July 25, 2019 100 By William Morgan

Only spent one hundred and twenty-five dollars on all of these groceries behind me and I’m going to show you how to meal plan
Five healthy dinners breakfasts and lunches for the week with all of the food in this grocery store hall
So here’s all of the food that I just got at the grocery store

For our meals this week and I wanted to show you guys on the receipt grand total was

One hundred and twenty five dollars and fifty cents. So this is going to cover

Breakfast lunches for me and my husband and our two kids and then these are the meals for the week
So a buffalo chicken pasta on Monday tacos on Tuesday

breakfast for dinner for Wednesday a white chicken chili Thursday and then a pizza night on Friday and

I will have all of the recipes and the shopping list from this grocery store haul in the description box below

Just in case you want to copy them or write them down while you watch and I would love if you could comment
What your weekly budget is for groceries because I want to make meal planning videos and recipes that helped it with your budget
And I’ll kind of go through everything and explain then how some of this stuff then crosses over for breakfast or lunches
But we do have two toddlers
The one is drinking the reduced fat milk because he is three going on four
And we like to cut this DHA omega-3
chocolate milk
With we just do like a little splash of this in his mouth because he likes cause it brown. Uh,
If you followed our blogs
I’m sure you’ve heard that a bunch and then my daughter Presley is
19 months old so she still is drinking whole milk and it’s just my personal preference
I do always buy organic dairy products milk for my kiddos. So
then for that white chicken chili
I got these white chili beans and I got this white
chicken chili McCormick seasoning for it and
Then there is ground chicken
That goes in that chili as well as I think by accident. I only put one of these in my car
I’m pretty sure but I think they ended up giving me bowls because the girl called me
I think she thought something was out but I just used the sweet kernel corn then in that white
Chicken chili just kind of to change up
My normal chili recipe because I feel like that is the go-to and I feel like everybody’s getting a little sick of it
So I decided to change it out
Then I have some
Tomatoes that we can use both for lunch sides for the kiddos and in our tacos
Landon loves pomegranate and
There’s raspberries. Those are like Presley’s favorite right now. I’ve got apples. There’s actually four apples
Are they here’s the other ones for apples?
Usually like if they have them with their lunch
I’ll just cut them in half and they each have half of an apple. I got some strawberries
Some baby carrots. These are also one of their favorites for during lunches
For the pizza night on Friday. I just got one of these Pillsbury pizza crust dough’s and
turkey pepperoni for Adam
This is roasted. Garlic pizza sauce. I love black olives on my pizza and
I got a bag of shredded mozzarella cheese. So half of this will be used on the pizza and
Then the other half is going to be used for the buffalo chicken pasta. So I got some whole-grain penne pasta. I
Got organic. Garlic alfredo sauce. I have to say this was a little bit more expensive
So if you don’t care about the organic, you could probably save even more money
But then I have a package don’t know my Tostitos went down. Oh
I have a package of
chicken tenderloins that I’m gonna use for
The buffalo chicken pasta and this ground turkey. I’m going to use for the tacos
So this is my taco seasoning
And I’ve got my whole wheat flour
Tortillas and I have some shredded pepper jack cheese
and again
I have those tomatoes that I can kind of slice up and put on the tacos in some of the olives too
Actually, I really like olives on my tacos
that’s something I really like and I got this baby spinach either to make a spinach salad for on the side of the
Buffalo chicken pasta, or I was thinking even adding it into the pasta
Could be a way to like sneak in some veggies for the kids. I have a chopped up cap the book
I have a chopped kale salad kit
That can be like a lunch for me and Adam and then I got the Italian
Salad to go with the pizza night and the night we have breakfast for dinner. I got some thick sliced bacon. I have eggs and
I have a loaf of wheat bread. This is also
Great for the kids and them as they just want toast in the morning with their fruit
And sometimes they really like these pancakes. So I get those I go pancakes for them. They’re really easy
Just took pop in the microwave. They also for breakfast really love this Green Machine Naked smoothie
So that’s a great way that I like to feel like I’m getting them fruits and veggies first thing in the morning
These little bite blueberry muffins are some of Landon’s favorite at the moment
Probably you still have them ah – but Landon’s super into them right now
My lunches for a few days out of the week. I love these chunky campbell soup
So I think I got two of the spicy chicken quesadilla and the one down here is like chicken tortilla
but I like them spicy and
My nacho chip spell but I usually take my nacho chips and like scoop a lot of the soup out
I also like for breakfast or snacks. I really eat a lot of small snacks or meals throughout the day, but I got these
Dannon Oikos yogurts. I think I got a vanilla and a lemon meringue and
Barenaked vanilla almond granola that I like to put in there with some of these fruits like I’ll put some berries or pomegranates or
Whatever even slice up honestly. I eat a lot of bananas. Um, that’s another one
My go-to snacks is that I have a banana with just a scoop of peanut butter and I have a couple of jars
That’s why it’s not in this shot
I also got some broccoli the kids really like raw broccoli just on the side of their lunches and another lunch that I do make
Sometimes for them is grilled cheese, so I got some pepper jack cheese slices
With their bread, they usually don’t mind the pepper jack
I know a lot of other kids might think it’s spicy, but honestly, I love spicy food
So I ate a lot of really spicy stuff and I was pregnant with them and they feel like it doesn’t faze them the way
It phases other kids and another lunch for the kids. They really love macaroni and cheese like every child on the planet
So got a four pack of those
Microwavable ones. So yes, so I think
That was everything on the list. What I will do again is just sort of list everything out
for you guys
so that is everything in this January winter grocery store haul and
the meals that I plan for my family of four for this week and
I hope that this is useful to you to have some really healthy go-to meals and that are actually relatively affordable
I think you know it just depends on your personal preference
But if you don’t feel the need to go organic
You could probably do this for under $100 because I will just say I know
organic dairy products and some of the organic sauces and seasonings
I got are oftentimes double the price of what other items are. So it just depends on your personal preference
I also always tend to pick whole grains as well. So I did whole wheat bread and whole grain pasta
Oh and I did whole wheat tortillas too for the tacos. So
I know that that can you know be
Peoples different preferences what you actually like the taste of or if you’re really going for the heart of your ingredients
But usually pay a little bit more for anything. That’s whole grain or whole wheat, so
Let me know if this is helpful
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But I wanted to share the motivational quote of the day that really touched my heart from Marilyn Monroe
To all of the girls that think you’re ugly because you’re not zero
You’re the beautiful one. It’s society who’s ugly?
And I want to share that because I know there can be a lot of pressure and I’ve seen so many ads, especially
this time of year
To diet and lose weight and lose weight
And I just don’t want anyone feeling like the size that they are is ever bad a healthy lifestyle
Making sure that your mental health isn’t a good space and that you are happy
matters more than anything
There is nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight or wanting to be healthier
but you are beautiful right now regardless of the number that is on the scale or the size of your clothes and
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