Full Day Of Eating Ketogenic Diet I Endomorph On Keto 2019

October 3, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Good Morning y’all so we are going to
start today about opening up our Sips By
and just going to have the my tea this
is the Ahmad Black Tea just kind of start
the day off having a nice little
meditation and yeah I’ll come back and
talk to y’all once I go outside
Alright YouTube Fam Bam just got done meditating. I enjoyed my little meditation
I planned on talking to y’all while I was out their, but I mean, that didn’t happen.
I just.. I don’t know y’all… I just zoned out when I got in the care I was like like Oh dang I didn’t even talk to
them y’all so we are about to go to the
gym today it’s gonna be upper-body day
yay please Monday starting off the week
alright that’s important yes my knee
isn’t killing me that’s perfect you know
so yeah I don’t know what I’m gonna eat
today y’all yo I shaved my legs and I
could have sworn I did perfect like I
was so proud of myself and lies I missed
a whole like like I shaved it but it’s
still like they’re like dang it
this isn’t my world… Disappointed!!!
Alright YouTube Fam Bam, so I’m done working out I’m so so so hungry the hungry monster
has completely taken over me right now
y’all and then y’all I was on my way to
get in the car and somebody honk the
I feel like I know who the person is
what I was like now I’m feel like
talking has anyone else done that I
cannot be alone I refuse to believe I’m
the only one that has done that
Y’all while I’m waiting on my food to cook I’m
gonna have some cucumbers so I am
breaking my fast at exactly 2 p.m. and
I’m drinking my water of course
first meal of the day you also have two
chicken thighs and then I have two
scrambled eggs some cauliflower and then
I have two bacon strips and I also have
some strawberry and I’m gonna be
drinking water but I’m also going to be
having a little bit of my Coke Zero but
I’m gonna make sure not to drink the
whole Coke Zero because I’m trying my
best to cut down on how much Coke Zero I
drink because your girl could drink a
lot so that’s not what we are gonna be
doing anymore so we’re gonna cut down a
little bit on the cozy row now not all
the way but just a little bit okay okay
okay YouTube family so we are in the car
we are about to go to zumba class I’m
not gonna record a whole lot for zumba class but I’ll show y’all just a
little bit of what we do it y’all I
promise you we learn so many new dances
I don’t know how my brain is keeping
like track of it I don’t understand how
but I will say that is definitely what
keeps the Zumba class interesting
because you know if we were doing the
same dances over and over it’ll be
boring whatever but they make sure to
teach us new dances y’all sometimes too
much and I’d be like hold up I said hold
up wait a minute
shutter back take me to Bass but overall
y’all I just really loves in the class
so let’s go ahead and go
okay y’all, so Zumba nearby killed me of
course as always we learned a new song I
think that’s gonna be like my favorite
song that we’ve done as it right now it
was just like really fun and yeah I’m
I’m talking to y’all but I’m really not
here like I’m I’m really tired so um
yeah we’re gonna make it home and cook
some dinner while I’m cooking dinner
I guess I’ll well I’ll Ajanta duh so
y’all while I’m over here getting ready
for dinner I’m just gonna have some
roasted pecans
they’re so good you know you got to
watch your limit still cuz it’s so easy
just to over eat on pecans and peanuts
and things like that it is best to make
sure you are on top of that so like here
are the nutrition facts 21 grams of fat
4 grams of carbs 3 grams of fiber so
that’s one gram net carb one gram of
sugar and three grams of protein and
calories are 200 calories so you can see
how easy it is to over eat all things
such as pecans
ok y’all so for dinner
I’m having just a nice little
keto friendly taco um I have ground beef and eggs and some hot sauce I typically
normally put some avocados in this y’all
but I only have one avocado left I just
don’t want to use it on my taco
basically and then I have some
strawberries and I’m drinking water and
some Coke Zero and I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy
tonight y’all I’m having my dairy-free
halo top candy bar ice cream yeah I look
so good y’all the top of it says I’m
cold let’s spoon that’s a whole mood
right there but yeah I’m so excited to
finally be having my dairy free ice
yum-yum no YouTube family YouTube family
so this is actually the next day and I’m
just pulling up the phone to talk to
y’all so I just got done with Zumba
class y’all who today y’all I wish I
would have recorded this for y’all
because today’s workout like in Zumba
class y’all was so on point y’all oh my
god had so much fun today
I still got the seat belt on me in the
car at home Oh y’all fun fact Oh
headlights are like really bright right
but oh yeah so all y’all this is my
marching band chart y’all but fun fact I
was never in the band
alright I don’t know if he’s like that
at other schools we didn’t have like a
band or anything in high school y’all
and so the dance team in college was a
part of the band and so we got a band
shirts and people are like what instrument did you play and I’m like
I just was a part of the dance but I
play piano like I tried to sound cool
like I really do try to sound cool even
do I hate piano but y’all since you
write here listen to me talk or whatever
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always if you don’t hear it from anyone
else I love you so stay blessed and I’ll
see you in the next video which will be
alright y’all hump day is here we almost
to the weekend yes right y’all see you
on Friday
love you so much!!! BYEEEE 🙂