Full Day Of Eating Keto For Weight Loss 2019

October 7, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Good Morning YouTube Family so today’s
video is going to be a
full day of eating keto for weight loss video so
yeah I’m feeling like really happy
right now like I just got done
meditating feel like a brand new person
like it’s great like I’m feeling very
positive right now so yeah that’s head
over to the genome and TMI y’all I’m on
a period mhm
so much fun and um yeah but it’s not
like horrible though yeah just affected
on my period
okay y’all so I’m here at Kroger and
guess what I see I see that they edit
two new flavors here now so they have
the Lily’s salted almond milk chocolate
one and then they also have the original
Lily’s dark chocolate but I’m just gonna
get the Lily’s dark chocolate almond
first meal of the day I’m having my
aikido pancakes with one tablespoon of
natural creamy peanut butter and
sugar-free syrup then I have some eggs I
have two sausage patties and one whole
avocado and I sprinkled my pink
Himalayan sea salt on top of it and to
drink I’m just going to have some water
and maybe just a little bit of my cherry
coke see red
see ya all right you guys so I’m about
to head to Zumba and get my dance moves
tonight’s dinner is just going to be
when Angus beef patty a mixture of
broccoli and okra some smoked sausage in
one egg and to drink I’m going to have
some water and cherry coke Zero and yeah
because I deserve it because Zumba near
back healed me like literally oh I’m so
tired but oh yeah I gotta edit a video
oh gosh I’m not going to sleep anytime
soon tonight good morning y’all so
today’s Friday therefore it is my full
body workout day I’m about to head to
the gym I’m gonna stop talking oh let me
tell y’all real quick don’t think I’ve
had so far it’s just water lemons and
epicyte vinegar I started back doing
that because I have been slacking on it
because every time I went to the store
y’all I would literally forget to get
lemons but now that I have it I’m back
to the one it because just drinking
apple cider vinegar and water y’all is
just so disgusting and it’s so hard for
me to just continue to do it so yeah I’m
just happy I have my lemons now and let
me stop talking now and go to the gym
yeah I just want to share the fact that
my legs they are starting to look pretty
good and I’m kind of filming myself okay
back to work out
this year we have first we was hungry
for the title now we quench and not dose
he was on your best behavior yeah we are
not worth killing and killing the
competition roll around in our house
life is like chess except it ain’t a
game some pawns remain pawns from pause
become kings also just pull it up to the
driveway at home hopefully y’all can
hear me great because we’re currently
getting our grass cut but yeah about to
work on a new video because I’m working
on being consistent yes three videos a
week you know and I’m yeah maybe in
about two and a half hours I’ll start
cooking so I may just start cooking now
so I can definitely start eating it like
around 12:15 ish
so y’all only had a little bit of my
Catalina Crunch Cinnamon Toast Artisan Cereal
left so that’s one about to have
and the milk I use is just some
Silk Almond Milk is something like 30
calories or whatever so yeah this one
having and then I’m going to start
cooking first meal of the day you also
have my keto pancakes with my natural
creamy peanut butter and sugar-free
syrups some eggs my sausage patties and
one whole avocado and I’m going to
sprinkle my pink Himalayan sea salt on
top of that and to drink I’m just gonna
have some water
snack time y’all so I’m about to have my
salt and vinegar pork rinds to be honest
y’all I could literally eat this whole
bag and not even care anything about it
but I have to stop myself when I’m
eating it so yeah I only have a few left
but uh yeah right now I am watching
Gossip Girl on Netflix I’ve seen it
before but I just wanted to read watch
it so yeah hey YouTube family so editing
version of myself coming in so I am
about to make some keto pancakes for
tonight for my mom and ha yo we are
really over here trying to get my mom
over here on this keto jar me and little
by little she’s over here about to
jewelry honestly will feel so
accomplished in life if I can get her on
this keto journey y’all like I feel like
the videos would be so cool having my
mom joining us yeah so if you are new to
the channel welcome to the fam I’m over
here documenting my keto weight loss journey
and your girl is sharing everything
so go ahead and click that subscribe
button plus the notification bell as
well so you won’t miss out on any future
uploads here right now I am uploading
three videos a week so you can expect
the video from me on Mondays Wednesdays
and Fridays to my returning YouTube
family y’all don’t have so jar on the
last video about how it’s gonna possibly
give my nail done the one that broke
look at this I never did it I do have
the other part of it y’all and I’m
thinking about just gluing it on there
myself opposed to just paying them to do
it like I mean I could just do that yeah
that would make so much more sense in my
opinion I went into a whole different
conversation but as I was saying to my
returning YouTube family thank you so
much for watching this video as always
if you don’t hear it from anyone else I
love you so stay blessed and I will see
you in the next video which will be
Friday and I promise you
editing version of myself would knock
them all here looking ratchet this can
be I apologize all right you guys love