Full Day of Eating Keto VLOG #02 –  Hamilton Edition!

Full Day of Eating Keto VLOG #02 – Hamilton Edition!

July 22, 2019 21 By William Morgan

Today is finally the day. After 18 months
of being obsessed with the soundtrack
and listening to little else, the family
and I are hitting the road down to New
York City to see Hamilton on Broadway. So I figured I would do another Full Day of
Eating Vlog. This time, it’ll be
Hamilton style. So that’s starting right
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Guys, today’s the day. I’ve been waiting for
this day for about 18 months.
My wife introduced me to Hamilton, the
Hamilton soundtrack, back in about May of
2016, and I became completely obsessed
with it. Listened to nothing else for about
nine months, and purchased tickets for it
last November. So I figured I’d do a full
day of eating / travel vlog today to
document it. Extra hour of sleep! Gonna have
some bacon. This bacon is super, super
long, so I gotta make choppies. There. Yeah.
Bacon for everybody who wants it.
Keto coffee time, starting with heavy
whipping cream. I just kind of eyeball it.
Kerrygold buttah! Ooh, running low. Put in some sweetener of choice. Running low also on
Truvia. Coconut oil! About a tablespoon
of this. You know what? I’m gonna go a little
bit heavy on the coconut oil, because
we’re gonna be driving, and I need
something to sustain me! And today’s
special flavor, which I know some people
scoff at, but: Wild Mountain Blueberry!
I got an unintentional bacon lattice over
here. Look at that! Community bacon pile.
I’m gonna do up a few eggs. I think I AM
gonna break these yolks, just because I’m
a monster.
Okay. Gonna try to flip them. Hopefully, I
don’t rip them the shreds.
All right. Not too bad. Okay, so here’s the
Hamilton morning breakfast: three fried
eggs, five pieces of bacon, and my Keto
coffee. And i’m going to put the macros, I
think, right here, so you can kind of see
what this is doing. And I think for lunch,
I’m just going to snack on some some
beef jerky and maybe a Quest Bar. Yeah! so
I’ll see you guys on the road. So I
decided to also have a Muscle Milk,
because I ran a Pre-Hamilton 5K this
morning, and I was still feeling a little
Times Square?! OMG! Times Square, Caroline.
I hope somebody has the tickets! I DID panic for a second.
Venti Cold Brew with light ice, heavy
cream, and three pumps of sugar-free
vanilla, please.
So first act finished. Couldn’t have
asked for anything more. It’s so.. it’s
better than I thought it was going to be.
I was… I was kind of a mess from Phillip’s duel
to the end.
We gotta go chow down.
This place is called Joe Allen’s. Is that the name of it? Joe Allen’s. And they… Joe ALLEN, excuse me. No S.
And they celebrate the flops of
Broadway. I’m planning on getting a New York
strip steak. I’m gonna have the
New York strip steak, medium, and instead
of French fries, could actually get a
side of roasted cauliflower as well?
Thank you
[Clink, clink, clink] Yay, Hamlet! Yay, Hamlet.
Hey guys. I just got back from Hamilton.
Holy crap, what a day. That was amazing.
I can’t even process the day. It was… that
show was everyth ing I hoped it would be
and more. The cast was fantastic. Actually, the guy who played Hamilton was Bobby
McFerrin’s son, which was shocking to see. But just
so much stuff. If you’re a Hamilton fan,
let me know in the comments, because I
could just talk about Hamilton like, for
days. I loved the show.
Like I said, I’ve been obsessed with it for 18 months. Finally got to see it today. It
did not disappoint. And I hope you
enjoyed the food vlog portion of the
video, too. I kept things pretty Keto today.
And really loved the restaurant we went
to, Joe Allen. And man what a day. I loved
it. So I hope you enjoyed the video. I
hope you got some value out of it. I
really had fun today, and it was fun to
vlog the day too. So hopefully I’ll do
more of these in the future. Not sure
that I’ll get to see Hamilton again in
the future anytime soon, but some food
vlogs definitely in the works. So again,
hope you liked it. If you did, give this
video a thumbs up, consider subscribing,
and comment below if you’re a fan of
Hamilton. What’s your favorite track?
There was actually a song that was not…
did not appear on the soundtrack that
was in the show. Crazy awesome, so comment
below. We can rap about Hamilton if you
want to, and that’s gonna do it for this
time. I hope you have a fantastic day, and
I’ll see you soon