Fried Queso Fresco Cheese – Keto Magic! – Ketogenic Kim  #zerocarb #Keto #LCHF #GRILLEDCHEESE

Fried Queso Fresco Cheese – Keto Magic! – Ketogenic Kim #zerocarb #Keto #LCHF #GRILLEDCHEESE

July 28, 2019 21 By William Morgan

That is good grilled cheese, why did I wait so long?
Okay, let’s give ‘ em a try
Let’s see.
Okay, here it is
Hot! It’s right out of the pan.
Mmm-hmm. That’s Grilled cheese that is good grilled cheese. Why did I wait so long?
Okay, guys, you need to get some queso fresco
Put a little butter on the bottom of that non-stick pan, just to give it that extra mm. Mm, you know a little something-something
You need to make you some because that is so good. I
I like this better, you know, I love those cheese crisps and I still do I like this better and it’s
And, it’s kind of quicker, in a way
Yeah, you need to do this Okay, as they said on Beverly Hillbillies weeeeee doggies!
Really good, really good. Do It Yourself. Enjoy it and remember, if I can do this
Even me
You can do this and you can do it better and I know you can
So do it and I’ll be watching I believe in you. All right. I’ll talk to you later. Bye