First meal out of ketosis | How does it feel?

November 2, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Hey guys. So today is my official day I’m
going to start the process of getting
out of ketosis. So I’m about to go eat some
frozen yogurt. It’s going to kick me out.
I’ll probably be kicked out for a few
weeks and then I will document getting
back into it when my, um blood ketone
monitor gets in.
Hey guys! So, I just finished my first [brake check]…
i just finished my first meal that i had
getting out of ketosis. My frozen
I was a little nervous eating it because
I wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t
know if it was going to make me feel
really sick, and when I went out of
ketosis during the holidays, I just felt
really crappy. So I was a little nervous
about feeling, um kind of rundown and
tired. But so far so good. I don’t feel
too bad. The frozen yogurt, it’s not as
sweet as some desserts that you can have.
So it was, you know, underwhelming as far
as my expectations. It wasn’t like that
amazing or anything. I i was eating it
and honestly I feel like a lot of the
stuff that I make on keto as a dessert
tastes just as good as that did. So I
think that’s really interesting that I
felt that way. I feel my insulin spiking
a little bit now, hahaha, stop, haha, stop.
Um, I feel my insuling spiking a
little bit now, and… hey guys
so I just woke up. That frozen yogurt
totally made me crash. This is what used
to always happen to me before I got on
the ketogenic diet. And I could not figure it
out for the longest. But anything that
makes my insulin and my blood sugar spike up
like this, it usually will put me to
sleep. So I literally I came home and
crashed. fell asleep so quickly before I
even knew what was happening to me. So I
just woke up. took a nap for like a
couple of hours i think. This is what I
was really concerned about as far
as getting out of ketosis. I know it’s
going to affect my energy levels and
just having that one little small thing
of frozen yogurt did this to me. So I
just, it’s the part I’m not looking
forward to, is that I’m going to be
falling asleep and crashing like this.
And my chronic fatigue is gonna be
flaring up from getting out of ketosis.
But it’s all in the name of science
so that i can show you guys how it
affects me.
Hopefully it will be worth it in the end,
and I’m looking forward to definitely
getting back into ketosis and to testing
my blood ketone levels, and all that jazz.
Once i get there again. I just
wanted to get out before my ketone
monitor gets here so that I can show you
guys from the beginning what it’s like
to get into ketosis, and test my ketone
levels as I’m getting back in. So that
you guys can see the difference and how
you can tell if you’re in ketosis if
you’re using a ketone monitor as well as
how different foods are going to be
affecting my ketone levels. So I’m looking
forward to the whole project. It’s just
going to be kind of um. I’m just going to be
really low energy while I’m out of
ketosis. But, you know, it’s to be expected.
The frozen yogurt.
it was, it tasted ok. I remember I used to
eat frozen yogurt alot before i was on
the ketogenic diet. and I remember just
thinking it was the best thing in the
world. but after eating it today , it
was good but it really didn’t taste any
better than any of my keto friendly
desert. So it was kind of surprising and
underwhelming at the same time. I
remember thinking right after is that it
wasn’t that bad. and I didn’t feel, you know
a huge insulin spike but it just kind
of hit me all at once after i had left
the restaurant. and yeah, before you know
it i was just too tired to stay awake. But
anyways just wanted to share. Again it’s
my first day getting out of ketosis
while I’m waiting for my blood monitor
to arrive. and I’ll kind of document this
whole process of what i’m eating while
I’m out of ketosis if you guys want to
see that.
and I’m looking forward to getting back
into ketosis and I’ll document that whole
process as well. But thank you guys so
much for watching. I’m gonna clean up a
little bit. I just got back from my
company retreat from my “real job”
I guess as a business development
manager. So my company was nice enough to
send the entire company to Four Seasons
at Ko’olina so we spent the weekend
there. Just got back so i’m pretty tired
from the weekend. We did a lot of
activity while we were there. And so also
my place is kind of a mess because
usually I clean up my condo over the
weekend and I didn’t get a chance to do
that. So I’m just gonna clean up a little
bit, run a few errands. do a few chores
before i go to bed and then it is back
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