
include in your thyroid, PCOS, and
diabetic weight-loss diet. this meal is
protein rich and light on the stomach
yet full of fiber and nutrient dense.
This meal can also be had by those
without any health issues also. It’s a
simple, healthy, hearty, everyday meal for
dinner. With this recipe I’m just trying
to give you an idea on how to make your
meals nutrient-dense, so without wasting
much time let’s get started with the
recipe. First, I am soaking 1/2 cup chana
dal also known as kadala parippu in
Malayalam and let it soak for about 20
minutes. I am using 1 medium sized thurai
also known as a ridge gourd and I’ll be
peeling and chopping it up rich gourd
helps to reduce inflammation, it helps in
weight loss, it’s rich in vitamin C, zinc,
and antioxidants. Is an ideal vegetable
for those with diabetes, now after about
20 minutes the dal is nicely soaked. now
the reason why you need to soak grains
especially dals, it is not to make it
cook easier it is also because that
grains does have a phytic acid content
you may have noticed that some people
get digestive issues when they consume
dal, like bloating, gas, or stomach upsets
so if you have noticed any digestive
issues when you consume dal try to soak
it for a bit longer time so that the
phytates are released and that prevents
you from getting any digestive issues
when consuming dal. so after about 20
minutes the dal is nicely soaked wash
and rinse it a couple of times and I’m
adding it into a small container
actually it’s a small round Tiffin box
and in 1 cup of water, a little bit of
pink Himalayan salt, 1/2 TSP turmeric
powder and a big fat pinch of black
pepper powder to help the turmeric
absorb faster into your body always
remember to add in a pinch of black
pepper powder when you are using
turmeric so that the active ingredient
in turmeric known as curcumin gets
absorbed faster into your body now the
idea is to
cook the dal and the thurai in the same
pressure cooker as it makes everything
much easier. now into my pressure cooker
I’m adding in 1/4 cup water and place
that Tiffin box or container in it. Cover
it with a lid and pressure cook for 5
whistles and then turn off the flame while
the dal is getting cooked, I am getting
ready the other ingredients so I have
sliced 1 onion, 3 green chilies, which I
have slit, 4 to 5 garlic cloves, and
1/4 inch of ginger chopped.
I have also sliced a 1 medium sized
tomato once the pressure has
depressurized by itself open the cooker
and carefully remove the dal and mash
the dal lightly and keep it aside. Heat
the same pressure cooker and add in 1
tablespoon wood pressed or virgin
coconut oil now instead of coconut oil
you can use any locally sourced
unrefined oil from the place you live in
and in 1 TSP jeera also known as cumin
seeds and once the jeera splutters add
in the sliced onion ginger, garlic, and
green chillies lightly sauteed till the
onions are light golden brown. Reduce the
flame to the lowest and add in 3/4 TSP
kashmiri chili powder, 1/2 TSP coriander
powder, 1/2 TSP roasted jeera powder also
known as cumin powder, 1/2 TSP turmeric
powder, a fat pinch of black pepper
powder and give it all a mix for about a
minute so that the raw flavor of the
spices are diminished now remember I
have kept the flame on the lowest add in
the tomato and add in 1 tbsp water to
help the tomatoes cook and mix well for
about a minute and once the tomatoes are
mixed well and is lightly mashed add in
three sprigs of fresh curry leaves for
that extra iron and folate. Add in the
lightly mashed dal, add in 1/4 cup water
to the small container and wash out the
residue dal give it a mix and add in
pink Himalayan salt as needed and in the
chopped thurai and mix well and cover and
pressure cook for 5 whistles on high flame
after five whistles turn off the flame.
I am cooking some Kerala Matta rice also
known as a red rice
I prefer to use a clay pot to cook my rice
and this rice is single polished and is
locally sourced the brown specks you see
on the rice is actually the bran which
means more fiber try to use single
polished locally sourced rice if
possible and here in Kerala we strain
the rice
okay, now the pressure has depressurized
by itself and let’s check on the dal
curry and as you can see the curry is
perfect and ready to serve this curry is
sufficient to serve two and serving some
curry into a bowl and I’m adding in
about 1/2 cup of cooked rice now when
you are on a weight-loss journey it’s
always important to have rice and roti
mindfully and you should always keep in
mind that you should stop eating when
you’re 80% full and make sure that you
chew your food properly and take a
little extra time to have your meals try
not to use any gadgets when you are
having your meals. let the meal and you
be in sync totally. now for some healthy
gut friendly probiotics I’m adding in
some Amla pickle. Pickles when made in
the traditional way is a good source of
probiotics that is pickles made without
synthetic vinegar
I have already shared a couple of pickle
recipes on my channel you can check them out
I have also shared a lemon pickle recipe
on my insta highlights you can check it
out and understand how to make pickles
in the traditional way and lastly the
most important part I’m adding in 1 TSP
Desi Ghee now why they see ghee? because
it helps to assimilate all the vitamins
and minerals especially the fat soluble
vitamins like vitamin A K E and D those
with vitamin D deficiency please try to
include desi ghee in your diet and desi
ghee also helps to bring down the
glycemic index of rice and wheat which
will help to keep you feel fuller for a
longer time. Desi ghee helps to nourish
your thyroid, reduces sugar cravings,
helps in fat burning and even helps to
regulate blood sugar levels I have
already shared a couple of videos on
desi ghee
along with its health benefits please do
check them out on my channel and guys
like I mentioned in the beginning of
this video the idea of this video is to
teach you how to cook nutrient-dense
meals and how to eat your meals
mindfully even the most simplest and
easiest meal can be made nutrient-dense
and only if you have a meal rich in
nutrients you will be able to avoid or
manage your health issues so eat healthy
and mindfully if you like to see quick
easy and nutrient-dense meals like this
please do comment below and let me know
so guys do try this recipe and let me
know how it turned out don’t forget to
like comment and share this video with
family and friends thank you for
watching and until next time take care
bye bye