Healthy Homemade Lemonades, Iced Teas + Popsicles for Summer Recipes!  – Mind Over Munch

Healthy Homemade Lemonades, Iced Teas + Popsicles for Summer Recipes! – Mind Over Munch

July 17, 2019 100 By William Morgan

(upbeat music)
– Munchies, what’s going on?
Alyssia here, if you’re new.
I am so excited to
welcome you to the channel
and all of the summer content
we have coming your way.
Every year, you guys
seem to want more drinks,
so we’ve got lemonades,
limeades, and iced teas, today,
and we’re also turning
them into popsicles,
because why not?
I mean, most of the work
is already done, right?
Also, for those fans of summer treats,
I have a new eBook with over 40 Popsicle,
ice cream, sorbets, and fro-yo recipes.
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Discount to come at the end?
First up is a matcha lemonade.
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Boil water and then, remove from the heat
and stir in quality matcha
powder and sweetener.
You wanna make sure that you
use a high quality matcha,
which will be bright green, not dull.
Once dissolved, add freshly
squeezed lemon juice
and cold water.
(upbeat music)
Chill that for a few hours
and then, serve over ice.
Dang, that is fresh.
Matcha and lemon pair super well together,
especially when your
matcha is high quality.
It should not be bitter,
but instead, naturally sweet
and sort of earthy or with grassy notes.
I like my lemonade sweet,
but the beauty of this recipe
is you are in control of how much sugar
or sweetener you want to add.
And then, you can take that
and turn it into a Popsicle, easy peasy.
Pour the liquid into your Popsicle mold,
(upbeat music)
freeze a few hours or over night and boom,
fresh matcha lemonade popsicles.
(upbeat music)
What a fun summer day treat
for you or your main squeeze.
See what I did there?
Next, let’s swap from lemons to limes
for the sparkling watermelon limeade.
(upbeat tropical music)
First, make your watermelon juice.
I simply blend watermelon chunks,
(upbeat tropical music)
and then strain.
(upbeat tropical music)
Muddle some lime zest
and mint in the bottom
of a pitcher.
(upbeat tropical music)
Add some ice, pour in
your fresh squeezed lime
and watermelon juice,
along with seltzer water.
Mix with a spoon and serve.
Of course, you can make this a lemonade
and use lemons instead,
and you can use regular
water instead of seltzer,
but I love the bubbly in this one.
I also love that watermelon
in summer is so sweet.
I need no sweetener at all.
Just like before, this mixture
will freeze well as Popsicles
and if you’ve never tried
fizzy pops, now is the time.
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We interrupt your free
programming to let you know
that you are one in a melon.
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Moving on to summer tea with this
orange pomegranate iced tea.
(upbeat music)
Combine water, orange
slices, cinnamon, and cloves.
Bring to a boil, add sweetener,
and stir until dissolved.
(upbeat music)
Remove from the heat
and add black tea bags.
Cover and steep for about five minutes
and then, you can strain the mixture.
Combine tea with freshly
squeezed orange juice
and pomegranate juice, cover
and chill for a few hours
or overnight, and serve over ice.
Citrus and tea pairs so well
and the pomegranate juice gives a fruity
and floral boost.
I actually like this one hot and cold
and, of course, even
colder as an ice pop, too.
(upbeat music)
Let’s cool off a bit
more with the strawberry
and basil limeade slushy.
(upbeat music)
I blend frozen strawberries,
basil, lime juice,
and sweetener of choice.
I like honey, here.
Adjust sweetness to your
preference and add a bit of water
to get it to your preferred thickness.
I like to serve this
one to eat with a spoon.
Fresh, zesty, fragrant, and
this is probably my favorite one
for a Popsicle.
It’s already half way there.
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The last one of the day is an
anti-inflammatory ginger ade.
(upbeat music)
I add water, honey, and ginger to a pot.
Bring to a boil, turn off the heat,
and then stir in some
cayenne and turmeric.
Steep 10 minutes, strain,
and refrigerate until cold.
Add the ginger ade mixture,
along with fresh lemon juice,
and additional water to a pitcher
and stir until combined.
Serve over ice.
If you’ve ever had a lemon,
cayenne, ginger shot,
I’ve pretty much turned that
into a drinkable lemonade.
(upbeat music)
And, you can also get
the immune boosting kick
in Popsicle form, no problem.
(upbeat music)
I hope you enjoyed these summer beverages.
They are so versatile, you
can really get creative
and swap in or out your
favorite fruits, citrus,
teas, and more.
If you aren’t a drinks person,
then enjoy them in Popsicle form.
You can’t go wrong.
Remember, at
slash eBooks,
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summer treats eBook
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I’ll see you next week and remember,
it’s all a matter of mind over munch.