Folios Cheese Wraps | What Can I Eat on Keto | Full Day of Eating Keto | Trina Belcik

September 14, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Hey everyone, it’s Trina Belcik from Life
Family Food, Real Life Casual Keto.
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In this weeks video I’m going to be sharing
a full day of eating keto, casual keto that
Good morning guys, today I am doing a full
day of eating keto.
All right, so I am going to be doing my go
to egg cups.
All right, so usually we make our egg cups
on Sundays to start off the week, and then
we end up having to make our egg cups every
two to three days, depending on how often
we eat them.
So, today I’m having two egg cups with a half
of an avocado.
I’m going to flip the camera around here so
that you can see what that looks like.
And volia, breakfast.
So, now we’re going to make some lunch.
What are we going to have for lunch?
You wanna have some tacos?
Yeah, I want some tacos.
We’re going to have some tacos, with a cheese.
What is that?
A cheese tortilla.
Okay, let’s get it out.
In our cheese drawer we have the cheese wraps.
Yeah, so let’s give these a try.
First we’re going to heat up the meat.
Just plain old taco meat.
Taco, taco, meats.
Taco meat.
Mom I want to color too.
It’s just a thing of cheese.
Heat parchment side down for one to one and
half minutes.
I’ve actually used this one other time.
I’m going to put them in for 45 seconds, because
that’s what I found works.
So, I’m going to put it on a plate, while
this cools off 45 seconds.
Just looks like a bubbling mess.
Now you only have about 30-60 seconds to put
your stuff on it, and then mold your shell.
So, then you peel it.
I peel it?
Peel it, meat taco.
It’s awfully greasy.
Taco meat.
Let it sit there for a second and harden up
a little bit.
So, here we go.
It’s awfully greasy, but good.
So, for dinner we’re going to have a pork
tenderloin stuffed with Swiss cheese, Dijon
mustard, and asparagus.
Now to start out you’re going to butterfly
your tenderloin and pound it out thin.
Next you’re going to add two slices of Swiss
cheese, then spread the Dijon mustard on top
of that.
Next you’re going to place your asparagus
on there, and then you’re going to roll or
fold your pork tenderloin up so that everything
is tucked in.
Now you may need to use a few toothpicks to
hold everything together.
Next you’re going to place the fold side down
onto a baking dish.
You will have combined your olive oil, red
wine vinegar sauce concoction.
Then you’re going to drizzle that over your
pork tenderloin.
Next you’re going to wrap everything in a
baking dish, and put it in the refrigerator
for one to three hours.
We actually only did two hours.
After two to three hours of marinating the
tenderloin, you’re going to take it out and
bake it for 45-50 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
You may require a little bit more or less
depending on the thickness of your meat.
It also pairs really well with a side salad
with ranch dressing.
So, there you have it guys a full day of eating
I hope you found this video to be helpful.
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