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October 14, 2019 0 By William Morgan

hello there I’m chef Johnny this is
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we’ve got another recipe for you that I
think you’re really gonna love and when
I tell you this don’t run off real quick
because I know some people are gonna go
What no we’re not staying let me tell you
stay stay here for a second we’re gonna
do a great diet recipe now I’m gonna
tell you you can eat it not on a diet
and it’s fantastic anytime to eat this
but it will work y’all some of y’all
know I’m on Roger Raglan’s diet and I’ll
put a link down below for Rogers channel
so you can find it but it’s working
pretty well I’m down 45 pounds I’m
feeling a whole lot better and what
we’re gonna do is we’re gonna do some
grilled fish it’s a wonderful recipe but
it will work on his diet it will also
work on a on a keto diet but if you’re
doing any type of fish where you’re
trying to to do some low fat or
something like that it’s gonna work
great also so stick around watch this
video I call it picante fish I did it
one of my first early videos I did this
it’s a friend of mine Bill Halls recipe
but I’m gonna do it again show you how
we do it put a little twist on it from
the first time so it works better on the
diet and and we’re gonna show you how to
make this fantastic grilled fish on the
Weber Kettle so stick around
what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take this
flounder fillet and I’m just gonna
sprinkle some fajita seasoning right
across the top I have got some Bolners
Fiesta Brand we’re gonna get it coated
nice with that if you wanted this a
little spicier you could put what you
wanted to on it add a little cayenne to
it or do a Cajun seasoning but covered
just about like that one I’ve got a few
more fillets now I’m gonna get those
seasoned then we’ll come back I’m gonna
show you the next step to this wonderful
fish recipe next step is I’m gonna make
an aluminum foil boat I’ve got some
heavy-duty aluminum foil here if you
don’t want to use aluminum foil use a
sheet pan whatever you can but make sure
it’s got some edges on it because we’re
gonna put some olive oil on this dish
normally I would use butter we’re not
using butter in this diet so I’m gonna
make a boat out of aluminum foil let me
show you how that’s done what I want to do is
I’m gonna tear off a piece that’s
too big easy to do we got an idea of how
big our pan needs to be and it needs to
fit also under the kettle so don’t make
it too big but all I’m gonna do is is
kind of fold up these edges
and this is this is real heavy-duty but I’m just
going to fold it there pull this front
side up same thing there that gives me
an idea of where those are going
lets move my fish out of the way
also buy ah
use an aluminum foil if it’s a little
too big for the Weber you can always
come back and adjust the size of it just
bend it in the middle it’ll work that
corners done doesn’t need to be as wide
as it does long doesn’t need to be this
long why the founder fillets aren’t that
big make sure you got enough to fit your
founder fillet in there last corner in
the back fold it up
and there’s a nice boat to hold all of our ingredients that
is perfect I’m gonna spread some olive
oil on here again I use butter in this
recipe normally now I’m just going to
take some sliced onions kind of break
them up put them down in my olive oil
and we’re doing that just kind of keep
this fish up off of the heat so it’s
going to steam through these these
onions are gonna start releasing their
juices and that’s gonna steam up through
our fish now back to our fish fillets
come in here lay them up on top kind of
crisscross them a little bit now on top
of our fish I’m gonna spoon some of my
salsa quemada that is just a roasted
tomato salsa and I’ll put a recipe for
this down below I’ll also put a link to
the video so that y’all can see the
video of how I make it now this recipe
does have some sugar in it so omit the
sugar when you make it when I put the
recipe down below I’ll put sugar
optional so if you’re not watching your
sugars in don’t worry about it going to
put the sugar on here but this is a
fantastic salsa but the thing about this
is the city use you can use a canned
salsa but instead of using a canned
salsa on this if you do it this way
you’re regulating how much sugar you’re
getting because we know the the tomatoes
have a little bit on them but a canned
salsa or jarred salsa it’s gonna have
more sugar by doing it this way we’ve
added no sugar so it’s only the natural
sugar that’s in the tomatoes so those
are ready to go now I’m just gonna raise
up my Weber cattle I am at it says about
three hundred and fifty degrees I’ve got just
I spread one chimney of charcoal
briquettes around and I’m gonna pick
this up now and I’m gonna sit it right
on to there and it won’t take long eight
or ten minutes this is going to be ready
to eat time to check these been 10
minutes I bet you they’re ready
onions looking like they’re nice and
tender that’s one of the signs you see
but the other one is just come in here
get your fish see how it flakes right
there it’s flaking these fillets are
good we’re gonna get them off
I don’t have any hot pads out here with me so I’ve
got that good extra heavy-duty foil so
take them I’m gonna slide them right off
this fish is looking great here we’re
gonna get this fish up get it on a plate
let y’all see how it looks and we’ll
take a taste of it but got a nice wide
spatula when you’re dealing with fish
fillets you want a nice wide spatula
this one I could scoop them up sideways
or get you a long one where you go under
it otherwise your fish is gonna be
breaking in half on you so let’s get one
of these off of here
and we’ll show you how it takes it come
in here slide right up underneath that
fish want to get my some onions OOP
broke it off and get it quiet enough
put that on my plate other piece on
there there we go that’s good now we’ll
get this front one put it on the plate
these are about a six ounce filet so
they’re a little bit bigger than we want
on the diet well they want 10 ounces but
that’s looking beautiful we’re gonna
dress that up just a little bit let me
move this other fish out of the way now
Roger is always talking about food don’t
have to be pretty it just has to be able
to eat but you know what I like having
pretty food also so we’re just gonna
take some pretty cilantro leaves take it
put those on there what ah nice bit of
cilantro now if you wanted to you could
there is some in the salsa but you could
come in here also and you could cook a
little extra up on top of it if you
really like cilantro
put that right there put a sprig right
there to give us some color and I think
that’s a pretty plate of fish this fish
is looking beautiful we’re gonna try to
get some of it a try and it’s nice and
flaky I love flounder remember to uh if
you’re interested in a diet go check out
a Roger Raglan’s diet leave that link
below also if you just like hunt and go
over there Rogers hey he’s got a hunting
channel Roger Raglan outdoor he’s been
there for years doing some some great
stuff over there he has on his website
some of his old videos a lot of
different stuff that you could pick up
and watch on his website but it’s great
he has some of my videos now on his
website teaching about this diet and
recipes is what it’s do it
give you some recipes to try on the diet
but wonderful got some flounder I think
I got too much onion there let’s back
off from the onion but give this a try
that is tremendous that that salsa
quemada it’s got that roasted tomato and
roasted pepper in it it works great now
I’ve never done this recipe I don’t
think with my salsa come out on it I’ve
usually just used one of our red sauces
or a bottle jar sauce so today I’ve got
it with the with the salsa quemada
being on the Weber kettle it cooked it up
fantastic great recipe whether you’re on
a diet or not this is fantastic eating
tell you what I got to share part of
that fillet with my wife but I could probably sit
here and eat both of them cuz it is
tremendous wonderful wonderful flavor
flounder is a good mild fish it’s a firm
fish so it’s great on the grill and
enjoyed it a lot hope you enjoyed it if
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Good bye everybody