Food for Fuel, Activities for Fun – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

October 11, 2019 0 By William Morgan

whenever we focus on eating for fun we
totally mess things up
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Violet I’m a psychologist the reason I
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that overall sense of well-being if you
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consider subscribing I’ve always been
that person who eats to live rather than
living to eat and that’s caused a lot of
problems in my family or my household
because I’m not that person who’s gonna
go out of my way
to eat at a specific restaurant or to go
find a certain kind of food right and so
when when people in my family want that
when when the kids want to go to a
certain restaurant or rightly
I’m not always on board like that idea
that I’m gonna displace myself for
something to not interesting so
sometimes I’ll go without me and
sometimes they’ll be really frustrating
with me and you can imagine like how
frustrating it is sometimes to my my
spouse when he’s trying to figure out
what I want to have for supper and he’s
asking me for CJ I really don’t care
so because food was never really a thing
for me although I was overweight but
food itself wasn’t the thing changing to
a ketogenic lifestyle for me was easy
the idea that I’m putting down certain
who couldn’t care less right chocolate
totally different story that’s not a
food although I still wouldn’t search
for chocolate but I mean you can find
chocolate at any store so if I happen to
be and I would never leave my house to
go get chocolate by the way I think but
if I’m out I would have bought it so
putting all this stuff down just saying
to myself well I’m not gonna eat that
honestly it wasn’t a big deal I thought
the most the thing I thought I was gonna
have the hardest part with was chocolate
I did think that no that’s gonna drive
me that didn’t even drive me nuts
okay why am I saying this out loud I’m
saying it out loud because I really
thought I was gonna have trouble with
chocolate and I could see where
first of all for people who do live to
eat so food is part of their
entertainment I could see where that
would totally frustrate me remember part
of the reason that I started this
lifestyle was because of a hip issue and
although my hip was hurting that wasn’t
the thing that made me want to cry it
was the idea that I would never in a
longboard again never skateboard again
never rollerblade again never be able
like all the activities that I wouldn’t
be able to do like that was freaking me
out the pack but of course I mean I
would love to not be in pain but that
wasn’t actually even the motivating
factor it was no more ludes so boarding
I couldn’t put my brain around what
would I do all winter long I was I was
in shock and just like no so when food
is your entertainment I could see where
now this is gonna be double the problem
for you I need us to understand
something though when we look at food as
entertainment and I’m not saying that it
isn’t for a lot of people purely
entertainment that joy of creating
something special so cooking that meal
and being creative that joy of seeing
other people eat it and they’re like
loving it what about the part where I
eat it and I’m enjoying it so here’s the
there’s some part of that that’s just a
joy of having flavors and totally I get
that I mean when when I eat something
that tastes good so it was made well and
it’s delicious I can tell that it’s
but what about the part where you’re
chasing the carbohydrates one of the
things that I think is hard for a lot of
people to recognize and understand and
fully put their mind around is that some
of the issue with food is the fact that
we don’t know that we’re addicted to
food and so we see it as entertainment
but at the same time there’s certain
elements of it where we are going out of
our way to get it because we can’t not
go out of our way to get it we have to
have those carbs when I went through the
process of taking carbohydrates out of
my life I did experience symptoms now
although I do know now some of them had
to do with
salt levels and not being at my correct
salt levels yes some of them were
actually addiction related although I
didn’t eat a lot of well besides
chocolate that I did a lot but the thing
about chocolate for me is that I would
go through phases of not eating
interfaces of eating it because I
recognized that I had an issue with
chocolate so interestingly enough when I
went through the ketogenic process so
becoming ketogenic I wasn’t eating
chocolate at that time anyway so that
part wasn’t so super difficult for me
but the carp addiction was still there
why was the carb addiction still there
well I still eat rice and pasta and
bread and I was leading all those things
I have a high carb content now when we
live our life around food and especially
if I’m a great cook and I have a lot of
people coming over because I cook well
there’s a lot of entertain entertaining
of people so having people around
because we’re gathering around food what
happens when I decide to go Tito genic
and now the people that I hang out with
don’t eat the same way that I do
unfortunately sometimes that means that
now I don’t have all those opportunities
to be with those people that’s gonna be
crazy hard for me if my socializing have
food at the center if then those again
there’s gonna be I didn’t have that
again a lot of my socializing is around
activities a lot of my socializing right
we’re out skiing and snowboarding and
all this stuff
it wasn’t around the meal but when
that’s what your situation is when
that’s the reason that you and your
friends get together so it’s not the
reason you get together to see each
other but it’s around food it becomes
really difficult to figure out well how
will I see my friends now because they
don’t eat what I eat there’s lots of
ways around this but I feel like one of
the things that I’m trying to help
people see is that this is a stumbling
block these are some of the issues that
cause us not to be able to do a
ketogenic lifestyle the way that we want
to because how will I get together with
friends what happens when food is
actually the entertainment so now I’m
just switching this a little bit because
I know that there’s a scenario where I
don’t know how to get together with my
friends because they get together around
but there’s also the scenario where
maybe I’m that person in the situation
where I don’t have the opportunity to
see my friends as often as I like to and
so I do love to cook and then I eat and
then so what happens when I’ve allowed
food to be fun for me because I don’t
have a lot of social interaction it
doesn’t mean that I can’t do a ketogenic
lifestyle it will mean that the things
that I choose to eat that are fun are
gonna be very different and can I manage
that you know I do see how it’s possible
