Full day of eating Keto   Breakfast| Lunch | Dinner| Low carb high fat LCHF recipes

Full day of eating Keto Breakfast| Lunch | Dinner| Low carb high fat LCHF recipes

July 24, 2019 3 By William Morgan

hi guys I hope all of you are doing
really good and this is the view from my
balcony it’s getting bit chilly out here
in Sydney but today it’s it looks like a
beautiful sunny and warm day outside and
in today’s video I’m going to do a full
day of doing keto diet so in today’s
video I will be showing an easy and
simple keto breakfast keto lunch and
delicious keto dinner
I’ve taken a single and easy breakfast
so I’m adding pure ghee or clarified
butter 1 TSP of clarified butter to a
pan so the heat is a low to medium flame
and then while crackling two eggs in to it.
I’m just making a scrambled egg and into
it I added a little bit of Himalayan pink
To pair with this scrambled eggs I
took two to three sticks of broccolini I
added that to the same pan and then I
added 1 TSP of clarified butter
or ghee and then I’m making sure that I’m
covering the whole broccolini sticks with
ghee so after about 30 seconds I’m just
going to add about a tablespoon of warm
water into the broccolini sticks so that
they can cook really fast and easy
so they are cooking for about a minute
and then towards the end I’m adding a
tablespoon of Parmesan cheese and then
I’m mixing everything around and a
simple and easy keto breakfast is ready
to go so now we need to plate up so I’m
just adding that to the scrambled eggs
and here we go
a beautiful keto breakfast is ready you
can also use spinach baby spinach or any
greens instead of broccolini
so for keto lunch Keto lunch I have
taken a chicken murrayland which are a
curried yesterday night so for this
chicken family recipe I have posted the
link below in the description and so I
use the same recipe which I posted
before but instead of using chicken
thighs I used chicken maryland’s this
time so I paired this chicken with a few
slices of cucumber and this is a cabbage
and mushroom soup on the side it’s
really tasty and easy vegetarian soup
I’ll post the recipe very soon in
next keto video so this was so filling
in delicious
so this soup in particular it’s you
won’t feel like it’s keto anyone can
have it and it’s a vegetarian soup as
Moving on to the keto dinner. So I got delicious coconut flour flat bread
tonight for dinner
it’s so delicious and it’s very easy to
so I paired this coconut flower flatbread
with a couple of bacon and it was so
delicious so let’s start making this
delicious coconut flour flat bread so into
a bowl I’m adding 2 tablespoons of
coconut flour and this is the brand I
used organic coconut flour and to that
I’m going to add sour cream so I’m
adding 2 tbsp of sour cream into this 2
tablespoon of coconut flour and then the
third ingredient is mozzarella cheese
so I’m adding quarter a cup of mozzarella
cheese into the sour cream and coconut
flour mixture and then I’m adding 1/ 8
cup of water that’s equivalent to a
couple of tablespoons of water so I will
explain how much water you need to add
for this recipe then I’m adding a 1
tablespoon of psyllium husk and I’m
mixing everything together so make sure
that you combine all the ingredients and
now the mix looks like a glug so add a
little bit more water yeah don’t pour in
whole water just add little by little
and I will show you which is the
consistency what we are looking for we
are looking for a porridge like
consistency not too thin or thick so to a
pan I’m adding 1 TSP of butter
and then look at the consistency guys
it’s no too thick or thin so you add
water to reach up to this consistency so
depending upon the quality of your
coconut flour or CM husk the the
quantity of water will be vary so adjust
your consistency according to that so
the consistency is like thick porridge
like consistency so that so I’m cooking
this at low heat and see it’s bubbling
beautifully and you know with when it’s
done if you see the brown edges
the brown edges slowly lift the
coconut flour bread with the spatula
so lift it from all the sides so that it
won’t stick to the pan
and then turn it upside down it’s
already cooked but just cook the other
side for a few seconds and after that
it’s all done
it actually tastes like it actually
resembles say like a dosa every do those
are like a South Indian food so I think
you can have this coconut flour bread with the
chutney or hot sauce or anything so this
is the consistency that you need to have
a guys so like a thick porridge
consistency so you add water to reach up
to this consistency
see you can make three coconut flat
breads like that out of this quantity and
to pair up this with this coconut
flatbread I’m just frying up three
slices of bacon streaky bacon and then
I’m adding to the coconut flour bread
and tada here we go over delicious
coconut flatbread with the bacon and I
also added a little bit of hot sauce on
the side and it was so delicious so
definitely try this recipe it’s a
foolproof recipe