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October 6, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Hey y’all so today is Monday and on Mondays I typically just do cardio on the
elliptical machine but for some odd
reason both of machines are taken up
right now so I guess I’ll be doing like
bodyweight workouts today
first meal of the day y’all so I made
some pork chops with two eggs one whole
avocado and some okra and right now I’m
just drinking water and also today I
cooked everything in extra virgin olive
oil because I needed to make sure I get
my healthy fats in today because I kind
of slacked a little bit yesterday so yeah
It’s a little keto friendly meal
that I’m having tonight y’all I have
three pieces of chicken wings some
broccoli one whole avocado and two eggs
and I’m drinking water and Coke Zero
over here and I’m also going to use my
no sugar added ketchup because it’s so
early the next morning
Good Morning YouTube Family so I’m about to head over
to the gym it is 11:01 a.m. I did not
have my apple cider vinegar, lemon, and water today because I’m out of lemons I
just refused to have just apple cider
vinegar and water because I love myself
too much for that
I’m about almost 16 hours into my fast I
like to do fasted workouts because I
just feel like my workouts typically go
better like that so all your girl has
had so far as always is just water
but um I do right now I have my water in
my sugar free powerade zero bottled in
the March 2019 Keto Krate one of the
items we got was the Ultima Replenisher
and this is just like an electrolyte
supplement and the flavor that I’m
having today is going to be the lemonade
so excited so y’all let’s see what the
Ultima Replenish in the flavor
lemonade tastes like I didn’t use the
whole pack y’all I just use half of it
oh yes oh yes
oh man I don’t need me drinking all this
because I’m be working out and just
having to go to the bathroom the whole
time but anywho family let me stop
talking cuz I have talked long enough and
we about to head over to the gym
so today’s workout has me like tired
as can be
I’m hungry as can be so I’m about to get
in the house and cook some food.
I did not go as hard in the gym as I typically do it whatever y’all because I have Zumba today and I’m not
trying to basically kill myself like at
all so yeah I kind of went kind of light
today first meal of the day y’all so I’m
having steak two eggs a mixture of okra
and green beans and two pieces of bacon
and to drink I’m gonna have water and no
I’m just gonna have water because I need
to make sure I up my water intake
Okay y’all so I just got done washing dishes
and I refused I absolutely refuse to
have to wash any more dishes right now
so I have my keto peanut butter cookies
on some napkins these are the Good Dee’s Peanut Butter Cookies I got them in a
previous Keto Krate they’re so good
these in turn out as pretty as the other
ones I made but I mean they taste the
same so it’s okay
Hey y’all so it is 5:18! I have to be at Zumba class at 5:30 so let me hurry up and get on the road but I
will say I’ve already had a lot of water
today like a lot of water so when I’m
working out I’m gonna be having the
Sugar Free Powerade Zero in the flavor mixed berry
which I’ll know I just love to death
well y’all I am here
so after Zumba I went over to Hot Tamale
Heaven and I have the lemon pepper wings
it’s just six of these I’m gonna have
this little snack yes I’m calling this a
little snack y’all and to drink I’m just
gonna finish drinking my
Sugar Free Powerade Zero in the flavor Mixed Berry
I just gotta let y’all know that after
eating those chicken wings y’all
I’m full I can’t even eat myself eat
right now so I’m gonna have one of my
keto friendly peanut butter fat bombs as
you can see it has peanut butter unsweetened coconut
flakes and has cinnamon at the top it’s
so good it’s so so good so yeah I’m
about to eat it now
Hello YouTube Family so editing version
of myself coming in I hope you guys had
a wonderful wonderful Easter hopefully
with your family and friends if you
don’t celebrate Easter well then
hopefully you had a wonderful Sunday if
you did not watch my previous video I
stated that upload schedule for right
now it’s going to be every Monday
Wednesday and Friday
so y’all hopefully I won’t get tired of
seeing me but basically throughout this
video I took you along with me to the
gym and show y’all like a full day of
eating keto video but I do want to let
y’all know that for some odd reason like
it’s really not going to the gym
that is what’s hard for me because
honestly I really do like going to the
gym right now like me and the gym like we have a pretty good relationship right
now but it’s more of like my struggle is
eating healthier and like I feel like I’m
eating pretty good I feel like I could
do better yet I know I could do
better so I feel like I want to do
better but the temptation is real y’all
I am making better food choices but I
feel like I could do better though as
well so yeah there’s that I just really
need the keto gods to be on my side and
help me throughout this keto weight loss
journey like I really need them to
protect me over here just FYI y’all in
case you were wondering the Zumba class
is still killing me like there’s no if
ands or buts about that I don’t believe
I will ever get to the point where I’m
just like yeah I got this down pack cuz
whew chile I promise you they don’t go easy on us at all like they really be trying
to kill us I’m really starting believe
it oh you guys and huge huge news
my mother y’all she ordered a Keto Krate
yesterday and oh my gosh y’all I was so
shocked like I don’t know I feel like
maybe possibly she will be coming over
to the keto world y’all like I’m really
hoping that I would love for my mom and
I both to be doing keto that would be so
much fun and you guys I’m literally so
happy that she did order a keto krate
because first of all y’all I’m tired of
her stealing my snacks in my keto krate
like it’s mine, but uh yeah she only
ordered the nibbler plan and when I do my reviews it is based off of
what a person who orders a muncher plan
receives so I told her I was like you
should just get the mucher plan and she’s
like no let me just start off with a
nibbler plan and so I told her I was like
okay that’s fine, but I already told her
y’all I don’t want her basically
stealing some of my snacks because I’m
gonna be having a lot of snacks and
she’s only getting like the
nibbler plan so yeah that was our
conversation yesterday in my opinion the
nibbler plan and the muncher plan are
great y’all but I know my mother y’all
and I can already literally see how the
conversation is gonna go when she’s
trying to steal my keto snacks
While I’m over here talking about
Keto Krate if you are interested in
trying some keto friendly or low carb
friendly snacks I would 100% recommend
keto krate it has truly helped me out
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my returning YouTube family thank you so
much for watching this video as always
if you don’t hear it from anyone else I
love you so stay blessed and I will see
you in the next video! BYEEEE : )