that someone might be bored so they get
up they get dressed then I go out to the
store and they buy some chips so they
buy some ice cream or they buy something
fun to eat and then they come home and
they eat it and that just wasted three
hours and it was an entertaining
scenario right because I wasn’t bored at
home for three hours so when I make food
my entertainment or the center of my
entertainment and it’s only me then it
really does become about eating the food
what if that’s my situation what if
that’s often my situation I want to
point out that I could have equally
gotten up gone out and purchased
broccoli or purchased avocados or
purchased something healthier I could
have got up and gone out and gone for a
walk and not purchase any food at all
well I think the thing that I’m trying
to help you to see is that if you’re
using food as a way to entertain
yourself because you don’t have people
around you that’s a mistake
because we in those scenarios are much
more likely to go for fun food and if
fun food has a lot of carbs for you then
that’s gonna be putting you in a
situation where you’re gonna be heavier
than you want to be that’s actually a
situation where I feel like you need to
solve that situation by finding new
people in your life going out and
engaging in a new activity or going out
and creating new friend circles by
either making a bigger effort to be with
people you already know and the people
they know or like I said finding a
completely new set of people somehow
whether it’s an activity a new
environment as may be allowing yourself
to get engaged a bit more at work for
the social aspects if you’re using food
to entertain yourself because you don’t
have anything else to do that’s not the
answer and it will cause you to remain
overweight especially what you focus on
our fun foods so high carb foods I’ll
just be more specific
high carb foods if you can find a way to
focus on the low carb foods it’s a part
of the answer but it’s not the whole
answer because your issue isn’t that
your issue is being lonely I really want
to encourage everyone back up find out
what the real issue is that’s happening
there and solve that so if there’s an
underlying loneliness let’s try it our
best to solve the loneliness rather than
filling the void with food sometimes
people use food to soothe themselves so
this is the emotional eating part of the
puzzle I just want to talk about that
for a second because I think that if we
when we feel bad or even when we feel
happy and we celebrate with food or if
we use food in a way that is not meant
to be used again it’s kind of similar to
the giving myself something to do if I
soothe myself a food because maybe
that’s how I was raised my parents might
have been the kind of people that when I
did something good I got a treat and you
know like if I did something bad I
didn’t get a dessert so it could have
been that and where I’ve learned or if I
was feeling upset that I might eat
something to again lift my mood don’t
forget when you eat carbs
you do get a dopamine hit you do get an
endorphin rush you know it’s it’s not
ideal but it actually does happen so a
lot of the times eating these foods
temporarily helps us to feel good even
though eventually they help us to feel
bad because we don’t like the weight
we’re learning how to soup yourself with
other things like doing something
Pleasant for myself that’s not about
food right so taking a long hot soak in
the tub or going and finding a friend to
talk to reading a good book doing
exercise like and and doing activities
that I love learning how to comfort
myself in a way even just
being out the problem so actually
looking directly at the problem whether
it’s a problem with your spouse a
problem with your kids a problem with a
family member a problem at work learning
how to look the problem directly in the
face and solving it so that the problem
no longer exists when we learn to do
these things we learn to comfort
ourselves with real comfort and
therefore not need food and that
dopamine hit to make us feel better
making that switch from living to eat
over to eating to live is part of the
process of learning to see food as fuel
when we start to engage with fued as
fuel and start to realize that the
reason that we eat is to build a good
quality body and fuel it so that it can
do what we want it to do we start to
recognize that food is about being able
to do exercise so that we can be strong
and flexible and healthy and do exercise
that allows us to do the activities that
we want to do right longboarding
snowboarding skiing biking all the fun
things that I love to do going for a
while with my kids all the fun things
that we love to do and then
understanding that that food that I eat
today builds the body that I’m gonna be
in for the next few years right every
time I eat I’m contributing to the next
few years of what this is gonna look
like we rebuild our body they believe we
were build our body every 7 years so
like so from today what I’m eating today
is contributing to this next seven years
and it just kind of moves forward like
that what quality of body of my building
and I have to think about this on a
daily basis right because if I’m trying
to build the best quality house and it’s
gonna take me you know seven years to
complete this construction of this house
if every three or four days the products
that I’m bringing into the house
construction is really crappy I’m making
holes in the foundation of my home I’m
making holes in the walls of my home you
wouldn’t do that you’d make sure that
every time building materials arrived to
your house they were good quality so
that the structure of your house
be sound right because you want it to
last the same thing here every time you
eat you’re creating your body every
single time if I’m eating chemicals if
I’m eating you know processed foods or
if I’m eating whole foods it makes a
difference right if you’re fueling
yourself on poor quality stuff you’re
gonna create a poor quality body and
you’re gonna feel it over the course of
the next seven years if you’re feeling
yourself on high quality foods you’re
gonna feel it under course of my seven
years right you’re gonna feel better you
can feel good and then once I focus all
of my time energy effort into eating to
build that amazing body allowing myself
the possibility of working out right
then I can actually focus my
entertainment on people on activities on
right on unbuilding like so building my
brain on learning I it’s about investing
in myself I invest in myself by eating
good quality food I also invest in
myself by finding people and activities
that I enjoy and engaging them a regular
basis this is how we have that both
sides of the puzzle right healthy body
healthy mind come together overall
well-being so solve for both of these on
a regular basis all for your physical
health and solve for your mental health
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