July 28, 2019 3 By William Morgan

hey guys welcome back to my channel it’s
even skeletal and another day of eating
ketogenic diet you saw I had for lunch
just the two faces of bacon two
scrambled eggs with one tablespoon of
Kerrygold butter and half of an avocado
this lunch altogether had 437 calories
21 grams of protein 3 net carbs and 37
grams of fat that’s time for some snack
I had taste for something sweet so I
just chopped myself three strawberries
and I got 18 roasted almonds so I’m
gonna snack on that this snack has 140
calories for net carbs 11 grams of fat
and 5 grams of protein well I just
dropped all the almonds off the cutting
board so sometimes I’m just trying to
make it look pretty but it’s not really
practical clumsy girl well Casey wants
to say hello today hi baby
she wants to play a little soccer you
wanna play soccer
do you wanna play soccer yeah what team
you’re playing
oh yeah go time for dinner I’ve decided
I’m gonna make some fun less homemade
burgers and we gonna barbecue I’m gonna
use the whole pound I’m gonna make more
burgers and keep them in the freezer
I’ve chopped about half of a small on
the end I’m adding it in adding salt
adding pepper
adding a little bit of liquid smoke
little of smoked paprika about a
teaspoon of onion powder and today a
teaspoon of garlic powder
and now I’m gonna form for burgers about
size of my palm so I’ve got four burgers
I’m gonna fridge to and I prepared some
tomatoes and some pickles and some what
is almost forgot and some cheese
well homemade burger was amazing it had
about 350 calories and 20 grams of fat
now I’m just sipping on this amazing
drink as it’s almost fourth of July this
is truly is a spiked sparkling water it
has hundred calories and about one gram
of sugar and cards so it’s pretty good
to drink when you’re ketogenic diet I
actually made the whole video about if
you can drink alcoholic beverages on
ketogenic diet I’m gonna link it in a
description down below so you can go
check that out if you interested and I
hoped you enjoyed today’s video if you
did please give it a thumbs up and don’t
forget to subscribe and I’m gonna see
you again
tomorrow bye